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Hello! To my problem at hand: Starting the software with WinUAE.

As far as i've understood ahx only runs on kickstart 3.1, which i've chosen.
What boggles me is the contents of the ays-a233.lha archive ( ahx ) that i downloaded here from pouët. Nothing really seems to be anything like an excecutable or image file.
There are two files that have what i think is processor names, AHX-68000 and AHX-68020. Windows doesn't seem to know what file extension these files have and just calls them files. The emulator is looking for an .adf file but i just can't find any. Please help a fellow! Thank you.
AHX-68000 and AHX-68020 are executables under Workbench.

If you want a pre-setup AHX environment to go; reach me on IRCnet
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Forgot to mention that

1) Kickstart 1.3 will also do, if you are emulating a 68000.
2) You need to load up Workbench first
3) If you're loading Workbench > 2.0 then you can "show all files" and double click the AHX-68000 hammer icon. Otherwise, you have to learn to use 'cli' and do it by shell.

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Thank you for the response, i've never used an irc client in my life but i'll give it a shot. : )
m0d; one of the nicest demosceners around.
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Also a certified night baconist.

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