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I'd like to inform you that bronix has set up a pressroom dealing with this matter.
It is available at: http://www.intertwine.org/pressroom/.

-- Sincerely
Official spokesman for bronix
added on the 2003-11-29 00:42:12 by xbit xbit
they have a place called "the house of the rising sun" in poland? :D

xbit, hope to meet you again at the tum, but please don't dig out another tv or anything similar for the wildcompo again =)
added on the 2003-11-29 00:55:52 by dalezr dalezr
<Fzool> i have seen you climbing on the tent at breakpoint, finally mbb put your ass of it.

<BRonix> i've confronted my press secretary about the "climing-on-the-tent"-issue and we have agreed that I may comment on it.

<BRonix> regarding the tent-incident i must say that this was a challenge given to me by the freedom-fries-for-norway-german-guys so this was provoked action which im not to blame for.

added on the 2003-11-29 01:38:52 by Fzool Fzool
What about Vegan food now? ~_- Is there a Vegan shop or restaurant arround?
added on the 2003-11-29 01:50:20 by freeze freeze

no vegan shop, only some supermarkets. and some "normal" restaurants like the chinese one and some pizza stuff. also a "dönerbude" is in the city.
added on the 2003-11-29 01:59:26 by Fzool Fzool
I will bring the Ouzo!!!

p.s. Fzool's mail to Bronix made my day, I laughed a lot!!! :)
added on the 2003-11-29 11:12:06 by Optimus Optimus
if bronix doesn't show up i will act twice as retarted as he did at breakpoint :)

(yes, that includes puking in the mainhall and then crapping on my own puke while pissing on a commodore64 :D)
added on the 2003-11-29 13:33:59 by okkie okkie
So Partypeople. Beware ofBronix

btw: <BRonix> regarding the tent-incident i must say that this was a challenge ... which im not to blame for.

This is the stupid thing i´ve ever heard. Maybe we all could give mr.bronix a new challenge to jump from a high bridge or something like that for free beer.
added on the 2003-11-29 13:59:54 by diver diver
Hey what's wrong with Optimus? He only wrote two lines!
added on the 2003-11-29 14:07:03 by tomcat tomcat
diver: i kinda see bronix's point there tho...
He was taunted to do so, and the ones who did it KNEW he's so drunk he couldn't balance the to-do-or-not-to-do factor of the act...
(Obviously saying it's not his fault is wrong because whether he was told so or not, he DID do it.)
added on the 2003-11-29 14:22:13 by Gargaj Gargaj
Okkie: great... now that's an idea for some _real_ wild entry for Assembly :)
added on the 2003-11-29 14:54:53 by dixan dixan
Gargaj: well. you speak about the "to-do-or-not-to-do factor" and about being drunk. alcohol is the problem. Get drunk. no problem. sure. But... that´s not an excuse when you rape little babies, or make a caraccindent or stuff like that. "hello, sir, i´m innocent, because i was drunk at this time, sorry" ??? common, man. This is stupid. I, we, just say that we will not tollerate people that get so much drunk that they do stuff like this. no one tolerate this in the "real world", too.
added on the 2003-11-29 15:11:22 by diver diver
dude, you missed my point. my point wasn't that bronix wasn't to be blamed, i DID emphasize that being taunted and being drunk is no excuse.
but exploiting that someone's drunk and willing to do nearly anything is a shitty behavior i think...
added on the 2003-11-29 15:18:30 by Gargaj Gargaj
diver: when a guy is challenged, he HAS to do it. thats the sacred gyu-code. did you really miss that?

and don't mix incest into the discussion, the matters aren't even remotely related.
added on the 2003-11-29 15:30:24 by kusma kusma
kusma: well, hmm ... "when a guy is challenged", "sacred gyu-code". HAS to do it?

Yes, maybe i miss that point, but maybe i also understand the rules ;) (sorry) and the other things where just examples, maybe because i do not understand "a challenge" like this. (sorry, too)
added on the 2003-11-29 16:40:01 by diver diver
äh, i wanted to say ..."but maybe i also do not understand the rules". anyway. drunk people suck. code, model, pixel, tracking, ... do something creative. END :)
added on the 2003-11-29 16:44:04 by diver diver
drunk people are ok as long as they don't bother others.
added on the 2003-11-29 17:01:34 by Gargaj Gargaj
kusma: raping babies doesn't have to be related to incest :)
added on the 2003-11-29 18:23:17 by superplek superplek
diver: obviously, you don't have a penis.
added on the 2003-11-29 20:35:36 by kusma kusma
oh well. I guess I should comment in here too, since it seems all extremely smart people of the scene has one or two opinions on the matter.

first: tomcat, stop lying. bronix never took a crap at symphony (in the hall that is, he did take one at the toilet, and used a sanitary pad to dry himself), and I know this, because I was there and he was NOT. I know I was more drunk than you at the time, but I also know I would have noticed bronix in the audience to the concert? why? it's simple. you can't miss him :) besides, my memory is usually excellent.

so, that was first.

second: fzool, I respect that you try to get your party going smoothly, but you should understand that threats won't really work. instead, they just serve to bring the norwegian booze elite to war. and that's not good for your precious party.

except of course, for the small fact that we DO have some seriousness among us. thus, we don't really want to destroy a scene party. no, we actually want to go there and have fun. which is what we're going to do, no matter what you say and think about our drinking habits. and yes, I say _our_ drinking habits, because as kusma say; I can't really see a reason why myself, xbit, snarling, gus, or zycon have recieved the same email.

so, please, give it to us aswell, and I don't have anything more to say.

except of course, that my support is totally behind bronix in this matter, becuase:

leif is life.
added on the 2003-11-29 23:08:27 by leijaa leijaa
Not I'm stating that Bronix shit behind the bar at Symphony. Flapjack said it to me, and he was told by other persons.
added on the 2003-11-29 23:15:26 by tomcat tomcat
It's just like the chairburning at Breakpoint. "He said some other guy saw it."
added on the 2003-11-29 23:54:07 by Gargaj Gargaj
tomcat: well, then I'm sorry. but several people told me you were the one behind the silly rumour..
added on the 2003-11-30 00:10:39 by leijaa leijaa
oh sweet jesus! it seems that almost everyone here needs a reality check...
added on the 2003-11-30 00:37:38 by uncle-x uncle-x
Quote Leia
"they just serve to bring the norwegian booze elite to war. and that's not good for your precious party."

War? At a scene party? Wow! No, no comment anymore here. This is too stupid.
added on the 2003-11-30 01:57:52 by Fzool Fzool