RETRO-Party Episode II

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Hi folks,

Seba/Plush just told that there will be a follow-up to the very successful RETRO-Party in my beloved hometown of Erfurt/Thuringia, Germany on the
weekend of March 12 in the same location as the last time: the Klanggerüst Villa.

If you haven't noticed the first party: watch the report

The interior of the building will again be converted to a steaming console-arcade, providing gaming flavor of the olden days with Atari 7800, Vectrex, C=64, MSXII, Megadrive, NES, Amiga and more hardware.

There will be numerous liveacts as well:

Naomi Sample & the Go Go Ghosts
Sputnik Booster & the Future Posers
gw3m from London
Die Moderne Welt

The gaming mayhem starts at 8 p.m. and the first live performance is loosely scheduled to 10 p.m.

And this is the flyer:
BB ImageBB Image
added on the 2011-03-09 12:51:51 by d0DgE d0DgE
messed up the link to Naomi Sample ... look at their homepage
added on the 2011-03-09 13:03:27 by d0DgE d0DgE
tomorrow guys.
added on the 2011-03-12 00:15:40 by d0DgE d0DgE
That's a great lineup!
added on the 2011-03-12 02:47:15 by xernobyl xernobyl
GWEM! :)
added on the 2011-03-12 11:53:58 by baah baah
indeed ... and a nice bunch of hardware to play with.
All folks around the area: be there to be squared :D
added on the 2011-03-12 14:03:41 by d0DgE d0DgE
Ones again, it was a blast! ;) Nice mood and dancing robots... what to say more?
added on the 2011-03-13 03:32:10 by vscd vscd
pleased you liked the party! i also enjoyed myself.
added on the 2011-03-14 22:51:12 by gwEm gwEm
...enjoy yourself, but use vaseline! ;)
added on the 2011-03-14 23:21:23 by cryer cryer