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I have a flu. That's my excuse and I'm standing by it.
professionnals use poser for example here in music video clips

so, what's wrong with that? it is just a tool
and it is not very hard to modify a poser model with the v5 of poser tool (head modification is powerfull).
the important thing is not the tool but the way you use it

in the past it was lame to use a 3d modeler, the 'true sceners' made their 3d meshs on paper with a pencil. Now all of us use 3d modelers and exports the datas, no ?

so dont care the tools, only the result is important for me now (i say now because in the past my mind was more closed about new tools and techniks)
Why do people get so hung up about tools anyway? Demos are about pushing limits, being creative, original etc, not about limiting yourself with the most basic tools possible. If you think it is about tools, better wipe everything off your machine, including the OS, and start from scratch...

Poser, photoshop, 3ds, mp3 are all just tools to make your content with, they can be used lamely or to great effect. If they're used lamely, it's the users fault, not a problem with the tool. And if they outcome is a great demo, then it's probably a good choice of tool for the job.
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psonice: word!
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i agree with everyone except from uncle-x
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I agree with everyone except Uncle-x and Kusma.
I agree with everyone because I'm incapable of thinking for myself.
I rarely see any decent models in demos anyway, exceptions noted ofcourse, so PLEASE use Poser or Motionbuilder or whatever, because some of the "persons" in yer generic 3D flyee-byee demos look like satan's origami ....

next up : a ban on Photoshop and the Frauenhofer codec ...


Zone: Thank you pointing Thomas Fersen's video clip ^__^

As it's already been said, it's the way the tools are used that is important. Alas the use of Poser in the demoscene is far from the examples you've given though it seems quite feasible. With some time we'll certainly see some prods of quality ( in terms of modelisation and creativity ) made with it.
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