Why most demos are running on either Windows or old school machine?

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BarZoule: I agree with al you said... but, for kids would Windows makes it easier for programming?

A programmer and researcher at Singapore wanted to please his 7 years old son about teaching computer programming to create games... It's seem the Apple IIgs was the way to go for him...
The world youngest Apple IIGS programmer

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I totally agree with the father of that guy, that easy graphics are a must for children... I remember that coding without graphics was a bit frustrating when I was a kid.

But... I guess there are other options. I believe I would have picked Javascript. I would have provided a little boilerplate at first for it, maybe with a canvas on it, and I would explain the kid he would be able to understand the boilerplate soon. To me, that would be the same as having to explain the kid how to start the apple ii emulator and the ide...
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Knowing that you did something on emulator only and the first run was on party... this sound a bit stressing! Ideally, I like when I finish everything 1 or 2 days prior to a compo (that's show how secure I like to be! lol).

I've never been using hardware tricks or undocumented features, so there's no problem on Atari ST. If the platform is a closed/undocumented one (like GP2X? PS3...) it might be another story...
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Hum.. I felt today.. ahh, I will look for a Commodore 128 demo.. I know C128 has the same feature in 40 columns with 128kb of ram. And doing demo for it in the early day.. would mean less people can see it than doing on C64 mode. I realize there is not even a category in Pouet for it! :(
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Thanks 4mat.. Hum, they mention no flickering. I remember on my C128, I got the upgrade for video and I try a software for 256 colors... there was lot's of flickering, I found useless to draw something.
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