Niklas Beisert wins Physics Prize

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Byterapers is one of the academic groups, too, with Dr. Dick and Professor Fate.
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Accoding to what I've been able to find, Niklas wasn't awarded a Nobel Prize in Physics. However, he and a fellow researcher at CERN, were awarded "The New Horizons for Physics Prize" which is "awarded to promising junior researchers".

Wikipedia Explanation

Still an awesome achievement, though :)
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Ah - just saw, that only Baah mentioned a Nobel Prize. Sorry ;)
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Congratulation to Niklas.

While I am not so into quantum field theory there might still be a Würfel Mode hidden somewhere. ;-)
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errr... my mistake, he'll have less scenpoints then.
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Plenty of academic cred in the (ex-)scene.. For example, the Department of Information and Computer Science at Aalto University's School of Science sports Cable/Complex and Slayer/Scoopex as professor and docent, respectively.

(I'll make sure to add Dr to my handle once this PhD thing finally gets done, hopefully within a year or so.)
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He should get a nobel prize for that starfield
In Norway they pay a phd graduate less than a toilet cleaner. Papers are made for wiping shit.

My school is old school
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+1 for Dr. Break
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Whisker/Replay has a PhD since a couple of weeks. :-)
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then he should go and make a demo about it!
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My dog loves Whiskas! :)
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in scene poetry?
There is an interview with Niklas Beisert (pascal of cubic team) conducted when he was 19 years old. You can find it in Shine #1 (works fine with DOSBox, just use default configuration with svga_s3).
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Congratz Prof Dr Niklas / Pascal !

And I gotta say, if he ever reads this, that Cubic Team/$een demos were among the first I watched, those that hooked me into this scene :), doing' these crazy demonstrations :)
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The only thing I have to say: Sceners are legit.
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