microsoft is killing the demoscene

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why should pixel shaders kill the scene???
added on the 2004-04-18 17:23:47 by ***ACE*** ***ACE***
***ACE***: since you are not (yet) in the scene, you don't know our history - demoscene was killed by Pentium Pro/2/3 CPUs (made assembly optimisation almost useless), 3D accelerators (made writing software renderers almost useless), and so on, 10 times over! PC killed the scene, Amiga killed the scene, game consoles killed the scene, and so on. There have been people claiming that all over. But in fact, the only thing that can kill the scene is the lack of progress or, even worse, commercialisation, which makes creativity useless.

But hey, if Optimus says that shaders kill the scene, it is because he has not even gotten around to deal with hardware acceleration yet! Nor did he get over to high level languages. During 3 or 4 years of "studying" computer science, he has painfully avoiding to study Java (OK, sucky language anyway), C, C++, Unix basics, and so on. Or at least he makes this impression over Pouet.
added on the 2004-04-18 18:49:19 by eye eye
University kills the demoscene. Hey, I never said that I am studying computer science, just pure boring mathematics..
added on the 2004-04-20 16:34:54 by Optimus Optimus
...demoscene was killed by Pentium Pro/2/3 CPUs (made assembly optimisation almost useless)

blah... eye is killing the demoscene :)
added on the 2004-04-20 23:32:23 by blala blala
prods with no snapshots at pouet is killing the scene!
added on the 2004-04-21 00:42:04 by psenough psenough
microsoft is killing the demo scene with their compilers ;)
added on the 2004-04-21 00:54:56 by xyz xyz
I don't know who is killing the demoscene anymore, but I am gonna kill the one who put that ugly dick picture on that thread!!! :P (I didn't even managed to see it and who have posted it, because I am sitting around a lot of people here :)
added on the 2004-04-21 14:36:34 by Optimus Optimus
Lol, but why are screenshots called snapshots today? I think snapshots are just the save states on the emulators, but somehow they got confused by many people when the emulator scene was risen :)
added on the 2004-04-21 15:10:23 by Optimus Optimus
The start-menu is killing the demoscene!!

No, if something should be killing the demo scene it must be VIDEO-files (DivX etc). You don't really need to make demos anymore, you could just do a little video - much easier no code needed (more or less), and you'll get the same result - or better.

(not like in the old days where harddisks were too small for having big video-files, CPU's too slow to decode them... In the old days the only way to see cool effects was in demos.)

Videos are much easier, everyone knows how to play them, you can jump to any time-index, and they never fucks up your screen-resolution or crashes your Windows OS..

(you've all thought about this yourselves, unless you're braindead lamers, so i won't keep writing obvious thinx)
added on the 2004-04-22 01:50:31 by cyb cyb
unfortunately we're still in the old days where bandwidth is not infinite and not everybody can download a ~50mb video to see a 64kb intro, nor does everybody have the storage capacity to have thousands of demos in video format.
added on the 2004-04-22 02:50:15 by p01 p01
True, 64K intros n' such still has it's place - but only because they fill less (as you say)... It's a little diffrent with 10-20MB demos. Anyway, you see my point.
added on the 2004-04-22 06:05:16 by cyb cyb