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  • nagz if you could meet your 8 year old self and you could say only one thing, most of you would just xrll AMIGAAAAAA and i honestly don't know if i should be proud or disappointed.
  • Maali link me beautiful devin likes schnappi (10 years late, but, hey :P)
  • Parzival isocosa: i'm best at level design, but probably whichever you're better at. I can't make music to save my life but I can code pretty well.
  • Minus256 I'm not goox at both coding and making music. All i can say is it's more confising when i code.
  • nagz mistyped 'yell' as 'xrll' above. we need to re-evaluate the legitimacy of my internet privileges.

Scene World Podcast #65 - Andrew & Rob Hewson

Hewson Consultants! Who doesn't know them! (Later renamed to #21stCenturyEntertainment), we talk to Andrew Hewson who started all this and talk about the good old times, as well, as talking about what Rob Hewson does nowadays as an Indie videogame developer and publisher with Huey Games, releasing #HyperSentinel on the Switch before and currently working on Kickstarting their new game Droid Assault! (Interview starts at 20:55):

Listen to it!:
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Vice on the American Demoscene

[ Demoscene Research ] Vice on the American Demoscene
Not much updates recently, but here’s one for a start: Vice has published an article on the past and present of the American demoscene.
Right here:

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AY music and MSX's screen 2 compo held by Culturachip and AAMSX. A diskmag will be released. Rules here
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Scene World Podcast Episode #64 - The 8-Bit Symphony with Rob Hubbard and Chris Abbott

Chris Abbott and Rob Hubbard are at it again! This time, they're working on the 8-Bit Symphony, a live concert featuring the Hull Philharmonic, celebrating the history of home computer gaming. They join AJ and Joerg for this special 64th episode to discuss bringing together this amazing project. (Interview starts at 22:27)


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Another Revision 2019 batch

[ Slengpung ] Another Revision 2019 batch
Here's another batch of Revision 2019 photos, provided by Noname, TMA, and The Knight. The new photos begin on page 4. Enjoy!
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