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  • Zplex link me beautiful
  • Optimus Phones. Kill em. Kill em with fire!
  • Barti farting. people cheating.
  • leGend link me beautiful N7 pelvic thrust is in
  • Optimus "As it is, once the power of Doom's graphics has worn off (they're amazing, so give that at least a week or two), you’lI be longing for something new in this game. lf only you could talk to these creatures, then perhaps you could try and make friends with them, form alliances… Now, that would be intere

[Amiga Vibes] Podcast 28 - Edo Demo Fest - Shin den Shin

A new Amiga Vibes Podcast is online.

In this month of October, a mix with the 2014 edition productions and compos of Tokyo Demo Fest.

Here is the tracklist of this podcast :

•Jingle by JGG - AmigaVibes (0'26)
•Break over ~Tokyo Demo Fest 2014 invitation~ [RTX-005] - System K & RTX1911 (3'44)
•Uranus Flowers - The Bad Sectors (4'16)
•g-level one - Ctrl-Alt-Test (4'58)
•peach glsl shader of japan - fit (0'44)
•stochastic process - cocoon (3'28)
•Tokio Demo Scene - Sincl ^System K (4'51)
•Wave Zero - Klavistr ^ Atmosphere (2'08)
•lost island end of the world - T_S ^RTX1911 (4'53)
•inv4lid in disorder - O2 ^ RTX1911 (3'14)
•Amore Miracle - flunkium feat suzuki hiroko (3'16)
•68000 Memories - Defcon 8 ^ DESiRE (3'33)

Enjoy !

Click here for direct download.

[Submitted by jegougou]
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Yerzmyey - "Chiptunes" (ZX81 / Spectrum / Sam Coupe / Atari ST / Amiga 500)

(C) 2014
DOWNLOAD MP3 music: http://yerzmyey.i-demo.pl/
Cover-art: http://yerzmyey.i-demo.pl/chiptunes/Yerzmyey-Chiptunes_2014.jpg

© 2014 by YERZMYEY
TT - 1 hour, 12 minutes

Guest artists: Gasman, ugd27

***Special thanks to: Mono, Matt Barton, CheapBeats***

Hi there. This time I have for You some bigger amount of synthetic music from various 8-bit and 16-bit computers. While making this album I used:
· ZX81 with ZXpand and TurboSound (two YM2149 chips)
· ZX Spectrum 48K with AY-interface
· Speccy2010 and TurboSound (two AY chips implemented)
· Sam Coupe (Philips SAA chip)
· Atari 520ST (YM2149 chip)
· Amiga 500 (Paula chip).
Enjoy the chiptunes!

[Submitted by YERZMYEY]
lobstregated at BitFellas.org on 2014-10-28

Back to Planet Alpha, January, 17th - 18th, DE

[ Demoparty.net ] Back to Planet Alpha, January, 17th - 18th, DE

date: January, 17th - 18th
country: DE

»The motherfuckin’ imbeciles of Alpha Flight invite you to celebrate our 30-year anniversary with us.

Back to Planet Alpha — That’s the name of the game.

The ultimate birthday party, held in Brunswick/FRG from 17.01. to 18.01.2015.

Lots of Live Acts, competitions, cool dudes, drinks and fun are waiting for you!

The Party will be held in a historical train station. Space for 150 people, two stages and a bistro area are available.

The flight starts at 17.01.2015 12:00 pm and ends on 18.01.2015, 12:00 am.«

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Alternative Party Lite 2014, November, 15th, FI

[ Demoparty.net ] Alternative Party Lite 2014, November, 15th, FI

date: November, 15th
country: FI

»Alternative Party 2014 will be held as a one night special "Lite" version at Ravintolalaiva Wäiski!

The theme of this years party, as we are on a boat, will be pirates!

As the party is held at a bar/restaurant, the party will be K18, please also leave your own food and beverages at home.

Saturday 15th of November, 18.00 — 02.00, Wäiski, Helsinki

Tickets: Entry for association members and people participating in compos FREE, others 5 euros from the door. Mandatory cloakroom fee 3 euros for everyone.«

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BitFellas ArtCity Update #17 - Denmark strikes back

--- Newsticker --- Added the competition graphics from TRSAC 2014 to the database.
[Submitted by CONS]
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