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the so famous pouët.net oneliner

  • novel Butt srsly.
  • leGend can I get demoparties to my outlook calendar from pouet.net? or oneliners as new mails?
  • Gargaj The former yes, there's an ICAL feed from DPNet.
  • hot multimedia Can I get oneliners as SMS messages?
  • yzi I tried sending the oneliners as SMS to myself, but I still didn’t get them.

Slengpung: The Dutch batch

[ Slengpung ] The Dutch batch
Here we go with some Dutch party pics. First of all, the first photos from Outline 2019, provided by the 5711 posse (Darya, Susencrusen, Puenzli). Then there are some older pics done by Ramon B5, namely from Bizarre 1997, and Outline editions from 2013, 2014 and 2015.
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Scene World Podcast Episode #67 - Strange Parts with Scotty Allen

Scotty Allen is the man behind the hugely successful YouTube channel, Strange Parts. He joins Joerg and AJ for Scene World's Repair Month to talk building and repairing your own hardware, China's unique electronics marketplace, and why preserving older hardware is important for future generations. (Interview begins at 14:42)

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Vandalism News #69 out now!

VN#69 Page: https://csdb.dk/release/?id=178594
Direct d/l url: https://csdb.dk/release/download.php?id=221312

Some facts about this new issue:

Again we broke the world record! Spread across 6 disk sides,
comprising of 97.211 words and 454.491 characters to the sum
of 612kb of text tenacity!

- Who is hot and who is not? Headline news, World of Demos, and Game &
Magazine reviews!
- The Making of Rivalry - Vandalism News injecting more rivalry onto your screen!
- Interviews: 1 on 1 with Trap, Prowler, Magnar, Compyx, Golara and Sparta!
- The Will to Scene, Mop/Atz dives deeper into the why the C64 show must go on!
- Partyzone: reporting exclusively from Moonshine Dragons, Revision and WoC
- Pixel Perfection: Vandalism News 69 titlepicture drawn by JonEGG
- The Market: Vandalism News puts upcoming games and newly fondled exotic
hardware under the magnifying glass!
- Give Hate A Chance! - How Facet created a compo picture for Flashback 2019
- Anecdotes! - DeeKay of Crest on three decades of C64 demo making!
- Demo Map Germany - A Journey through the ages and facts about the German
demo scene foundation!
- 10 exclusive SID tracks inside! Bop your head to Rock, Vincenzo, TDM, Jammer,
Voyager, Sidwave, Celticdesign, Scarzix, ZZAP69 and Shogoon.
- Great Disk covers + Labels (by Lobo) and funky Directory Art (by SiNK)

And much much more inside!
[Submitted by magicnah]
lobstregated at BitFellas.org on 2019-06-12

"The Lady of Mars" - new chiptune album (NES / Famicom).

Here is some info about my new chiptune / lo-fi album.

YERZMYEY - The Lady of Mars
Released in 2019 by Cheapbeats.

THE ALBUM: https://yerzmyey.bandcamp.com/album/the-lady-of-mars


01. Pegasus
02. Return to Taured
03. Roller-Coaster Ride
04. The Lady of Mars


05. Pegasus (lo-fi live: NES with toy-keyboards)
06. Return to Taured (lo-fi live: NES with toy-keyboards)
07. Roller-Coaster Ride (lo-fi live: NES with toy-keyboards)
08. The Lady of Mars (lo-fi live: NES with toy-keyboards)

BONUS (covers)

09. 30 minut, a cover (lo-fi live: ZX SPECTRUM with toy-keyboards)
10. Children, a cover (lo-fi live: ZX SPECTRUM with toy-keyboards)
11. Superman, a cover (lo-fi live: ZX SPECTRUM with toy-keyboards)

This time I wanted to add some 'live' elements to tracked chiptune music. Trackers are cool but making some improvised solos is much better played "by hand", in real-time.
To compare the pure tracker chiptunes with their 'live' versions I split this album into two parts - tracker and 'live'.
Those have been made with NES / Famicom.
Also, I added some bonus-traxx - covers made with ZX Spectrum and toy-keyboards and synths. Enjoy.

All the keyboards/synths parts have been played 100% live without any sequencing.

Videoclip from this album is here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hd7CbfO0Eu8
It has been made by PixelNation for my NES/Famicom song "Roller-Coaster Ride".
Starring (haha) - me & my girlfriend Kate. And numerous game-consoles.

Cover-art by Jokov.

Hardware used ->Game-consoles and computers:
- Famicom AV
- ZX Spectrum 128

Toy-keyboards and synths:
- Korg Monotron Delay
- Yamaha PSS-51
- Novation Mininova

Some concerts where we play chiptune and lo-fi music 'live', with synthesizers and drums:
...and others.

Additional thanx for help to: Cheapbeats, Famicon PL organizers and NES/Famicom/Pegasus community, PixelNation, Jokov, Kate.

Original composers of those three covers:
"30 minut" by TATU,
"Children" by Robert Miles,
"Superman" by John Williams.

[Submitted by yerzmyey]
lobstregated at BitFellas.org on 2019-06-10

@party 2019 day 1 is LIVE!

The first day of @party is now live! Go watch it at SceneSat. If you want, come chat with us at #scenesat on efnet to discuss happenings at the party, or just talking in general. We don't bite!
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