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Interview with David Pleasance

A very interesting interview with David Pleasance can be found at "Creative Minds Explorer" YouTube channel. David Pleasance was a general Manager of Commodore International. During the interview, he revealed a lot of interesting details and little stories about Commodore and it bankruptcy. He talked also about his new book "The Commodore inside story" and new project called "FriendUP"

[Submitted by MarX]
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Motion Graphics Artificial Intelligence

Hello Fellows. I wanted to tell you about a new form of AI created based on graphics. It is a codeless video AI that uses motion graphics to instantly answer user mental inquiry. Music is by FITN. https://vimeo.com/137323453

[Submitted by SPACEY]
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Slengpung: Assembly 1999

[ Slengpung ] Assembly 1999
More new old pictures! This time, styx has provided use a few pictures from Assembly 1999.
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Slengpung: Function 2017

[ Slengpung ] Function 2017
One of the best scene events this year has happened in Budapest and I made pictures to prove it!
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lobstregated at BitFellas.org on 2017-09-18

RetroKomp / LOAD ERROR 2017 Party (20-22.10.2017, Gdansk, PL)

As the dusts of summer parties settled down, it's the right time to remind you that: “Winter!.. wait... RetroKomp/LOAD ERROR 2017 is coming”!

RK/LE is an oldskool party, with scene compos for 8-bit and Amiga only, all run from the real hardware. During the previous edition we hosted 7 executable entries for combined 8-bit compo (with winning „Back to the Past” demo for SAM Coupe, by Speccy.pl) and 8(!) Amiga productions (including „Last train to Danzig” by Haujobb & Ghostown). This year we go even further – to make Amiga Exe Compo more fair, we will divide competing Amiga executables into „Smaller” and „Bigger Amiga Exe” Compos, so your amazing 1k doesn't have to compete with xxMB productions. We also keep our tasty tradition of handing out “Zubrowka” bottles to those brave, who dare to attend the party and compete in our Amiga Exe compos! The famous “Zubrowka” (bison grass flavored vodka) for your Amiga scene support? Can't be? Well, ask for details any of our previous edition heroes and get one to you own hands too! And last but not least – as „Irregular Review #3” is out, the Editors are impatiently awaiting your prods to compliment them in issue IR#4... We can't disappoint them!

We also plan another edition of our famous „RetroKomp GameDev Compo”, where the retro-platform game-dev teams from all over the world compete!

So how about it? Good beers, friendly sceners around. Party place located close to Gdansk's Old Town, with number of great pubs, clubs and restaurants (also it's the same city where Atari's famous “Silly Venture” is organized). Sea coast and the most famous polish spa (Sopot city) only few km away (reachable by public transport within few minutes). Cheap flights from many places in EU (airport buss stopping 100m from the party). Concerts, seminars, hw exhibitions and the lovely smell of burning capacitors in the morning – You can't miss it! Feel very welcome, party with us!

For more info, please visit our page: [www.retrokomp.org]

Some details:
RetroKomp/LOAD ERROR 2017 Party (Gdansk, north Poland)
20-22 October 2017

Some city views: click
The Airport: click
A small RK/LE Invitation (A500): pouet
[Submitted by sachy]
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