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OpenMPT 1.24 released

It's time for the next big OpenMPT release, and OpenMPT 1.24 again brings a great amount of long-awaited new and improved features: MPTM and ITI files can now have links to external samples (rendering the old instrument-based ITP format obsolete), song windows and views can be remembered, a high-quality resampler has been added to the sample editor, song length estimation can find "hidden" subsongs, improved drag'n'drop functionality from Explorer, single-instrument soundfonts can easily be loaded into the instrument editor, NNAs can be applied to VSTis when using sample-less instruments, smooth MIDI macros also work with MIDI CCs and other "external" messages, a rewritten MT2 loader and many, many more features and improvements.
[Submitted by Saga Musix]
lobstregated at BitFellas.org on 2014-12-21

New HTML-mag by CiH

[ DHS.NU ] New HTML-mag by CiH
CiH writes:

Xmas is coming, CiH is getting fat. It is that time of year for another Mag!

Or perhaps not? This one is dedicated to the glories of Sillyventure past
and present, with a bias towards last years event, but we are also celebrating the crusty memories of the year 2000. We are even bang up to date with a party report for this year!

Anyway, a little light reading for those quiet moments when the family have
gone to bed and left you alone, Merry Chrimbo, Atari Scene!

* Download the HTML-magazine: http://files.dhs.nu/files_magazines/svsouven.ir.zip

[Submitted by BitBot]
lobstregated at BitFellas.org on 2014-12-21

Demos are now Art.

Schriftfilme was an exhibition in Karlsruhe, and the same Type Motion exhibition is now showing at FACT Liverpool. The exhibition is about text in motion, which made it a good fit for such effects in demos (exhibition 18 in the list). (In 2015, they will be exhibited again at the National Taiwan Museum of Fine Arts.)

The exhibition has pages on social media and has been featured in Wired. A book in German has been published and the book in English and a DVD box set is coming.

As you can see this is a quite ambitious exhibition where the demoscene is one part out of 20, still a good initiative I think, thanks owed to Daniel Botz for featuring scroller effects in an art exhibition!
[Submitted by Photon]
lobstregated at BitFellas.org on 2014-12-12

BitFellas ArtCity Update #20 - Atari strikes back

--- Newsticker --- Enjoy the newest Atari graphic-creations from Silly Venture 2014 that were added to the database recently.
[Submitted by CONS]
lobstregated at BitFellas.org on 2014-12-10

Sillyventure 2014 downloads

[ DHS.NU ] Sillyventure 2014 downloads
The releases from Sillyventure 2014 are starting to arrive.

We are switching things up a bit from now on. The old download page will be gone, and instead we will rely on Demozoo for getting the files. They are much faster at putting up stuff than we will ever be, so it felt pointless to do the same thing, just lagging behind.

However, we will still try to do videos of as many releases as we can, a few are already online.

* Sillyventure 2014 at Demozoo: http://demozoo.org/parties/2126/
* VideoDB listing: http://dhs.nu/video.php

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