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  • wertstahl Take these broken links And learn to fly again And learn to live so free
  • XMaali i think the most memorable audiovisual experience ever would be VR-form2
  • StingRay I could fix your links To catch all your love To calm your pain link me beautiful
  • reality404 London Demoscene Pub meet at The Craft Beer Co. Covent Garden 6PM today anyone welcome.
  • nagz good morning Püé

Inside the matrix

[ Conspiracy ] Inside the matrix
Always eager to look into new technology, we've decided to take Offscreen Colonies, and create a version that you can experience in virtual reality; we're happy to announce that it is now available from the Oculus Store for free, not only making it available for a whole new audience, but also making it probably first demoscene product to receive a PEGI rating!
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Di:Halt lite 2018 party is on its way -- 4-6 jan 2018

The winter has come -- winter Di:Halt party is on its way!
Lots of compos, online upload has been started.
Get ready for realtime compos as well!

Keep in sync in telegram or on IRC: irc.forestnet.org, #dihalt

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Scene World Podcast Episode #41 - David Fox

David Fox is a game designer and programmer that worked on some of LucasArts' most memorable games, as well as the new Thimbleweed Park. AJ and Joerg talk to him about his history in the games industry, and his experience coming back to the point-and-click adventure genre.
[Submitted by Nafcom]
lobstregated at BitFellas.org on 2017-12-03

Vandalism News#67 released!

Download here: http://csdb.dk/release/?id=160588

Spread across 5 sides of pure 8-bit eye and ear candy!

Featuring amonst others:

- Vandalism News unveils the CSDb Plain PetSCII results!
- Who is hot and who is not? The latest news, best demo reviews and most
recent charts inside!
- CSDb; Perff the founding father talks about what became one of the main pillars
of today's C64 scene!
- Interviews: we go one on one with Flex, Ant Stiller and Shine
- Partyzone lookback at 2017: reporting exclusively from Revision, Nordlicht,
Gubbdata, Radwar, Zoo and Datastorm Winter & Summer!
- Backstage: Bob/Censor Design gives an insight on the challenges of making
Censor Design demos!
- Hitmen in trouble: how a group got split up!
- World-record: making 13.6kHz unlimited channels 8-bit sample looper on the
- The Market - Games & Hardware: the most comprehensive list with exclusive
- 10 exclusive SID tracks inside! Bop your head to Wiklund, Psycho8580+Jammer,
LMan, Magnar, 6R6, Hein, Stinsen, ZZAP69, V0yager and No-XS!
- Intro done by Offence featuring Jeroen Tel with 8 speed sid music!
- And much, much more inside!"
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BitJam Episode #218 - 2016 In The Mix - Demo Tracks

[ BitJam Podcast ] BitJam Episode #218
Episode #218 – 2016 In The Mix - Demo Tracks
BitJam Podcast is back with the In The Mix series. Tune in and enjoy Demo Tracks from the year 2016.

Mixed and compiled by Salinga, logo by KF. We are on twitter and YouTube.

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