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  • Gargaj Does that sound like the kind of person you know? :)
  • Navis eh probably no, but time heals wounds - for some.
  • asr hey guys and gals. hope you're all well. some music: link me beautiful [Solvent "Devices and Strategies"]
  • TomoAlien link me beautiful Oh look, it's the child of that discoball head guy from the.popular.demo and candytron girl
  • wullon yt 4k60fps link me beautiful

Slengpung: TRSAC 2014 arrives

[ Slengpung ] TRSAC 2014 arrives
The first batch of pictures from TRSAC 2014 has finally arrived, thanks to Kyber
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The Mahler Project

[ matt.west.co.tt ] The Mahler Project

Back in December, a group of intrepid geeks convened at the Museum of the History of Science, Oxford, for an event named “Geek Out!”, marking the end of the museum’s Geek Is Good exhibition. A fleet of Spectrums was set up in the museum’s basement gallery, for the public to try their hand at some classic Spectrum games.

But this was no ordinary retro-gaming event. These geeks were on a mission to achieve a 30-year-old challenge, laid out in the Spectrum programming manual: to program the ZX Spectrum to play the entirety of Mahler’s first symphony. And to do it with a network of 12 Spectrums.

This is their story.

I present to you: “The Mahler Project” – a short documentary premiered last weekend at the Forever demo party in Slovakia.

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Syntax Society Easter Party III, April, 10th - 12th, SE

[ Demoparty.net ] Syntax Society Easter Party III, April, 10th - 12th, SE

date: April, 10th - 12th
country: SE

»Revision Shadowparty and Easterparty in Skåneland, Sweden

Despite what the news item says, the website says the party starts on April 10, _NOT_ the weekend AFTER April 10. So I'm going with what the website says.«

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BitFellas ArtCity Update #23 - NVScene 2015 on Showcase

--- Newsticker --- While the party is still going on, please enjoy the graphics that were entered in the competitions at NVScene 2015. Thanks to yogib33r for submitting his entry, too!
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BitJam Episode #196 - Paranoid Android

[ BitJam Podcast ] BitJam Episode #196 - Paranoid Android
Episode #196 - Paranoid Android
Robots of the world unite! We can't answer the question why do androids dream of electric sheep here, but we know some fine tracks which will even make machines start to dance.

Mixing by Jegougou, logo by KF, compiled by Bobic. We're on twitter and YouTube.

BitJam Episode #196 - Paranoid Android @ YouTube.

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