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  • Barti chaos theory is brain specific application to the reality. (extended version for poor minded is available on "précis of habits")
  • 1in10 so is cancer
  • starlight wgaf :)
  • 1in10 urmom
  • havoc forver forever! :)

BitJam Episode #211a + #211b - Analysis Special

[ BitJam Podcast ] BitJam Episode #211a + #211b - Analysis Special
Episode #211a and #211b – Analysis Special
Analysis is our vision to bring the art forms of music disks, slideshows, diskmags and demos to the next generation. It ranked 1st at the Evoke 2016 interactive competition. Now we take a step back and bring the music from Analysis directly to your music player with these BitJam podcast megamixes. Enjoy 2x1 hours of music, composed by great artists such as Chris Hülsbeck, Moby, Willbe, Absolute Valentine, Muffler, Scorpik, For Astronauts and Satellites and many others.
ps: Don't forget to download both parts.

Mixed by Vincenzo, logo by KF. We are on twitter and YouTube.

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New playlist at USHSC passes 50 C64 SID tunes mark

The Unepic Stoned High SID Collection over at YouTube is already host to 50.000 SID tunes with playlists of each containing around 5000 tunes for your ears.

A new playlist is updated regularly, the CSDb releases #1 playlist.
Currently the counter passed 50 tunes, and you can listen to 55 of the tunes released at the Commodore Scene Database this year. More to come as always!

Subscribe to USHSC to keep track of all new tune uploads. Also join the Facebook page for the same reason!

USHSC is created and maintained by XeNTaX.
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"The AY-dventures of Paula and SID" - By Response of Darklite

More chiptunes on Commodore 64, Commodore Amiga, and the not-that-famous oldschool norwegian computer "TIKI 100".

Album containing 16 tracks - Out now!

* Featuring T-101 of Darklite
* Cover-art by: Offwhite of Darklite

Bandcamp: http://bit.ly/2gE08oU
Spotify: http://spoti.fi/2h3er37

Also on iTunes, Apple Music, Google, Tidal, etc, etc.... If you can't find it on your favourite service/store, it's still being processed and it will be there soon.

Later 0/
- Response
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qbparty 2017, may, 12th - 14th, HU

[ Demoparty.net ] qbparty 2017, may, 12th - 14th, HU

date: may, 12th - 14th
country: HU

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Tokyo Demo Fest 2017, february, 18th - 19th, JP

[ Demoparty.net ] Tokyo Demo Fest 2017, february, 18th - 19th, JP

date: february, 18th - 19th
country: JP

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