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[Amiga Vibes] Podcast 28 - Edo Demo Fest - Shin den Shin

A new Amiga Vibes Podcast is online.

In this month of October, a mix with the 2014 edition productions and compos of Tokyo Demo Fest.

Here is the tracklist of this podcast :

•Jingle by JGG - AmigaVibes (0'26)
•Break over ~Tokyo Demo Fest 2014 invitation~ [RTX-005] - System K & RTX1911 (3'44)
•Uranus Flowers - The Bad Sectors (4'16)
•g-level one - Ctrl-Alt-Test (4'58)
•peach glsl shader of japan - fit (0'44)
•stochastic process - cocoon (3'28)
•Tokio Demo Scene - Sincl ^System K (4'51)
•Wave Zero - Klavistr ^ Atmosphere (2'08)
•lost island end of the world - T_S ^RTX1911 (4'53)
•inv4lid in disorder - O2 ^ RTX1911 (3'14)
•Amore Miracle - flunkium feat suzuki hiroko (3'16)
•68000 Memories - Defcon 8 ^ DESiRE (3'33)

Enjoy !

Click here for direct download.

[Submitted by jegougou]
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Yerzmyey - "Chiptunes" (ZX81 / Spectrum / Sam Coupe / Atari ST / Amiga 500)

(C) 2014
DOWNLOAD MP3 music: http://yerzmyey.i-demo.pl/
Cover-art: http://yerzmyey.i-demo.pl/chiptunes/Yerzmyey-Chiptunes_2014.jpg

© 2014 by YERZMYEY
TT - 1 hour, 12 minutes

Guest artists: Gasman, ugd27

***Special thanks to: Mono, Matt Barton, CheapBeats***

Hi there. This time I have for You some bigger amount of synthetic music from various 8-bit and 16-bit computers. While making this album I used:
· ZX81 with ZXpand and TurboSound (two YM2149 chips)
· ZX Spectrum 48K with AY-interface
· Speccy2010 and TurboSound (two AY chips implemented)
· Sam Coupe (Philips SAA chip)
· Atari 520ST (YM2149 chip)
· Amiga 500 (Paula chip).
Enjoy the chiptunes!

[Submitted by YERZMYEY]
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Back to Planet Alpha, January, 17th - 18th, DE

[ Demoparty.net ] Back to Planet Alpha, January, 17th - 18th, DE

date: January, 17th - 18th
country: DE

»The motherfuckin’ imbeciles of Alpha Flight invite you to celebrate our 30-year anniversary with us.

Back to Planet Alpha — That’s the name of the game.

The ultimate birthday party, held in Brunswick/FRG from 17.01. to 18.01.2015.

Lots of Live Acts, competitions, cool dudes, drinks and fun are waiting for you!

The Party will be held in a historical train station. Space for 150 people, two stages and a bistro area are available.

The flight starts at 17.01.2015 12:00 pm and ends on 18.01.2015, 12:00 am.«

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Alternative Party Lite 2014, November, 15th, FI

[ Demoparty.net ] Alternative Party Lite 2014, November, 15th, FI

date: November, 15th
country: FI

»Alternative Party 2014 will be held as a one night special "Lite" version at Ravintolalaiva Wäiski!

The theme of this years party, as we are on a boat, will be pirates!

As the party is held at a bar/restaurant, the party will be K18, please also leave your own food and beverages at home.

Saturday 15th of November, 18.00 — 02.00, Wäiski, Helsinki

Tickets: Entry for association members and people participating in compos FREE, others 5 euros from the door. Mandatory cloakroom fee 3 euros for everyone.«

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BitFellas ArtCity Update #17 - Denmark strikes back

--- Newsticker --- Added the competition graphics from TRSAC 2014 to the database.
[Submitted by CONS]
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