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BitJam Episode #208 - The MegaSong

[ BitJam Podcast ] BitJam Episode #208 - The MegaSong
Episode #208 – The MegaSong
The Megasong Project is a demoscene music project initiated by Fabian Del Priore aka Rapture to bring together talented demoscene musicians and trackers from all over the world, combining their forces in one big music piece, which they bring together in collaboration; each participant is working on a part of the song (each one working on a few patterns or so), before it's the turn of the next participant and the tune is handed to him. The end result is a massive coop tune, but sounding as homogeneous and consistent as possible.
The first Megasong is made in Spacesynth (think Laserdance/Koto) style, but thinkable for the future are all kinds of styles with all kinds of different musicians, a different song length, different software to work with and so on and on, so the whole project is flexible to the max!

Special thank you to KF for BitJam banner graphics. We are on twitter and YouTube.

BitFellas BitJam Podcast #208 – The MegaSong @ YouTube

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OpenMPT 1.26 updated

OpenMPT 1.26 has been updated today, mostly bringing bugfixes for old bugs and improving a couple of other features. There are no new features, as these are reserved for the upcoming OpenMPT 1.27 release. Enjoy!
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Synchrony II with Récursion, Jan 27-28, US/CA

January 27, 7:30pm+ Concert & kickoff, Babycastles, New York City
January 28, 8:15am Amtrak train 69 departs Penn Station, New York City
January 28, 7:11pm Amtrak train 69 arrives Gare Central, Montréal
January 28, upon arrival Reception & compos, Shopify, Montréal

More information & registration for Synchrony 2017 coming soon:
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AmiParty 21, august, 11th - 13th, PL

[ Demoparty.net ] AmiParty 21, august, 11th - 13th, PL

date: august, 11th - 13th
country: PL

»The XII th summer edition of AmiParty«

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Slengpung News

[ Slengpung ] Deadline 2016
Some great pictures from Deadline 2016 by eha, T$ and yours truly have been added!

[ Slengpung ] Lycan & xtrium wedding competition
All the best for your marriage, Lycan and xtrium!
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