multicolor by Unique [web]
screenshot added by dodke on 2008-09-22 14:19:02
platform :
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release date : september 2008
release party : Stream 2008
compo : lowend demo
ranked : 2nd
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popularity : 66%
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alltime top: #1103
added on the 2008-09-22 14:19:02 by dodke dodke

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rulez added on the 2008-09-22 14:26:05 by alk alk
nicerz :-)
rulez added on the 2008-09-22 14:26:50 by leGend leGend
hmm, my first thoughts were "is this really for 68000? seems pretty damn slow and what's it with the missing double buffering?". Then I checked the .nfo. =) The effects are nice but too slow for a thumb up. And the missing double buffering is rather annoying IMHO. I'll check it out later on my real Amiga, maybe it runs better on the real deal. :)
added on the 2008-09-22 14:29:55 by StingRay StingRay
kick ass shit, loved the music, liked it all really :)
rulez added on the 2008-09-22 14:31:39 by keito keito
Good looking effects, awesome music, OCS <3
rulez added on the 2008-09-22 14:34:20 by break break
I really disliked the music, but judging from the youtube version the effects are pretty cool and I like how the screen filter helps tidy up the chunky effects.
rulez added on the 2008-09-22 14:47:26 by Wade Wade
Nice visuals, even though they're slooow. Can't remember what the music sounded like though :)

looks like the greets have been fixed for the final version, so no thumb down ;)
added on the 2008-09-22 15:25:34 by britelite britelite
rulez added on the 2008-09-22 15:45:09 by ltk_tscc ltk_tscc
Well a few downers - missing doublebuffer and really too strange music.

BUT nice effects and obligatory thumb for the DHS greetings :)
rulez added on the 2008-09-22 15:46:54 by evil evil
Nice colorfull polar lights, didn't seemed to be slow in the youtube link but maybe it's boosted in the video or the emul captured.
rulez added on the 2008-09-22 15:49:59 by Optimus Optimus
cool, even if effects are rather old or classic. music rulez.
rulez added on the 2008-09-22 15:50:13 by elfh elfh
okayish ;)
added on the 2008-09-22 16:20:32 by ultra ultra
love it.. bring it back baby! nice one d.
rulez added on the 2008-09-22 16:46:08 by dv$ dv$
That was nice!
rulez added on the 2008-09-22 16:47:31 by Emod Emod
indeed nice!! AAAMMMIIGGAAAA :D
rulez added on the 2008-09-22 17:13:22 by Premium Premium
The colourscheme works for some reason, but if tunnel effects are all AMIGAAAAA can do, then I rest my case.
rulez added on the 2008-09-22 17:40:33 by Preacher Preacher
mngh, that was supposed to be a piggy.
added on the 2008-09-22 17:40:51 by Preacher Preacher
this was supposed to be a thumb up.
Beautiful colors! I have to check this Somewhere-Other-Than-Youtube also, but thumbing anyway!
rulez added on the 2008-09-22 18:00:22 by visy visy
Pretty nice. Looks and sounds good to me.
rulez added on the 2008-09-22 18:10:22 by teel teel
looks great, but the music sounds a bit too strange for my ears.
rulez added on the 2008-09-22 18:52:38 by Bobic Bobic
I've only checked the YouTube-version, but I liked what I saw. Nothing innovative, but stylish and appealing!
rulez added on the 2008-09-22 19:01:38 by booger booger
neat, but argh the framerate.
added on the 2008-09-22 19:04:07 by uncle-x uncle-x
nice one !
rulez added on the 2008-09-22 19:43:46 by frost242 frost242
i only saw the youtube version but i felt too many of the effects were recycled with no added "zing"

the music is good! do poueteers hate dubstep? :(
added on the 2008-09-22 19:57:22 by bfx bfx
I watched it on youtube, and the framerate seems fine to me.. is the youtube recording not from an Amiga 500?
added on the 2008-09-22 19:58:54 by evil evil
its cute and all, trying to do 68k asm demos on an old machine but it still looks like the same unique stuff (which i usually like) but its totally technically/visually hampered by either the code or the platform. please use modern hardware for your stuff, i liked it better :)

rulez added on the 2008-09-22 20:20:38 by superplek superplek
rulez added on the 2008-09-22 20:50:56 by aga060 aga060
rulez added on the 2008-09-22 20:54:55 by bitl bitl
Don't let youtube fool you it makes it looking better and running faster, the particles part is dead slow on a real a500 (maybe 10 fps or so) & the rest isn't too fast either.

The no double buffer lousy trick to speed up the refreshing rate between 2 frames only makes everything uglier.

It works perfectly on a 512k/512K a500 though.
added on the 2008-09-22 21:03:47 by hitchhikr hitchhikr
fuc.... AWESOME
added on the 2008-09-22 21:10:30 by MuffinHop MuffinHop
shit forgot to thumb sorry. :<
rulez added on the 2008-09-22 21:10:54 by MuffinHop MuffinHop
I watched it on youtube, and the framerate seems fine to me.. is the youtube recording not from an Amiga 500?

The video recording is definitely not from an A500, it's pretty damn slow on that very machine. But nice trick to post a youtube link so ppl will click that instead of watching the demo on their real machines/emulators :) I might do that next time too when I can't optimise my effects enough :D (sorry, could not resist :D)
added on the 2008-09-22 21:12:24 by StingRay StingRay
Improving all the time
rulez added on the 2008-09-22 21:20:59 by Marq Marq
yeah the youtube video is from uae emulating an a500 but not with cycle exact mode (in which the sounds don't work) and it's way faster than on a real a500 x) Didn't know the difference was so huge when i was coding the effects so it was quite a nightmare seeing it on an a500.
Basically only the polar lights run decently. It was shown on an a600 in the compo so the people at the party saw the real speed.
oh well.. at least i have something to improve on next time:)
added on the 2008-09-22 21:48:38 by dodke dodke
and having no double buffer is not really a trick. originally I wasn't aware that it was gonna be so slow and thought I'd just save memory and not have double buffering since it didn't look that bad. later on (at the party when the demo was almost done) I was just too lazy to add it since I would have needed to implement changing the copperlist to write to in a LOT of routines.
added on the 2008-09-22 21:59:46 by dodke dodke
maybe it could be faster, but its still stylish and the music is definitely cool, keep it up!
rulez added on the 2008-09-22 22:55:46 by faaret faaret
hmm watched it in UAE, [x] cycle-exact, [x] match A500 speed, 68010, 4MB chip RAM and it ran fine..do I have to dig out my dusty 'ole miggy to verify that UAE is really so misleading ?!
thumbs up for coding demos for the one true Amiga platform (OCS, that is!), anyway ;)
intro is very short but nice.

rulez added on the 2008-09-23 01:07:05 by xyz xyz
68010? 4MB Chip Ram? WTF? Try it with 68000 (68010 speeds up loops) and 512/512.
added on the 2008-09-23 01:12:42 by StingRay StingRay
ok, StingRay, retried it w/ 68000, 512k chip, 512k slo-mem in UAE and I can now see the tearing artifacts. Framerate is a lot worse now, only the strobe effect runs at decent speed :/
Now I'm curious: Is the UAE.mulation correct, was the 68010 really so much faster ?!!
added on the 2008-09-23 01:30:28 by xyz xyz
Nice and colorful
rulez added on the 2008-09-23 06:25:27 by dairos dairos
hermes...in a500 mode winaue is quite accurate... i think it's not only the 68010... so far i remember if you switch to 4mb in winaue some of the memory behaves like fastmem...
so the custom chip don't slow down the cpu because of the dma...
but using 4mb is quite senseless... there is no real machine which can do this...so far i remember...
added on the 2008-09-23 10:02:41 by ultra ultra
definetly rulez ;-)
rulez added on the 2008-09-23 19:21:55 by djbase djbase
not bad, but the effects are blocky and slow, the music is lacking some variety...
added on the 2008-09-23 21:44:38 by Exin Exin
rulez for OCS, watched it on 1200 though.
rulez added on the 2008-09-23 23:00:18 by dimouse dimouse
First of all: thanks for forcing me to re-setting up my 500 baby to watch it :) ... I'll need that for real-testing own stuff anyway.

Well, it really is dead slow on the A500 and the missing double buffering blahblah snahsnah but it works. The colourscheme, however, is quite pleasing and fits to the tune (mostly cold).
So here's a neutral thumb BB Image
On the other hand I'd like to refer to the comments I did on hardkneelotus.
added on the 2008-09-24 11:00:47 by d0DgE d0DgE
i enjoyed it very much.
rulez added on the 2008-09-24 13:27:36 by chavez chavez
rulez added on the 2008-09-24 14:26:09 by chromag chromag
not bad, not good
added on the 2008-09-24 18:33:52 by thec thec
not bad, not good
added on the 2008-09-25 19:08:06 by Sir Sir
what thec said, but props for the platform
Nice! Only seen it on A1200/060 but still...
rulez added on the 2008-09-26 18:55:17 by malmix malmix
delivers what it promises (multiple colors :)) also cool tune
rulez added on the 2008-09-26 19:04:44 by cruzer cruzer
rulez added on the 2008-09-26 21:29:13 by Maissi Maissi
excellent stuff all-round! song was especially cool
rulez added on the 2008-09-27 03:17:31 by button button
ace tune and sun effect!
rulez added on the 2008-09-27 04:29:55 by loaderror loaderror
oh and the logo was kicking!
added on the 2008-09-27 04:30:30 by loaderror loaderror
big thumbs up for a quick final dodke and a nice demo too feed miss a500
rulez added on the 2008-09-27 10:54:26 by extralife extralife
rulez added on the 2008-09-27 19:51:45 by Herpes Herpes
rulez added on the 2008-09-27 22:43:43 by 24 24
Not bad.
added on the 2008-09-27 22:50:14 by AntDude AntDude
rulez added on the 2008-09-27 22:56:25 by gentleman gentleman
rulez added on the 2008-09-28 05:03:07 by got got
I know I might not be the right one to say this, but this stuff is pissing me off... Try to do something slightly more creative on the effects side, will you?

Music and design is good as always though (except for the completely useless particles...)

And of course; thanks for caring enough to atleast release something for OCS
BB ImageBB ImageBB ImageBB ImageBB ImageBB Image
BB Image
BB Image
BB Image
BB Image


for sure its nice to see guys still coding on/for the amiga from our youth days... =)

respect.. a bit slow but hells bells, perfect =)
rulez added on the 2008-09-28 21:21:42 by AMItac_TSA AMItac_TSA
Good demo, awesome soundtrack.
rulez added on the 2008-09-28 22:04:29 by xernobyl xernobyl
nothing revolutionary exept for the platform. good music, solid design. lacks the pace but it is the only way so show so few fx i think. aka slow n stoned.
gotta watch it on hw at home...
rulez added on the 2008-09-29 16:36:16 by comankh comankh
rulez added on the 2008-10-01 12:44:25 by Manwe Manwe
rulez added on the 2008-10-01 15:26:00 by martin martin
rulez added on the 2008-10-02 18:19:40 by Queen_Luna Queen_Luna
nice one, dodke!
rulez added on the 2008-10-03 05:16:15 by ript ript
Love it
rulez added on the 2008-10-03 06:14:13 by Oswald Oswald
Watched it on UAE in A1200 mode. Good stuff.
rulez added on the 2008-10-05 18:57:13 by Alpha C Alpha C
rewatched. that logo is butt-ugly.
added on the 2008-10-15 10:41:40 by chavez chavez
I like it!
rulez added on the 2008-10-17 07:16:25 by Cosmocat Cosmocat
I just watched the youtube vid and I like it!! modern style demo production for the A500... totally my taste. thanks!!
rulez added on the 2008-10-18 18:17:30 by twh twh
I feel Sonik Clique in the neighbourhood
rulez added on the 2008-10-19 13:30:43 by fishwave/scx fishwave/scx
This is amazing.
rulez added on the 2008-10-20 18:49:16 by YERZMYEY/H-PRG YERZMYEY/H-PRG
rulez added on the 2008-11-16 04:51:03 by kimi kardashian kimi kardashian
really nice multicolor technique
rulez added on the 2008-12-02 18:02:53 by RA RA
I watched it on a 030, so don't know how smooth it is on an A500... but still, the effects are looking really good. Great design.
rulez added on the 2009-01-02 17:56:31 by exocet exocet
rulez added on the 2009-01-16 13:53:09 by zefyros zefyros
great musical score.. and effect(s) is also nice..
rulez added on the 2009-01-16 14:33:27 by mad mad
rulez added on the 2009-01-25 18:42:30 by psndcj//tbk psndcj//tbk
Nothing mindblowing but very nice to watch.
rulez added on the 2009-02-09 19:07:35 by Gʀɪʍʍy Gʀɪʍʍy
rulez added on the 2009-02-12 01:42:28 by fxmj4598fj4598fj fxmj4598fj4598fj
Rocks! Looks good on 020, great on 030+, but watching on an unaccelerated OCS/ECS machine could be a bit painful.
rulez added on the 2009-02-12 03:14:00 by bob^da almighty bob^da almighty
more oldschool stuff like this
rulez added on the 2009-03-15 18:49:52 by wayne wayne
TV screen adjust
flickering screen with red rasters scrolling upwards, light sprites moving around
ballooned and texture mapped background, magenta
light rays, multicolor, moving around, TV picture
graffitti picture
more light rays and light sprites
green tunnel mapping and greetings words
rulez added on the 2009-10-16 01:13:15 by BITS BITS
yeah true scene spirit.
rulez added on the 2010-01-20 18:35:34 by 4mat 4mat
lovely trip with great music ... visually a bit short/static ... but still very nice.
rulez added on the 2010-03-21 11:13:15 by shock__ shock__
rulez added on the 2010-04-17 09:12:17 by provod provod
This just RoXXoRs!!

Regarding the speed, I watched in on an A500: a tad slow in some parts, but fast enough!!
rulez added on the 2011-02-13 16:45:11 by zstab zstab
What? I didn't noted that was an OCS demo?
rulez added on the 2011-03-08 13:53:38 by SoDa7 SoDa7
This is one fantastic demo. I love the effects despite the framerate issues. An exceptional taste in colors and the design overall. This thumb mainly goes for the music though, which is absolutely amazing, especially for a 4 channel mod file. One of my favorite demo tracks even, big up!
rulez added on the 2012-04-13 02:51:50 by noby noby
Roxxxxxxx!!!!! A500!!!
rulez added on the 2012-08-30 23:32:08 by Sir_Lucas Sir_Lucas
rulez added on the 2012-08-30 23:41:58 by p01 p01
Great, but a bit underrated Amiga 500 demo. I'm still waiting for something new from Unique :)
rulez added on the 2013-11-30 13:20:49 by slayer slayer
slayer, sorry for the wait :)
added on the 2017-04-25 23:22:17 by dodke dodke
Can't believe I forgot to thumb up this great demo!
rulez added on the 2017-04-25 23:42:34 by ham ham
rulez added on the 2019-09-13 19:15:28 by rloaderro rloaderro
Dont get why it flickers so much in Winuae, but otherwise its really nice for OCS!
rulez added on the 2020-05-23 02:16:35 by nightshft_ nightshft_
I never commented this?
It's ace!
rulez added on the 2021-07-13 14:25:29 by hfr hfr
rulez added on the 2021-08-11 15:03:16 by Blast! Blast!

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