Glamour Guns by Cocoon [web]
screenshot added by menace on 2012-10-07 17:13:54
platform :
type :
release date : october 2012
release party : Main 2012
compo : pc demo
ranked : 1st
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popularity : 66%
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alltime top: #1531
added on the 2012-10-07 15:21:19 by Gargaj Gargaj

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Great demo. Cocoon style as we know it. I dont understand the filesize though for this one.. Anyway great comeback after some years of a break! Keep em coming! Keep the demoscene spirit burning! cheers!
rulez added on the 2012-10-07 15:43:24 by magic magic
I don't quite understand the need for 10+MB png textures, and for the most part of the demo I have a 1024x1024 white square on the left side of the screen (GTX260). What I could see beside it looked polished enough though, so I'll reserve my thumb.
added on the 2012-10-07 15:57:06 by zoom zoom
what zoom said. which looks like that.
same graphic card.
added on the 2012-10-07 16:09:42 by iks iks
magic: nonsense!
and i meant that, of course.
added on the 2012-10-07 16:11:00 by iks iks
you fuckin forgot to greet TRSI! :p
Hardy: ?
added on the 2012-10-07 16:14:53 by magic magic
So extremely good looking opening scene. Then the usual Cocoonish-rotating-tv-screen-gore-head-death-crap takes over and everything get really boring. Why the hell don't you try to animate some of all that really good looking 3d which in it currently static state is so utterly boring - you have been doing this for as long as I can remebmer - MOVE ON :)
added on the 2012-10-07 16:16:46 by maytz maytz
Fly-by, been there done that, time goes on. Piggy for the artwork effort.
added on the 2012-10-07 16:19:29 by kbi kbi
prod: EXACTLY!
i love your usage of guitars! ;)
if you look close, the greetings to you are most_long_shown in my 5k ;)
rulez added on the 2012-10-07 16:19:33 by ɧ4ɾɗվ. ɧ4ɾɗվ.
Oh, btw, it works fine on GTX570.
added on the 2012-10-07 16:20:43 by kbi kbi
magic: comeback?!! (break???)
maytz: watch this: Cocoon-Demo with animations of "allOfThat"
them been there, done that!
Hardy, last cocoon pc demo was 4 years ago ;)
added on the 2012-10-07 16:33:45 by magic magic
4 years are nothing inside of a cocoon! :p
Hi all!
this version was not supposed to be uploaded...
i forgot to reduce some textures..sorry..
it's fixed now....but with the too slow internet acces a the party place not possible to upload anywhere...
And this is a PARTY VERSION.
a lot a things will change; like better cam move, sync etc etc but hard to work on my eeepc a the party place :)
a lot of things in the demo made from scratch at the party place...
Just wait for the finale version :)

and i like fly by :o)
added on the 2012-10-07 16:42:12 by ntsc_ ntsc_
wrong prod, dude!
Some scenes were too symmetric, though.
rulez added on the 2012-10-07 16:53:38 by hfr hfr
Rules say : never thumb up your own prod. As i mearly did 2 d in that one i can thumb it up. This prod uses our new dx 11 engine
added on the 2012-10-07 16:55:35 by nytrik nytrik
As usual, outstanding modelling - the music left me a bit cold this time, though. It lacks a bit of ooomph, for me.

Stiill, thumbs up - obviously. :)
rulez added on the 2012-10-07 17:18:35 by menace menace
Polished scenes but the demo itself did not do it for me.
added on the 2012-10-07 17:28:06 by Cj Cj
rulez added on the 2012-10-07 17:40:58 by las las
always nice to see new things from you.
rulez added on the 2012-10-07 17:44:10 by skarab skarab
Awesome graphics and it actually works with NV 3D Vision! (some effects at wrong depth but the 2D layers pop out very nicely). The scene with the narrow ceiling and pipes where you orbit fast around the sphere in the center is really powerful in 3D, especially since the music starts kicking there too :)
Another noteworthy effect is the dirty-lens which may be too subtle to spot in a video capture.
rulez added on the 2012-10-07 18:02:23 by Inertia Inertia
great visuals! although i would love to see something in the style on coma (on the dancefloor) again, instead of shad X ;)
rulez added on the 2012-10-07 18:26:47 by v3nom v3nom
Great music and gfx. I like those spooky scenes!
Is it you willbe playing the guitars? :D
rulez added on the 2012-10-07 18:28:17 by Virgill Virgill
DX11 = "video please"
added on the 2012-10-07 18:47:58 by xernobyl xernobyl
rulez added on the 2012-10-07 18:57:02 by Anat Anat
has some really nice scenes but overall it unfortunately somehow feels very empty to me. so piggie.
What sensenstahl said.
added on the 2012-10-07 19:27:15 by StingRay StingRay
Really cool! I've actually kind of missed these kinds of 3d flybys :). "Graphicians aren't overrated anyway".

The reflection of the dirt on the camera lens is a nice detail btw. The typography and some of the overlays are a bit weak, but ace stuff anyway.
rulez added on the 2012-10-07 19:40:30 by noby noby
I like some of the scenes, and I realli dig the "dirty lens" overlay. However, the demos lacks more effects, and I'm not really digging the music.
rulez added on the 2012-10-07 19:52:36 by Puryx Puryx
@Virgill: yes i did :)
Congrats to my Cocoon friends !
added on the 2012-10-07 19:57:10 by willbe willbe
A bit hectic and the camera movements were a bit strange, but loads of cool stuff in there and the lens dirt overlay thing was marvellous.
rulez added on the 2012-10-07 19:59:21 by Preacher Preacher
an "ok" cocoon 3d demo.
added on the 2012-10-07 20:05:58 by diver diver
rulez added on the 2012-10-07 20:14:01 by aha aha
nice gfx, music is so-so, needs more direction. but i'm happy to see a new cocoon demo
rulez added on the 2012-10-07 20:15:50 by pista pista
quality assets in all areas as usual, especially love the polished textures, dark n moody, and great music from willbe as usual, another great cocoon demo :)
rulez added on the 2012-10-07 20:36:08 by keito keito
Nice artworks, but the direction lacks. Most of it is a rotating camera.

I'll wait for a final; until then, piggy.
added on the 2012-10-07 20:40:19 by Zavie Zavie
What sensenstahl said.
added on the 2012-10-07 21:17:33 by SandLover SandLover
I am in love with Cocoon demos from "shad" times. Also with Nomad demos, with same graphician behind the wheel of visual design. I love that constant stream of audiovisual energy pouring from your prods.

And this is fucking ace, like your previous demos. I like scenes, rotating cameras, text fonts, music everything.

Thank you for being demoscene activists and pleasuring my eyes and ears since 1997.
rulez added on the 2012-10-07 21:22:24 by Trauma Zero Trauma Zero
Great effects and 3d modeling. Waiting for the final :)
rulez added on the 2012-10-07 21:29:19 by xernobyl xernobyl
The visuals really rock... I personally dont like the music at all... so that makes it not my fave Cocoon demo up to now... I still prefer Nazca :)
rulez added on the 2012-10-07 21:31:30 by ltk_tscc ltk_tscc
Not bad by any means, but... very much what you've done so many times already: a pompous 3D flyby.
added on the 2012-10-07 21:32:18 by Marq Marq
A Cocoon demo that 1) Starts fast and 2) Runs on my current pc, that's a thumb up for me :)
rulez added on the 2012-10-07 22:07:02 by Dbug Dbug
boring flyby
sucks added on the 2012-10-07 22:10:12 by bitl bitl
Looks good, some good graphics, and I like the music, but somehow it does do for me. 3D fly-bys bore me.
added on the 2012-10-07 22:18:22 by LLB LLB
"usual" Cocoon demo but with modern flavour.
I liked what I have seen (and heard!), good job boys :)
rulez added on the 2012-10-07 22:53:46 by rez rez
Super awsome !
rulez added on the 2012-10-07 23:37:39 by nnorm nnorm
Awesome 3D stuff, as always.
rulez added on the 2012-10-08 01:19:50 by iks iks
what maytz & Preacher said
rulez added on the 2012-10-08 01:22:51 by wullon wullon
It really bugs me to write this, but... what the hell?! Center-placed static objects with ugly and random camera rotation inside an industrial-textured and modelled static environment with ugly overlays?

1997 called -- they wanted YOUR OWN DEMO back. It's time to create something new here guys. I understand that you like your own modelling and such (which is good), but this was so underwhelming that I'm almost sad to watch it.
added on the 2012-10-08 11:58:46 by gloom gloom
oh dear.

- it's been 10 years and guille still can't code a demo that quits when it's ended? :( (or maybe waiting a minute wasn't enough?)
- making 20 camera runs and then switching every beat is not direction, it's the exact opposite. at least you could randomize it on every start so it feels somehow like a demo >:(
- that guitar sound, puh-leez, could you at least doubletrack it? :/

so yeah, superior art quality flushed down the toilet by basically thinking "yeah this'll do". :/
added on the 2012-10-08 11:58:51 by Gargaj Gargaj
:\ See above comments. Both of them.
added on the 2012-10-08 12:03:43 by p01 p01
every one has it s own way ... and this is not the final demo.
added on the 2012-10-08 12:41:03 by nytrik nytrik
What people said.
added on the 2012-10-08 13:04:15 by raer raer
Shad reloaded. Again. Ok, it's their thing, but why so damn tacky and pointless. I'm sure I'd be possible to inject some life and excitement into these stale and gloomy techno stuff fly-bys.
added on the 2012-10-08 13:20:55 by tomaes tomaes
I'm with Gloom here. The Cocoon logo incorporated into the flyby scene was a nice touch though.
sucks added on the 2012-10-08 13:48:04 by break break
nytrik: no offense, but a final is usually where you fix bugs or smaller things, not reengineer the whole concept of the demo, which I seriously doubt will happen in this case here, but I'll of course wait for the final to see that too.
added on the 2012-10-08 14:54:58 by gloom gloom
engine+3d is ace - direction+music is lame
boring. move on.
sucks added on the 2012-10-08 17:04:20 by SiR SiR
Luv Guille tech, hope to see more demos on this.Good 3d, textures can be better.Ending logo looks lame ;)
rulez added on the 2012-10-08 17:44:41 by Rork Rork
Awesome graphics and 3D in here. Loved it. Soundtrack gets strange some time but does fit.
rulez added on the 2012-10-08 19:55:12 by CONS CONS
very nice 3d! congrats!
rulez added on the 2012-10-08 20:01:48 by xphere xphere
nice demo! a lot of nice-looking 3d models and textures, as always with cocoon.
rulez added on the 2012-10-08 20:33:20 by storm storm
yes it feels a little 8 years ago but i like it nevertheless
rulez added on the 2012-10-08 20:38:42 by wysiwtf wysiwtf
excellent modelling. good soundtrack, but, bit too flybyish :\ still high quality stuff!
rulez added on the 2012-10-08 22:07:26 by maali maali

I actually like, that it feels like 8 years ago, since it's an achievement itself to maintain the same style over that period of time.

Yet, it's too boring for me. The visuals do look very nice, yet feel kinda repetitive with weird camera movements.
added on the 2012-10-09 00:07:41 by elend elend
what gloom & gargaj said. dolly cams made out of boredom?
added on the 2012-10-09 00:21:38 by comankh comankh
+Pretty engine
+Great assets,music
+Haven't seen shad for a while
- Cam
- 200Mb
rulez added on the 2012-10-09 00:35:19 by Fell Fell
3D coup de Bamboo ! Music roxxx and code is quite good ! Very nice using of lightsource materials and good volumetric fog !
rulez added on the 2012-10-09 10:06:49 by WoDK WoDK
Nice visuals and 3d engine
rulez added on the 2012-10-09 10:24:58 by Cyg_BLaBla Cyg_BLaBla
+Great assets
- 200Mb

New rule: if you love the assets, you are not allowed to complain about the file size. Believe it or not, but these things are actually linked.
added on the 2012-10-09 10:30:28 by gloom gloom
while the colors are nice
the music sounds uninspired... not fully bad but also nothing you will remember.
conceptwise it reminds on old amiga stuff which is not enough especially not on todays pc platform.
modeling and texturing is also not todays standard.
but thats more or less a general scene problem.
the 2d layers are really bad.
very dissapointing for a cocoon demo.
ive expected more.

sucks added on the 2012-10-09 11:08:57 by xeNusion xeNusion
"Believe it or not, but these things are actually linked. " obese = quality? plz, we're talking demoscene here...
added on the 2012-10-09 11:50:26 by comankh comankh
wow, now this was a real dissappointment.
it looked so old fashioned and uninspired that i felt impelled to press esc after one and a half minutes. and sadly it wasn't willbe's best musical moment too.
added on the 2012-10-09 12:18:56 by a-move a-move
comankh: great (static) assets take up space. This isn't rocket science. Also, this "THE DEMOSCENE CAN DO THINGS IN 4K OMG OMG !"-attitude is idiotic. Clearly, this isn't an intro, so clearly, it shouldn't be judged with intro-standards. "The demoscene" isn't the same as "size optimization".
added on the 2012-10-09 12:56:12 by gloom gloom
No, it's not, but come on. IMO it needs to at least compete with streaming video in terms of entertainment per megabyte.
added on the 2012-10-09 14:01:10 by Fell Fell
Fell: Why on earth would anyone do that? Measuring the entertainment value of demos by file size is demonstrably wrong.
added on the 2012-10-09 14:08:12 by gloom gloom
Boring award of the year.
sucks added on the 2012-10-09 14:12:16 by zoolum zoolum
Ach, maybe I need more coffee. It sounded right 20 minutes ago..
added on the 2012-10-09 14:19:37 by Fell Fell
high quality in many ways. and i liked the cool lens drop effect. hope next time you add some more effects to the mix.. :)
rulez added on the 2012-10-09 16:08:22 by arm1n arm1n
what maytz said... still too awesome for the pig!
rulez added on the 2012-10-09 16:24:20 by hornet hornet
dead deer can make this prod in 20Mo.
sucks added on the 2012-10-09 18:57:59 by Bartoshe Bartoshe
like a shot, quick but serious deadly!
rulez added on the 2012-10-09 19:07:22 by Defiance Defiance
@bartoche : we actually see the result on your last production ...... 20mo with ripped mesh, poor texturing...but your glow works fine :) :)
added on the 2012-10-09 19:41:30 by ntsc_ ntsc_
Gloom: yes and no, these 2xxkb of Debris are a significant additional value to the demo itself which would be much less interesting if composed of, simply, anims.
added on the 2012-10-09 19:51:41 by maq maq
(sorry for off-topic but I cannot agree the size doesn't count at demoscene :)
added on the 2012-10-09 19:52:30 by maq maq
maq: size doesn't count. A small prod doesn't make it a good prod. A large prod doesn't make it a bad prod. Comparing something that was engineered to be small to something that wasn't is idiotic.
added on the 2012-10-09 19:57:57 by gloom gloom
I love the lighting and the overall look, but it is so boring and flybyish. Bah.
added on the 2012-10-09 20:10:15 by chock chock
Measuring the entertainment value of demos by file size is demonstrably wrong.

Uh oh, look innocent everybody, it's the demo police! *tosses drink down the sink*

I personally couldn't care less about a little bloat if the whole package was good, but this is hardly the case here. Just because there isn't a size limit carved in stone for demos nowadays doesn't mean that the first piñata to beat here is file size. We'll deal with the tired regurgitated concept, static scenes with shit cameras and boring concept later.
added on the 2012-10-09 20:42:47 by Shifter Shifter
love it!! never stop making demos Cocoon you guys are my fave!
rulez added on the 2012-10-09 20:53:44 by blackpawn blackpawn
shifter: if you read my comment in the context it was given, you'll see that I'm hardly defending the prod itself, but simply commenting on the statement that said "it needs to at least compete with streaming video in terms of entertainment per megabyte".
added on the 2012-10-09 21:03:58 by gloom gloom
Gloom: well lah-dee-dah.

If you read my comment right, you'd know the first paragraph was a direct snub at the quoted comment and the rest merely a scoff at the other "you don't get it" posts you've been peppering this entry with.

I wholly agree that the demo itself is hardly worth defending ;)
added on the 2012-10-09 22:54:58 by Shifter Shifter
Wow! Quite some harsh feedback here. I, for my part, actually enjoyed this demo: Excellent modeling (like you'd expect from cocoon) and beautiful colors. I really digged the camera grease overlay (Sorry, but I probably have to steal that :-) ) Some of the scenes with the white light globes really worked perfectly. The only thing that bugged me was the weird camera-interpolation. Was this intentional?
Ah, and thanks for the greeting :-)
rulez added on the 2012-10-09 23:55:48 by pixtur pixtur
What pixtur said. And the scene with the cocoon logo is great.
rulez added on the 2012-10-10 00:04:20 by ok3anos ok3anos
shifter: I guess I don't see the need for neither the snub nor the scoff. I cannot really believe that you actually think giving praise for the assets and seconds later giving shit for the size of the assets makes any sort of sense. :)
added on the 2012-10-10 09:54:12 by gloom gloom
I also quited like it. It's certainly "just a flyby" but it's entertaining nonetheless. I'll have to second pixtur's comment about the camera grease. Now I'll just patiently wait for the final version...

Regarding some of the comments here: Grow up.
added on the 2012-10-10 11:55:53 by sagacity sagacity
sag : i stopped agruing about "Just a 3d flyby" long ago. I m glad some of the smart guys in the room notice our secret wearpon : the dirty glow : full credit to guille for this ... this is a "never seen before effect".
added on the 2012-10-10 12:09:17 by nytrik nytrik
lol gloom, I do in fact believe that I can commend the assets while sticking the filesize in the - column. so yeah, I think I'll just keep doing that
added on the 2012-10-10 12:09:36 by Fell Fell
though I do completely retract my "should compete with streaming video in entertainment per megabyte" or whatever comment!
added on the 2012-10-10 17:59:29 by Fell Fell
rulez added on the 2012-10-11 14:48:02 by moqui moqui
(+) nice demo engine
(~) music lacks inspiration
(-) perhaps too many objects displayed at once. Although this creates some tense atmosphere, it does it at the expense of neatness
added on the 2012-10-11 23:50:15 by ulrick ulrick
déjà vu all over, and the music could've been better, but I'm just happy Cocoon is still going strong
rulez added on the 2012-10-13 16:40:26 by Alpha C Alpha C
Like the atmosphere
rulez added on the 2012-10-13 22:56:51 by Chainsaw Chainsaw
Am I the only who actually like how demos were in the 90's? Effects, cool soundtracks and graphics.

Direction, concept and shit, fuck that.
rulez added on the 2012-10-14 12:50:44 by evil evil
Love it. Please, make a final version ! :D
rulez added on the 2012-10-14 12:52:58 by xtrium xtrium
What Alpha C said
rulez added on the 2012-10-14 12:55:05 by Saga Musix Saga Musix
gloom: "great (static) assets take up space.". halftruth. and no, making things small, efficient AND aesthetic isn't idiotic @ all. especially if you've worked with nowadays "nextgen" consoles for a second...
added on the 2012-10-15 03:15:56 by comankh comankh
comankh: I didn't say making things small, efficient and aesthetic is idiotic - I said comparing a 4k or 64k intro to a demo with no size limit and THEN complaining about the size was idiotic -- a different sentiment alltogether.
added on the 2012-10-15 11:01:32 by gloom gloom
rulez added on the 2012-10-15 17:50:15 by Mystra Mystra
despite all the pretty pixels, this feels somewhat empty
added on the 2012-10-18 06:27:04 by provod provod
rulez added on the 2012-10-18 11:31:27 by kyv kyv
Aww, I wasted my download and time for a DirectX 11 demo on my old, updated Windows XP Pro. SP3 machine (DirectX 9.0c). :(

Anyways, it was decent on YouTube. :)
added on the 2012-10-20 20:40:04 by AntDude AntDude
What TRC said.
rulez added on the 2012-10-20 22:30:03 by trc_wm trc_wm
I adore it for modeling/texturing work, even though it's another flybye with no effects and I doubt I would watch again. Well, it's what I was expecting from Cocoon anyway.
rulez added on the 2012-10-21 18:25:20 by Optimus Optimus
Nice 3D, but the rest is not so strong as I expect from cocoon. I think with your new engine you can do stuff way better now. Still I like this one and it deserves thumb.
rulez added on the 2012-10-24 00:15:02 by jack-3d jack-3d
one of the best demos of 2012! but seriously the music just didnt fit the demo, it just lacked the ambience i was hoping for. 3d is king, and the engine is too.
rulez added on the 2012-10-24 00:24:07 by rudi rudi
great music and flow².
rulez added on the 2012-10-24 00:38:48 by gentleman gentleman
Awesome graphics! How do you have time to model all those details? gaaah! it looks like it takes at least 1 year juding from my experience with 3d sw.

One downside of the large size exe is that youtube is blocked in China and the download was aborted around 10 times before I got the file on this crappy hotel network

Eagerly awaiting the final!
rulez added on the 2012-10-24 05:41:19 by loaderror loaderror
I like it! Great work on those UVs and Textures.
rulez added on the 2012-10-26 09:53:31 by psykon psykon
The end is a bit abrupt.
Cool music.
rulez added on the 2012-10-27 23:08:11 by BackSpace BackSpace
Bad ass awesome shiny dirty fuck yes!
rulez added on the 2012-10-30 01:21:31 by ewerybody ewerybody
Great music, massive 3d atmosphere even if it's not really the kind of demos i enjoy :)
rulez added on the 2012-10-30 17:53:06 by Hexogen Hexogen
Very enjoyable! Nice shaders, models and texturing!
rulez added on the 2012-11-02 06:58:00 by Cosmocat Cosmocat
Nahh, but gears and chains is decent hardware to look at.
added on the 2012-11-03 11:23:27 by Emod Emod
Humm.... How about a final version?
rulez added on the 2013-01-01 15:29:54 by Frequent Frequent
not bad, but not that convoncing either
added on the 2013-01-08 02:47:39 by T$ T$
Epic :D Awesome Music and Very polished Scenes, Very good production!
rulez added on the 2013-04-01 17:47:49 by Sapphire Sapphire
a pretty flyby. not sure if i like the music.
Not too fond of the music, but the rest is great.
rulez added on the 2014-01-23 15:41:28 by TheT(ourist) TheT(ourist)
rulez added on the 2016-07-28 15:35:06 by golem golem
is there a final version?
Tried to be Shad alike in some moments, but it just could not be with with this audio theme. Overall nice if you did not know other Cocoon productions, looks a bit unpolished and rushed.
added on the 2022-10-12 14:23:25 by hollowone hollowone

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