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release date : june 2014
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added on the 2014-06-22 05:02:52 by g0blinish g0blinish

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This is my first attempt to learn how to code with GBC and this is last entry for the Suck down demoparty.
Entry was recieved but not shown at old school compo.

Rc55confirmed about entry but he doesn't bother for reply via e-mail.

I believe that people(havoc and other orgs) will understand why I so care and worry about sending work
added on the 2014-06-22 05:07:00 by g0blinish g0blinish
There could be many reasons for this. Some parties have preselection to keep the compo to a reasonable length or it got lost in the shuffle of setting up at the party place. At any rate, every party I know of doesn't release/spread productions they never showed allowing you to submit it to another one if you're willing to wait.

Sitting here sulking about it and calling the party or organizers names isn't going to fix the situation or even make people think well of you, especially considering you're already well known for your almost continuous sniping at Alone_Coder and others since you joined here at the start of the year. Chill out.

You could have made a polite inquiry to the Sundown organizers after the party then submitted it to the next party with an appropriate compo that allowed remote entries. Considering that past productions from you seem to have placed well in compos I don't think you'd have any problems getting shown. However that ship sailed when you uploaded it to Pouet.

You can program stuff for old, obscure, limited, etc. platforms which many people can't do or don't bother to try doing. Don't waste your skills being a jerk.

Have a nice day.
AMcBain, I asked yesterday after party, the reply was kind of:
Entry isn't received, nobody cares, this os a shame. what's it.

about fighting with Alone Coder - such attitude from sceners means I stop code.
added on the 2014-06-22 06:24:21 by g0blinish g0blinish
by g0blinish:
AMcBain, I asked yesterday after party, the reply was kind of:
Entry isn't received, nobody cares, this os a shame. what's it.
Other than the "entry isn't received" bit, which was reiterated in the oneliner, I really doubt that. It seems more likely it was too late for submissions, even if it was a resubmit, or that you sent them a nastygram and at which point they have no reason to be polite either.

by g0blinish:about fighting with Alone Coder - such attitude from sceners means I stop code.
You seem to be the one starting things, so if you're implying we should put up with you just to see more of your demos, it doesn't work that way.
or a sake of God stop playing with the words and protect org's fuckup please.
I am reaally disappointed.

do you know how many times spent to understand GBC architecture?

btw, I made some demos and I know more cases in the submitting demos.

Suck down orgs missed my demo two times.
added on the 2014-06-22 06:55:11 by g0blinish g0blinish
The demo is quite nice for a start. Makes me wanna try something on gameboy. The music is not very nice. The font is unreadable. But there are many parts, it's still nice for a firstie. Now, why this was not shown, I am gonna read the scene drama and find.
rulez added on the 2014-06-22 07:39:26 by Optimus Optimus
please youtube this
added on the 2014-06-22 08:43:04 by VBI VBI
Youtube? yo cannot run included emulator?
run bgb.exe and drag thing.bgc to window.
added on the 2014-06-22 08:52:12 by g0blinish g0blinish
what Optimus said. extra thumb for included emu :)
rulez added on the 2014-06-22 09:01:32 by sensenstahl sensenstahl
Nice little thingie.
rulez added on the 2014-06-22 09:35:05 by fra fra
Cool firstie!

About the drama, it sucks, really, that your prod missed the compo but you can only blame yourself for sending your remote entry to rc55's personal email address instead of the address stipulated on http://sundowndemoparty.net/compos/
All remote entries must be submitted by 11:30am on Saturday 21st June and submitted to sundowndemoparty@gmail.com!

When you enter a compo, esp. remotely, you should really facilitate the job of the organizers if you want your prod to be shown. Bashing organizers and parties won't give you a medal.

Looking forward to your next prods and less drama
rulez added on the 2014-06-22 11:25:26 by p01 p01
welll.. if pouet misses to drama, I made next one.
added on the 2014-06-22 11:31:12 by g0blinish g0blinish
The colour capabilities of GBA make it look really neat. I actually like the tune too. However, it ends way too abruptly.
rulez added on the 2014-06-22 11:50:06 by introspec introspec
introspec, GBA!=GBC, ATM!=Spectrum:)

but GBA has a lot of capabilities too.
added on the 2014-06-22 12:10:41 by g0blinish g0blinish
Not bad, not sure if it was done on purpose but the second half of the music sounds like one of the Second Reality parts.

And yeah the font is absolutely unreadable, which kind of is a problem if you tried to display a message :)
rulez added on the 2014-06-22 12:44:16 by Dbug Dbug
i understand that you care a lot about delivering your prods.
i do not understand why you behave so aggressively.
rc55 is without a doubt the hardest working man in budleigh salterton this weekend.
he was quick to admit he made a mistake and apologized for it.
that should be enough to compensate for any wrongdoings, perceived or real.
you're behaving like you paid a lot of money to be shown on the screen and thus you were robbed when it was not shown in the end.
while in fact it is rc55 who is risking his personal finances to make the party happen and you are the one putting out slander about it online (even though you've never attended).

seriously- get your act together, and do it quick.
i like the quality of your prods, that part of your efforts is much appreciated indeed.
but the shouting and namecalling and other bullshit- that is completely uncalled for.
i could totally understand how parties may not wish to have your prods in their compos anymore at this point.
added on the 2014-06-22 12:46:09 by havoc havoc
Nice start for a GBC career.
rulez added on the 2014-06-22 13:14:04 by Preacher Preacher
havoc, sorry, I desagree with your point.
added on the 2014-06-22 13:24:09 by g0blinish g0blinish
Too bad because Havoc is a party organizer. If HE thinks that way, chances are he's not the only party organizer who would reject your prods to enter remotely based on your behaviour. :\
added on the 2014-06-22 13:40:22 by p01 p01
yes, it will be sad. At least there are some parties.
added on the 2014-06-22 13:45:08 by g0blinish g0blinish
g0blinish: that's your freedom, as it is your freedom to use my name in the same post where you call my dear hardworking friend's party "suck down", and similarly it is my freedom to have an opinion about your blatant misrepresentation of my opinion and the kind of person one has to be to think behaving in such a manner is acceptable.
added on the 2014-06-22 13:51:18 by havoc havoc
g0blinish : if this prod was (accidentaly) disregarded by the organizers of the Sundown demoparty, what prevent you from releasing it at another party ?
added on the 2014-06-22 14:05:01 by fra fra
What I get from this is that Sundown must be an awesome party since you are behaving like such a child when not having your remote entry shown.

But dude, read what havoc told you, and remember it. You won't get any sympathy behaving like that!
added on the 2014-06-22 14:14:52 by dwarf dwarf
Justice thumb for the effort although I strongly disapprove your poor choice of words in previous exchanges with others and in general.

Also, recognize an apology was publicly voiced to you in the midst of unnecessary insults : you were then treated with respect.

Sometimes, nobody is right or wrong : more often than not, life is a series of mishaps. These mishaps are random, do not affect only you, and are certainly not directed against you.

Your next demo will be twice as good I am certain ;)
rulez added on the 2014-06-22 14:16:22 by Baudsurfer Baudsurfer
fra, demo has been made for Sundown. I'll back to GBC later, after parties.

havoc, if Outline 2015 happens, we will talk later.
It will be silly if because of similar incident my works don't take over.
added on the 2014-06-22 14:17:18 by g0blinish g0blinish
Baudsurfer, I am sorry for some words, I am gone really mad. 5 weeks spent while I am learning GBC what is not so popular. Some cites are available via web.archive.org, some tools disappeared(e.g. TileBuddy)

thanks to Dalton he released sources which helped me to understand some issues.
more than, I'll asked about music and got an answer:


I am very interested in GHX SE. how to obtain one?



we are sorry, GHX SE is not distributed by us.
Only the replayer code was licensed.

Customer Support

some work just gone:(
added on the 2014-06-22 14:22:56 by g0blinish g0blinish
you should try organizing a demoparty yourself, and then we'll see if you remember to answer all emails on a timely manner and follow up on them all without screwing something up or delaying the compos. people make mistakes, no need to be a bitch about it.
added on the 2014-06-22 14:35:14 by psenough psenough

I'm sure everybody reckons the hard work you put into your production whilst learning a new platform : no doubt about that.

Your anger is understandable, but not your behaviour or name-calling.

You should in turn maybe apologize to the organizer who probably put in at least as much time and effort to set the aforementioned demoparty (if not his own money), for overreacting - something the latter most likely already understands.

It would be such a shame not to : you have everything going for you (youth, eagerness, determination, brains, talent) except the inappropriate language that hurts other people and will thwart their perception of your work.

P.S: Have you tried Tile Buddy v4.3.9 from 09/2000 ?
ouch, thank you a lot!:)

i tried to reach orginizers via chat, but who knows where is rc55. my friend(den_p) asked introspec(he was a visitor) and reply was:

you may interpret conversation as you wish.

[00:42:24] <nq> интроспек малаца
[00:42:25] <den_p> гоблиновскую дему не показали
[00:42:31] <den_p> уроды
[00:42:36] <&psndcj> а она была?
[00:42:57] <den_p> отправлена была
[00:43:10] <den_p> завтра он закатит скандальчик
[00:43:12] <nq> давай аут оф компо покажи
[00:43:36] <&psndcj> спек на пати же - можно попробовать прям щас разрулить
[00:45:24] <den_p> интроспек, у?
[00:49:29] <nq> http://www.pouet.net/prod.php?which=63610
[00:49:40] <nq> это демка с теткой на шесте
[00:50:06] G_D [~Roller@] вышел из IRC: Quit: Leaving
[00:52:38] nodeus [~nodeus@] вышел из IRC: Quit: Всем добра.
[01:00:24] <introspec> я спросил
[01:00:24] Blade_ [~blade@x-3056.176.adsl.wplus.ru] вышел из IRC: Read error: Connection reset by peer
[01:00:29] <introspec> они сказали, что ничего не получали
[01:00:35] <psb1> introspec: жжош!
[01:00:50] <introspec> щас морочиться не захотели
[01:01:27] Blade_ [~blade@x-3056.176.adsl.wplus.ru] зашёл на #z80

where is now further words and behaviour and no more or Sundown. For Me.
added on the 2014-06-22 15:21:36 by g0blinish g0blinish
for your sucking behavior. learn empathy and respect.
sucks added on the 2014-06-22 15:45:51 by iks iks
oh, and the bitmap font used in this intro is unreadable.
added on the 2014-06-22 15:46:20 by iks iks
Опять позорище в комментах.
added on the 2014-06-22 15:54:01 by BiTL BiTL
They, the organizers, didn't receive anything on the email address explicitly required people as recipient for remote entries. It's not their fault if people fail to follow basic rules.

I'm starting to regret my thumb.
added on the 2014-06-22 16:21:14 by p01 p01
let me help you with that
sucks added on the 2014-06-22 16:26:05 by Sir Sir
For yet another useless drama started by the usual suspect. The demo isn't exactly great (to put it mildy) either and the music makes my ears bleed.
sucks added on the 2014-06-22 16:30:56 by StingRay StingRay
Sir, iks go fuck yourself, stupid moroins!FUCK YOU! just did anything for the party when judge anything

you such an assholes. good bye
added on the 2014-06-22 16:31:11 by g0blinish g0blinish
Hmm, scene drama on a sunday ... where is my popcorn :)

@g0blinish: You could have submitted your prod to nordlicht in 4 weeks. They offer remote entries. Next time ... more fun less drama.
added on the 2014-06-22 16:56:58 by gaspode gaspode
Demo=nice, drama=sucks.
rulez added on the 2014-06-22 17:23:35 by Moving along Moving along
Thanks to everyone who has spoken in my defense.

g0blinish: I've apologised and I'm not going to engage you further on this. I hope you can accept this and move forward, remaining angry does no good.
added on the 2014-06-22 19:40:13 by rc55 rc55

[00:42:24] <nq> интроспек малаца
[00:42:25] <den_p> гоблиновскую дему не показали
[00:42:31] <den_p> уроды
[00:42:36] <&psndcj> а она была?
[00:42:57] <den_p> отправлена была
[00:43:10] <den_p> завтра он закатит скандальчик
[00:43:12] <nq> давай аут оф компо покажи
[00:43:36] <&psndcj> спек на пати же - можно попробовать прям щас разрулить
[00:45:24] <den_p> интроспек, у?
[00:49:29] <nq> http://www.pouet.net/prod.php?which=63610
[00:49:40] <nq> это демка с теткой на шесте
[00:50:06] G_D [~Roller@] вышел из IRC: Quit: Leaving
[00:52:38] nodeus [~nodeus@] вышел из IRC: Quit: Всем добра.
[01:00:24] <introspec> я спросил
[01:00:24] Blade_ [~blade@x-3056.176.adsl.wplus.ru] вышел из IRC: Read error: Connection reset by peer
[01:00:29] <introspec> они сказали, что ничего не получали
[01:00:35] <psb1> introspec: жжош!
[01:00:50] <introspec> щас морочиться не захотели
[01:01:27] Blade_ [~blade@x-3056.176.adsl.wplus.ru] зашёл на #z80


Sir, iks go fuck yourself, stupid moroins!FUCK YOU! just did anything for the party when judge anything

you such an assholes. good bye

English, motherfucker. DO YOU SPEAK IT?
added on the 2014-06-22 21:03:23 by Sir Sir
Nice GBC firstie with decent effects, but the font isn't readable at all. Add some transitions/connections, some 2D art, make it a bit longer and you have a great GBC demo.
added on the 2014-06-22 21:15:28 by raer raer
WTF!? Is Otros image used with permission?
I highly doubt it as no one has been able to contact him for quite some time.

If it is with permission i'd like to know how to get in contact with him again. Thanks.

If it is used without permission thats sucks. :/
sucks added on the 2014-06-22 23:14:34 by spotUP spotUP
For your childish behaviour. You think you release sth on the gameboy and you are a popstar... PPl you are offending were releasing stuff you probably did not know what the scene is about.
Be humble... or just take your toys and play in your playground and do not come back...
sucks added on the 2014-06-23 00:50:56 by sim sim
@ruairi [rc55]
Mistakes happened. Back in the days demos were handed to the orgas personally and still, in some way, sometimes demos were not shown...
Sure, it is not too comfortable, but it happened...

You learn who is your friend (and not a wannabe) by one's behaviour...

Do not push the line... as ppl wrote.
And also - your work is not gone.
added on the 2014-06-23 00:58:27 by sim sim
for the attitude!
you could have released this at a different party instead of acting like a petulant little kid.
sucks added on the 2014-06-23 01:08:25 by teo teo
English, motherfucker. DO YOU SPEAK IT?

выблядок я твою мамашу ебал, говна наверни
added on the 2014-06-23 04:43:30 by g0blinish g0blinish
Google translator says "I vыblyadok your mamashu fucked, shit turn".
Surely, posting in Russian doesn't help :')
added on the 2014-06-23 08:13:55 by fra fra
I sadly tend to propose to BAN this person.
added on the 2014-06-23 08:26:34 by sim sim
so, are the graphics by otro/up rough used with permission or not?
added on the 2014-06-23 08:30:01 by dipswitch dipswitch
dipswitch, I used picture from petscii gallery, an author is unknown.
unfortunately I cannot find the link.
added on the 2014-06-23 11:56:00 by g0blinish g0blinish
Her glasses looks like boobs
added on the 2014-06-23 11:57:55 by Tigrou Tigrou
Pretty nice for gbc, pity we couldn't see it at the party.
rulez added on the 2014-06-23 12:04:37 by psonice psonice
I used picture from petscii gallery, an author is unknown.

It gets even better.
sucks added on the 2014-06-23 12:11:21 by Shifter Shifter
what teo said.
sucks added on the 2014-06-23 12:15:47 by mudlord mudlord
I used picture from petscii gallery, an author is unknown

Seriously? Try the first hit on Google image search..
added on the 2014-06-23 12:16:29 by evilpaul evilpaul
sucks added on the 2014-06-23 12:16:55 by wysiwtf wysiwtf
I thought that piece of gfx was cool, but apparently it's not exactly part of this prod then, would've gotten piggied. Thumbs down for the attitude.
sucks added on the 2014-06-23 13:13:23 by noby noby
thumb up for the prod. yeah stealing is baaad, but i don't feel like the picture makes this set of routines different anyhow, plus i think the effort deserves some regards.

goblinish just pay some attention to that shit from now on, unfortunately you can't just rip the internet nowadays, if you want to release on decent party. finding good/exclusive content is essential for making a prod like a grown-up.

and yes doing a demo for gbc makes you a pop star.

не ссы делай новые демосцены ё

for the drama, well, i don't understand the story. just note people, that from the russian irc log it sounds like demo was found, but nobody cared to show it. if so, that's a shame, and i would personally react in the same way, may be in slightly better english - excuses aren't enough in such case, i'd ask for explanations instead.

i still hope it's just misunderstanding, and it was just too late (after the compo?) to show it. if so, well, just a bad luck for you goblinish. next time just use appropriate contact emails in time, it's hard for the orgas to track all things at the same time while the party is happening.

you would be disqualified for ripped gfx anyway, so just put your stuff together and deliver your next demo. like a pop star.
rulez added on the 2014-06-23 13:16:20 by ton ton
cheer up g0blinish, your demo is great for the first prod for the platform. things like that happen (i know, because I've done it before as well, that is lost entries sent via email, stupid gmail and spam folder (

peace to all party orgas, must keep calm and carry on!
rulez added on the 2014-06-23 13:32:27 by randomi randomi
the drama/stealing is more interesting than the demo itself! :D
sucks added on the 2014-06-23 13:49:47 by Pablo Escrollbar Pablo Escrollbar
For the attitude and ripping. Maybe take a break from Pouet and stick with the local Russian scene for a while. Then maybe you can get into some real-life fist fights like in the good old scene days. :)
sucks added on the 2014-06-23 14:30:30 by phoenix phoenix

sucks added on the 2014-06-23 14:42:05 by Korvkiosken Korvkiosken
Hurray for crazy Russians!
rulez added on the 2014-06-23 14:49:53 by Harekiet Harekiet
phoenix, you are stupid dumbass
what is ripping?
here is source, picture resized:
BB Image

here is a code:
Code: Dim pic.a(160,128) ReadFile(0,"Girl.raw") FileSeek(0,768) For y=0 To 127 For x=0 To 159 pic(x,y)=ReadAsciiCharacter(0) Next x Next y CloseFile(0) CreateFile(0,"girl.bin") For yy=0 To 15 For x=0 To 19 For y=0 To 7 a0.a=0 a1.a=0 b.a=128 For xx=0 To 7 If pic(xx+x*8,y+yy*8)&1=0 a0=a0+b EndIf If pic(xx+x*8,y+yy*8)&2=0 a1=a1+b EndIf b=b>>1 Next xx WriteAsciiCharacter(0,a0) WriteAsciiCharacter(0,a1) Next y Next x Next yy CloseFile(0) ; IDE Options = PureBasic 5.00 (Windows - x86) ; CursorPosition = 27 ; EnableXP

put your advice to your ass
added on the 2014-06-23 15:02:04 by g0blinish g0blinish
oh dear...
sucks added on the 2014-06-23 15:04:16 by britelite britelite
What the fuck is happening here? :D
added on the 2014-06-23 15:15:12 by Preacher Preacher

BB Image
rulez added on the 2014-06-23 15:24:02 by Buckethead Buckethead
oh dear...

I am not your "dear", hon :P
added on the 2014-06-23 15:32:57 by g0blinish g0blinish
Attitude is sad. But code is nice. So the pic is procedural? Seems so.
added on the 2014-06-23 16:16:47 by Optimus Optimus
nice gbc firstie =)
rulez added on the 2014-06-23 16:17:14 by HellMood HellMood
The code doesn't create the picture procedurally, it merelly converts it another format... Seems like some kind of weird shrinking.
sucks added on the 2014-06-23 16:46:40 by MsK` MsK`
This would have been disqualified, and to imply I deliberately ignored the release is just pointless. Move on, seriously.
sucks added on the 2014-06-23 18:43:15 by rc55 rc55
rc55 you are already missed demo, so your excuses fucking pathetic.
I didn't accept your apologies, maybe this case is a good lesson for you as organizer.
added on the 2014-06-23 19:22:34 by g0blinish g0blinish
and yes, I forgot about of vote.
sucks added on the 2014-06-23 19:23:05 by g0blinish g0blinish
selfvoting sucks!
added on the 2014-06-23 19:28:48 by Sir Sir
by g0blinish:
rc55 you are already missed demo, so your excuses fucking pathetic.
I didn't accept your apologies, maybe this case is a good lesson for you as organizer.
sucks added on the 2014-06-23 19:38:47 by Starchaser Starchaser
Prod is nice, the author's attitude is definitely not...
sucks added on the 2014-06-23 19:55:50 by Nitro/Black Sun Nitro/Black Sun
goblinish you shouldn't feel upset if your demo was not shown at a demoparty... most demosceners hang around pouet so they are eventually going to see your production no matter what. as for the prod it is not bad but you still have room for improvement as everyone around here. so piggy from me.
added on the 2014-06-23 20:08:03 by Defiance Defiance
I guess everything's been said already. Ripped gfx, awful music, author going full retard in comments.. OK then.
sucks added on the 2014-06-23 20:31:15 by break break
haha wow, who the fuck are you to display such attitude?
sucks added on the 2014-06-23 21:05:41 by dipswitch dipswitch
bad attitude.
sucks added on the 2014-06-23 21:20:08 by spiny spiny
Well, nice demo for a first contact with a platform...

But the way you act is just a big no-no. Also, ripped graphics and an extremely painful attempt at music (Better to have no music than terrible music). I'm sorry, but that's just wrong.

Stop being so self-entitled. Yes, I do believe you did take your time to learn how to code on this platform, but that doesn't grant you the right to be all angry about the fact that it didn't get to the compo. Bad stuff happens and you gotta learn to live with it. Acting like a spoiled kid will only make your situation worse.

Seriously, work on yourself, because you're too rude for your own good. If you threat others badly, then they'll threat you badly too. No point in throwing hate everywhere.

That's my 2 cents into this whole drama. I'm just trying to be reasonable here. Take it however you want, Dmitry, because I'm in no position to tell you what to do. But remember: Anything you do has its consequences.

Take care.
sucks added on the 2014-06-23 21:50:45 by TomoAlien TomoAlien
about music - all ratings are subjective.
added on the 2014-06-24 05:15:51 by g0blinish g0blinish
I agree with everything that havoc said.

Oh, and I'm yet another party organizer who disapproves of your behaviour, g0blinish, please focus on making more (awesome?) prods and stop arguing with someone who already publicly apologized to you, now THAT'S pathetic!
sucks added on the 2014-06-24 06:25:17 by SunSpire SunSpire
awesome prods? you are kidding probably...
all what people said, Russian named is "копирастия", all efforts of coder without gfxer and muzaker is nothing.

dipswitch, ты сидишь при это ресурсе, меня это заебло, давай бан уже, хватит тут позориться.

last release in 2014, what's pathetic;)
added on the 2014-06-24 06:39:23 by g0blinish g0blinish
What break said.
sucks added on the 2014-06-24 12:51:52 by Kylearan Kylearan
"хватит тут позориться" -- indeed :P
added on the 2014-06-24 15:35:38 by dipswitch dipswitch
"хватит тут позориться" -- indeed :P

так и запишем - тряпка и пиздабол XD
added on the 2014-06-24 15:48:52 by g0blinish g0blinish
Wow. Such drama. Rip. Such pitiful. Insults. Such childish. So demoge.

I really enjoyed the comments, thanks, but it doesn't make me want to watch the demo.

g0blinish : You're free to insult me if you want :D
added on the 2014-06-24 18:54:25 by flure flure
BB Image
added on the 2014-06-24 19:01:27 by MooZ MooZ
You are being down voted because of your attitude more than the quality of your production. I never down voted, until today!
sucks added on the 2014-06-24 19:36:56 by djh0ffman djh0ffman

<@alk> goblinish spent 5 weeks learning to code on gbc, ripped a petscii and made a demo for sundown
<@red_> thats nice
<@alk> submitted it to the wrong email address and it wasnt shown
<@alk> then uploaded it to pouet and started insulting everyone :D
<@alk> h0ffman gave his first thumbdown
<@alk> \:D/
<@red_> \:D/
rulez added on the 2014-06-25 10:49:25 by alk alk
rofl, guys. cool story - goblinish guilty, only orgs are ideal:))

was it hard to reply on my e-mail? or just forward letter to another one?

and TITAN sux ofcoz8)
added on the 2014-06-25 11:01:01 by g0blinish g0blinish
it's a cute looking little prod after all :)
rulez added on the 2014-06-25 11:10:56 by mueslee mueslee
You should ask : Was it hard to send your remote entry to the address specified on the web site of the party?

Any complaint after failing to follow the ONE rule for remote entries is irrelevant. You are digging your own hole.
added on the 2014-06-25 11:11:02 by p01 p01
p01, agree.
what about ban?:)

and last what is at the top of page:

Stay tuned for updates and feel free to ask any questions on our Facebook page or drop me a message directly here – Ruairi (rc55).

meh, I do it wrong=)(
added on the 2014-06-25 11:19:54 by g0blinish g0blinish
If you've used the image without permission, even if it your PETSCII conversion, it is ripping. You could have easily found out who the author is and contacted him for permission.

Your demo not being shown when you sent it to the wrong email is a thing that can obviously happen and you should acknowledge that it is mostly your fault, not that of the organizers. They probably have enough stuff to do at a party...

Also you should calm down and stop acting so hostile! Your attitude doesn't exactly help. Your demo is a good GBC firstie and you can improve from here, so do that instead of wasting your energy on useless fighting!
added on the 2014-06-25 12:53:16 by raer raer
ok, next time when I feel ready to demo for gbc, I'll create a thread:). Any help appreciated.

note: I provided sample which differs from PETSCII. Using one is a fail, but what not's my problem.
added on the 2014-06-25 12:59:07 by g0blinish g0blinish
BB Image
sucks added on the 2014-06-25 13:00:50 by ferris ferris
Liked the demo, but you seem to be an ass.
rulez added on the 2014-06-25 21:02:17 by phaazon phaazon
for posting purebasic source
rulez added on the 2014-06-25 21:44:35 by groepaz groepaz
Quality entertainment.
rulez added on the 2014-06-25 23:53:56 by ponce ponce
Not knowing musicians I often re-used .ym or .mods in my demos. Without permission of their authors. Always giving proper credits though...

Also, what phaazon says.
added on the 2014-06-28 17:28:43 by baah baah
Music has been found at Lemon's website(lurk web.archive.org). mod is unknown.
added on the 2014-06-28 17:49:06 by g0blinish g0blinish
oh well...
added on the 2014-07-09 02:48:48 by T$ T$
what break said.
sucks added on the 2014-07-15 13:15:12 by nemesis nemesis
platform thumb
rulez added on the 2014-07-16 14:57:11 by sq sq
effort thumb
rulez added on the 2014-11-23 12:08:14 by Xyl2k Xyl2k
Ignoring the author's comments:

As soon I started watching the demo I recognized the demo song from lemon player (I used that player for a while until I coded my own). So... no original music, no original first pic. Repetitive effects: the last 1/3 of the demo is a plasma-like effect, but there was another plasma effect before, so it's like 1/2 of the demo. And I can't read the font.

The only interesting thing is the first part with the SCY mid-line changes. The red/blue wave effects would have been nice if the text could be read.

Regarding the author's comments:

Yeah, this deserves my first thumb down definitely.
sucks added on the 2015-04-07 11:38:04 by SkyLyrac SkyLyrac
how old are you?
sucks added on the 2015-04-28 08:13:51 by neoman neoman
Dislike dust because the author is about as competent and mature as an 8 year old.
Get a life.
sucks added on the 2018-05-27 04:51:46 by TheWildShadow55 TheWildShadow55
Nice for a firstie on GBC, since the "discussion" is 4 years old, I don't care for the circumstances .. and everybody of us had some bad times when got criticized ..
rulez added on the 2018-05-27 10:35:52 by Asato Asato

submit changes

if this prod is a fake, some info is false or the download link is broken,

do not post about it in the comments, it will get lost.

instead, click here !

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