The Interloper by mfx [web]
screenshot added by pandur on 2023-04-10 11:10:41
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release date : april 2023
release party : Revision 2023
compo : pc demo
ranked : 2nd
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added on the 2023-04-10 11:10:41 by pandur pandur

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top quality
rulez added on the 2023-04-10 11:15:30 by Murphy Murphy
Very beautiful concept!
rulez added on the 2023-04-10 11:29:13 by Navis Navis
I enjoyed the serenity of the museum. Perhaps the expectations attached to the MFX label made its calmness even more effective? A great demo!
rulez added on the 2023-04-10 11:42:54 by cce cce
nice flow and things breaking are mentally satisfying, yummie!
rulez added on the 2023-04-10 11:59:07 by aricz aricz
A totally different taste of mfx! Superclean rendering!! Like the cleanest shit in the WebGL scene.
rulez added on the 2023-04-10 12:19:15 by 0b5vr 0b5vr
hi uncle-x :)
rulez added on the 2023-04-10 12:28:04 by superplek superplek
Very nice, ran it nicely on the browser on an older PC with not so great GPU.
rulez added on the 2023-04-10 12:50:57 by Optimus Optimus
when mfx goes flt
rulez added on the 2023-04-10 13:15:44 by sq sq
quite liked the materials, good one!
rulez added on the 2023-04-10 13:18:52 by wrighter wrighter
this whole demo belongs in a museum!
rulez added on the 2023-04-10 13:35:42 by post malone post malone
rulez added on the 2023-04-10 13:39:12 by xernobyl xernobyl
LOVED this so much! Ace work.
rulez added on the 2023-04-10 14:52:10 by okkie okkie
rulez added on the 2023-04-10 15:56:55 by prm prm
Another great entry, looking forward to the next demos already
rulez added on the 2023-04-10 17:21:47 by gopher gopher
Love the cleanness, the atmosphere, the design, everything about it. It looks and feels amazing. And what Maali said!
rulez added on the 2023-04-10 19:01:01 by CONS CONS
felt like a real museum, but why destroy all the art just for a demo ;-)
rulez added on the 2023-04-10 19:15:38 by Kuemmel Kuemmel
I really enjoyed the beginning of the demo. Something about an MFX branded, calm, abstract art museum tour that created a lot of delicious tension. I would actually prefer if it stayed that way throughout, somehow.

The takeoff didn't do much for me. Old effects and ruined the suspense.
rulez added on the 2023-04-10 19:35:59 by Duckers Duckers
rulez added on the 2023-04-10 20:14:39 by SiR SiR
rulez added on the 2023-04-10 21:36:49 by siko siko
This could've been (or might be) a contender for my favorite mfx demo ever (and underscores that a pinch of Wayfinder seems to be the key) but there's just such a failure in direction here - the camera moves way too fast at the start when nothing is happening, which gives this confusing upbeat air that juxtaposes with no action in the frame - same with the straight 4/4 cuts on the barline - which then ultimately takes the air out of the climatic moment because there's no headroom left for the cinematography to go more intense. :( Really goes to show how much these things matter.
rulez added on the 2023-04-10 22:11:16 by Gargaj Gargaj
Totally unexpected! I'm so happy that you haven't done the next flashing tekkno demo. Hooray for th idea, the execution, the soundtrack and simply everything. My favourite demo from the compo!
rulez added on the 2023-04-10 23:46:01 by Bobic Bobic
As if Ceasefire & Debris had a child.
rulez added on the 2023-04-10 23:59:27 by gaspode gaspode
redefining mfx yet again! loved it!
rulez added on the 2023-04-11 09:45:08 by psenough psenough
Loved the first part, the museum and the objects being displayed felt just like the real deal.
rulez added on the 2023-04-11 10:13:29 by Daddy Freddy Daddy Freddy
Pretty much what Gargaj said. The post-rockish soundtrack keeps on taking off, but somehow the visuals seems to lack some sort of "gravity" while the music is soaring. In the end, it kind of ends where it started from, in motionless stillness, but without a proper emotional release. I was expecting and hoping for the entire musem to fly apart, or something like that that would have made sense of the entire trip. Right now, it somehow feels less than the sum of its parts. Also personally it doesn't help that the instrumentation and sounds in the music evoke Rove in my mind, which is a demo that's both deeply cathartic and bittersweet to me.
rulez added on the 2023-04-11 10:25:05 by Preacher Preacher
I'm not into edging porn and I avoid the Tate Modern with a passion, I'm a lizard brain four to the flour type of person, bring back my untz and flashes.
I was surprised that after the previous work, the author gave a sense of what art looks like during a conflict in Europe and did not continue to stir up hostility
rulez added on the 2023-04-11 10:51:35 by RKGekk RKGekk
Art explosion <3
rulez added on the 2023-04-11 10:52:34 by NR4 NR4
rulez added on the 2023-04-11 13:40:57 by Sebbert Sebbert
I loved it so so much! Especially the beginning I felt was pretty ballsy to just some beautifully rendered almost empty rooms... *chef's kiss*
rulez added on the 2023-04-11 14:17:53 by susencrusen susencrusen
Confirmed. It works great on M1 Pro!
rulez added on the 2023-04-11 15:16:00 by hollowone hollowone
After the quite boring start of the PC demo compo I was hoping for finally get "auf die Fresse" by MFX as I love it! :D Nevertheless I loved what I saw on the bigscreen! ;)
rulez added on the 2023-04-11 15:52:37 by Raven^NCE Raven^NCE
Thank you everyone for the lovely comments.

If you want to explore the gallery a bit more, just fire up the executable, wait for a bit after it has started (the 3rd camera should be fine), wiggle your mouse to bring out the cursor, click the actual demo canvas and press "f". This should enable WASD + mouse flight mode. If it doesn't, try clicking the canvas again.

The demo timeline will be running in the background, but if you want to pause it, you should be able to press "i" (again if you've clicked the canvas) and pause playback. The timeline controls + debug view can be disabled by pressing "i" again.

Note: for some reason the keyboard input doesn't seem to work in the web version anymore. No idea why. Also it seems a bit wonky in the executable too.
added on the 2023-04-11 16:01:15 by uncle-x uncle-x
the first part is nice, some good camera work and smart material choices, baked lighting etc. thumb up for that. nice to see an entirely different thing from mfx.

but then it explodes.. and it suffers from technical limitations which kill the effect somewhat. the exploding stuff seems to have no physical relation to the scene so it seems like a 2nd layer floating on top. the scene doesn't shadow the particles, do the particles even collide with the walls? a bit better production value would have made all the difference here.
rulez added on the 2023-04-11 17:51:32 by smash smash
I think this shows how much of subjectivity goes into watching demos. I really liked how such a simple concept worked in terms of pace and connection with the music. Would this be a trance driven demo and I wouldn't care so much for it. But that's just my opinion.
rulez added on the 2023-04-11 17:55:44 by jeenio jeenio
the scene doesn't shadow the particles, do the particles even collide with the walls?

The particles do leave (crap) shadows on the floors, and somewhat collide with the floor as well. Doesn't that count for at least something?;-)

(If Revision would have been next weekend, we might have managed to have proper wall collisions in place. As it happens we only got the explosion stuff properly working 4-5 days before Revision and the last 1/3 of the demo is sadly a bit rushed due to that. I promise to have better explosions in the future.)
added on the 2023-04-11 18:30:16 by uncle-x uncle-x
I really really dig this demo, and I could easily see myself using this to show people outside of the demoscene"why the fuck I'm in Saarbrücken at a demoparty" during Easter.

What really works well here is the buildup, which is heavily supported by the music - maybe the best music or at least use of music in the entire compo.

As others have pointed out the second half of the demo didn't fully live up to my own expectations.
Not that I have a clear idea of what exactly I would expect to happen, but it was clear from that buildup that something was expected to happen.

In conclusion, I love this demo A LOT. though, I have to agree with others that it could have been even better.
I can see now that if it should've been better you wouldn't have made it for the deadline - I fully respect that.

Do I need to say that this demo also made me hate myself for leaving the hall just a couple of hours earlier? :)
rulez added on the 2023-04-11 20:45:28 by Puryx Puryx
I got the right equipment for this one, when it`s running like fluid it`s great.
rulez added on the 2023-04-11 21:04:30 by Zplex Zplex
really enjoyable show in an unexpected style, coming from uncle-x.
awesome soundtrack, too. (interestingly the music delivers some of the direction that is missing in the visuals.)
rulez added on the 2023-04-11 21:37:30 by fiver fiver
Love the particles, every single one of them!
(especially the two at 0:36)
rulez added on the 2023-04-11 23:10:53 by slerpy slerpy
Enjoyed this a lot, part 2 included (the destruction being synced with the off beat crashes tickles my fancy a lot).

My favorite soundtrack in the compo, spacy rock (or whatever genre this is) with a funky mule groove underneath was great to be surrounded by coming from the PA :)
rulez added on the 2023-04-12 01:18:16 by lug00ber lug00ber
can't wait for the final version
rulez added on the 2023-04-12 03:00:52 by randomi randomi
just wow. this demo makes me excited about the future
rulez added on the 2023-04-12 13:07:24 by anticore anticore
really enjoyed this one. very nice idea, visuals superb and I especially like the music
rulez added on the 2023-04-12 14:01:58 by mop2 mop2
rulez added on the 2023-04-12 17:30:18 by tonic tonic
MFX has always good taste, i love your production since many years, and you never deceived me. Good job.
rulez added on the 2023-04-12 23:43:39 by med med
Love it !
rulez added on the 2023-04-13 12:06:26 by Anat Anat
Just wonderfull
rulez added on the 2023-04-13 12:08:40 by Lycan Lycan
Very stylish, very nice indeed!!
rulez added on the 2023-04-13 15:20:15 by PRiDE PRiDE
Didnt work for me :(
Kind of meh! because of pretty much what Gargaj said.
I was getting ready to have my mind melted by techno, but this also works :D A different MFX style.
rulez added on the 2023-04-14 12:39:52 by rloaderro rloaderro
I love this very, very, much.
rulez added on the 2023-04-14 17:25:40 by darya darya
Really love the atmosphere at the start, the rest was just not what I expected, but is still decent
rulez added on the 2023-04-14 18:46:27 by lynn lynn
rulez added on the 2023-04-14 21:50:49 by Frequent Frequent
very unexpected style - but it worked for me!
rulez added on the 2023-04-14 22:02:18 by dipswitch dipswitch
First time in my life I really enjoy an MFX demo... thanx for this, guys !
rulez added on the 2023-04-15 00:50:34 by RaHoW RaHoW
So, just tiny adjustment of taking Wayfinder just done the trick for me. Love it, it grows with every single youtube rewatch. Hat tip Uncle X, never stop.
rulez added on the 2023-04-15 01:19:45 by AzzaroMWI AzzaroMWI
Impressive on many levels
rulez added on the 2023-04-15 15:15:08 by cp_ cp_
Super cool
rulez added on the 2023-04-15 20:46:50 by Corial Corial
This surprised me on so many levels! Something other than techno+blinkenlichten from mfx, a very unexpected musical style from wayfinder, a completely unexpected second part after the buildup... that alone is ample reason for the demo to burn itself into my brain.
And it's so, so pretty, so well executed, so beautifully timed and framed. The soundtrack fits the theme and visuals so well, and the visuals embrace and caress its every detail.
This, my friends, is art.
rulez added on the 2023-04-16 12:16:25 by dojoe dojoe
Love the clean look and design! Wonderful.
rulez added on the 2023-04-16 13:08:20 by Nezbie Nezbie
Excellent !
rulez added on the 2023-04-16 15:10:09 by alkama alkama
Great demo, cables FTW!
rulez added on the 2023-04-16 19:01:31 by TMA TMA
Loved it in the compo, and I dug how “out of left field” the whole concept is. Sadly the rendering quality feels really 2010, which lets the overall presentation down, but it’s such a cool concept it’ll still be one I show to my non-scene friends.
rulez added on the 2023-04-16 21:50:54 by gloom gloom
High concept, great execution! Also runs nice and smooth on my not-all-that-fast GPU, which is refreshing :)
rulez added on the 2023-04-17 09:39:04 by kusma kusma
It didn't work in SeaMonkey, but ran fine in my Firefox in windowed screen (not fullscreen since it was choppy). I guess my hardwares are sucky.
added on the 2023-04-17 22:26:49 by AntDude AntDude
artsy fartsy \:D/
rulez added on the 2023-04-18 16:58:01 by sensenstahl sensenstahl
what smash said
rulez added on the 2023-04-22 21:45:20 by wullon wullon
With Uncle-x and MFX around I expected a fast paced soundtrack along with synchronized flashes all over the screen inducing epilepsy, but then there was this museum thing...

And it was good too!
rulez added on the 2023-04-22 23:44:40 by keops keops
rulez added on the 2023-04-28 03:30:43 by Fab Fab
i feel debris vibes.
It's different from MFX's usual style, but it was cool.
rulez added on the 2023-05-03 03:50:18 by got got
I promise to have better explosions in the future.

Uh-oh. 100% explosions demo coming up!
added on the 2023-05-03 12:04:30 by kusma kusma
Enjoyed that the thing took on the color and texture of nearby objects. And the dull colorless things had color inside. The soundtrack is nice but could have been better fitted to the visuals.

Did not enjoy that the rest of the world was so greyscale and dull. I mean, black backgrounds are OK too, you don't have to fill them with filler if you have no good ideas. I've been to some museums and they don't look like this.
rulez added on the 2023-05-03 20:48:20 by Nosferatu Nosferatu
super slick
rulez added on the 2023-08-07 09:55:24 by v3nom v3nom
love it, this is sick! that dark room with the blue crystal sculptures is just *chef's kiss* haha well done!
rulez added on the 2023-12-29 20:56:50 by blackpawn blackpawn
Just beautiful!
rulez added on the 2023-12-29 21:32:21 by Olympian Olympian
Just noticed i didn't comment this yet.

Definitely one of my favorite demos of the year, so good!
rulez added on the 2024-01-24 10:52:00 by NinjaKoala NinjaKoala
I tried to run this demo on my PC but Windows just hard-locked and I had to hit the reset button. I have had this happen with some demos. Does anyone have any idea what could cause this to happen? None of my PC games or benchmark software does this to my computer.
added on the 2024-02-10 03:50:00 by Capt_Ahab Capt_Ahab
Ahh never mind...I was able to go to the website and see the demo running live there. Still not sure why running the .exe file hard-locked my PC.
added on the 2024-02-10 04:35:19 by Capt_Ahab Capt_Ahab
The camera movement and composition is great (save for one or two camera jerks). Effect-wise it's, well, a flyby plus two effects, of which one (the shattering effect) looks pretty cheap/weird to me. And as has been mentioned, the shadowing is a bit off; in fact, the entire lighting looks a bit weird to me. But this is nitpicking, it is obviously a good prod.
rulez added on the 2024-03-30 14:31:21 by Sesse Sesse

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