The Meteoriks Awards 2023

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There's an even better question whether there SHOULD be a distinction based on platform capabilities across categories. A good soundtrack should be a good soundtrack regardless of platform.
added on the 2022-11-07 18:27:14 by Gargaj Gargaj
There's an even better question whether there SHOULD be a distinction based on platform capabilities across categories. A good soundtrack should be a good soundtrack regardless of platform.

That's exactly why more than half of the Meteoriks categories are fully platform-agnostic. It's just the "best demo/intro/prod" categories where a line needs to be drawn in the sand.
added on the 2022-11-07 18:58:46 by KeyJ KeyJ
I mean "to be an emulator, you have emulate something" isn't an invalid argument...

It isn't, but i think the contention was whether that something has to physically exist or not.
added on the 2022-11-07 19:26:50 by absence absence
It might be a good idea for any award to get rid of the platform distinction altogether, and hand out their prizes for the best "demo" and possibly "small demo", regardless of platform.
But my suspicion remains that Meteoriks is mainly a PC award and tries to cram other platforms into the concept, while keeping the "high end" reserved to the PC folks.
added on the 2022-11-08 09:41:10 by bifat bifat
In platform-agnostic compos, productions running on restricted platforms will have a very hard time to stand up against productions on practically unrestricted platforms.

Of course, those restrictions inform a lot of the design process and the ultimate outcome.

One could argue that having that distinction is precisely because of the opposite goal, giving non-PC folks a chance.

So... it seems sensible to have at least some platform awareness in those categories.
added on the 2022-11-08 09:56:15 by Krill Krill
Why wouldn't that be a disadvantage? They do have a jury after all.
added on the 2022-11-08 09:58:58 by bifat bifat
Sorry, for some reason thought about demoscene competitions in general.

With a jury being a given, yeah, it would ultimately boil down to politics both in choosing categories and then assigning an order. =)
added on the 2022-11-08 10:29:13 by Krill Krill
A friendly reminder to everyone that you can still become a juror!
The form is still up until December 31st, and we would love to have you opinionated lot. ;)

added on the 2022-12-10 19:41:26 by Shana Shana
Happy New Year!

And with that, circa 30 jurors from all trades, seasoned and new to the team, go to work reviewing the productions of 2022 to find worthy nominees in the following categories:

New Talent - Outstanding Concept - Outstanding Technical Achievement - Best Executable Graphics - Best Soundtrack - Best Visuals - Best Direction - Best Oldschool Production - Best Midschool Production - Best High-End Intro - Best High-End Demo

What do we hear you saying? You missed the sign-up to become a juror again? Lucky for us you can still contribute and help our jurors - by recommending the productions that stood out, and deserve an award in your opinion:

The recommendation feature on Pouet and Demozoo is now available as well!

Please let us know your favourite productions of the past year, and recommend them for the respective categories - your take helps us big times, and ensures a balanced review.

Let's go, we hope you are as excited as we are!
added on the 2023-01-04 15:24:33 by Shana Shana
Slight hiccup where the recommendation feature here on Pouet wasn't available today, that's been fixed now and it's back.
added on the 2023-01-05 14:47:53 by Gargaj Gargaj
Our jurors have spoken! And you - thanks to everyone who handed in their suggestions.

See you next on February 24th, at MountainBytes demoparty (streaming info to be provided soon - or even better, come over!), where we will reveal the nominees for the best productions from 2022!
added on the 2023-02-14 13:57:06 by Shana Shana
And we have nominations! Thank you so much for your incredible productions, for tuning in tonight and of course especially to our jurors and teams organising the show!

New Talent
Idwyr - Return by Calodox & Rebels (Graphics)
Armageddon421 - Inside A Laser
61Q0 - Seven Days
Xai - Pax
DeanTheCoder - Revised Reality

Outstanding Concept
61Q0 - Seven Days
blinry & winnihell - Tides
kp - Poligon
FCK - E22
Attentionwhore - 420 Years of Teletext

Best Executable Graphics
Dreamweb - Anima
Seven - Dissecting the Scene Syndrome
P_Malin - Orders of Magnitude
Noby - Dreamtime Return
yx - Is This Your Card?

Best Oldschool Production
Extend - Skybox
KK / Altair - Flycat
Shiru - Back to PET
Arise - E2iRA
CRTC & Hornet - Area 5150

Best Midschool Production
Desire - Asynchronous
SMFX & Dead Hackers Society - The (Fucking) (Complex) Art Of Profanity
Rift - Block Rockn Cubes
Batman Group - Batman Rises
Abyss - Done

Best Soundtrack
Bitbendaz - Sulcus
Futuris - Miyagi
Madwizards - Bayolea
Calodox & Rebels - Return
Netro - Raw

Outstanding Technical Achievement
CRTC & Hornet - Area 5150
Physic - Scroller
Plush & Rabenauge - Transactor
Batman Group - Batman Rises
New Generation & Zelax - Unified

Best Visuals
LJ & Virgill - Stahlbeton
Alter?Was? - El Gore
Slay Bells - Let This Darkness Be
Calodox & Rebels - Return
Altair - Secluded

Best High-End Intro
LJ & Virgill - Astraeus Project
Latitude Independent Association - Pullback Effect
F0x - Just Simple Tube Amplifier
LJ & Virgill - Stahlbeton
Logicoma - Astrophage

Best Direction
kp - Poligon
Epoqe - Special Military Operation
Ninjadev - The Tale of The Bluebird and The Dragon
Gaspode - Pointer
Slay Bells - Let This Darkness Be

Best High-End Demo
mfx - Radioluminescence
Ümlaüt Design - The Box
Madwizards - Bayolea
Ninjadev - The Tale of The Bluebird And The Dragon
Calodox & Rebels - Return

See you next at Revision for the announcement of the laureate!

added on the 2023-02-24 23:22:10 by Shana Shana
Congrats to all nominees! <3
added on the 2023-02-26 06:27:49 by v3nom v3nom
Just give them all to me and I'll resell them for a reasonable price.
added on the 2023-02-26 08:08:31 by superplek superplek
@plek, start your own scene awards with blackjack and hookers!
You forgot to mention highly contaminated cocaine.
added on the 2023-02-28 18:03:35 by superplek superplek
just snort wearing a mask!
Beats pretending to be an artist.
added on the 2023-02-28 18:49:56 by superplek superplek
pretending is half the fun, failing is the second half.
Hello, dear Meteoriks nominees! We just sent out some information regarding the awards show at Revision via email. Since mass mailings from small-time domains never go well with big email providers (*cough*gmail*cough*) please check your spam folders - thank you :)
added on the 2023-03-23 22:16:49 by dojoe dojoe
Any dress code for the ceremony? Will smart goth do the trick?
added on the 2023-03-24 15:28:48 by AzzaroMWI AzzaroMWI
Any dress code for the ceremony? Will smart goth do the trick?
Pants off!
added on the 2023-03-24 20:06:57 by SiR SiR
Any dress code for the ceremony? Will smart goth do the trick?

No formal dress code at all :) Our recommendation is to be yourself, but try to dress sharp within the boundaries of "yourself", i.e. if "hoodie and loafers" is your style put on a fresh hoodie and clean shoes for the occasion.
I'm pretty sure smart goth checks all these boxes :)

(Pants stay on however)
added on the 2023-03-24 23:16:20 by dojoe dojoe
It might be a good idea for any award to get rid of the platform distinction altogether

It isn't.

This has been tried before, and all you get are platform fans pushing their love for a certain platform above the objective qualities of the individual entries. People are not capable of separating the two and never will be. Plus; you're essentially 5-10x-ing the number of possible entries, leading to nomination outrage from everyone.

I know I left awards-work behind when I quit being involved with the Scene.org Awards, but take it from me; terrible idea. Don't do it.
added on the 2023-03-27 21:07:22 by gloom gloom
Congratulations to our laureates, thank you for making 2022 such a fantastic year of releases!

And also a big "Thank You" to the jurors, organisers and friends in the background that made this show possible.

Time to rewatch the laureates of the year! The Meteoriks Award 2023 for...

NEW TALENT goes to 61Q0 for Seven Days

OUTSTANDING CONCEPT goes to Poligon by kp
with an Honorable Mention of 420 Years of Teletext by Attentionwhore

BEST EXECUTABLE GRAPHICS goes to Orders of Magnitude by P_Malin

with an Honorable Mention of Area 5150 by CRTC & Hornet

BEST MIDSCHOOL PRODUCTION goes to Batman Rises by Batman Group

BEST SOUNDTRACK goes to Return by Calodox & Rebels

with an Honorable Mention of Scroller by Physic

BEST VISUALS goes to Return by Calodox & Rebels
with an Honorable Mention of Stahlbeton by LJ & Virgill

BEST HIGH-END INTRO goes to Astraeus Project by LJ & Virgill

BEST DIRECTION goes to The Tale of the Bluebird and the Dragon by Ninjadev
with an Honorable Mention of Poligon by kp

BEST HIGH-END DEMO goes to Return by Calodox & Rebels
added on the 2023-04-08 13:10:31 by Shana Shana