Psychedelic Drugs

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We all take em day by day, consuming em with our food! ;)

There´s only differentiation between "drugs" and "drugs" since some governments decided this or that "drug" is making too addictive (cocaine, heroine) or even just too subversive (cannabis, psylocibin), so they made it "illegal" to (ab)use! All bollocks!

I took em all, used em all, abused em all, and by now i hate em all with very few exceptions.
Only things i still consume are alcohol (beer only) and cannabis (rarely). I´d still use some psylocibin once in a while, but then again i can think of better activities than spacing out on colorful brainfucks!

Let me as some ex-polytoxicomaniac tell you all drugs suck and you better dont even get started experimenting with em. If you didnt need em so far, why should you by know? Unless you are about to kill yourself soonish thanks to life being nothing else than a big boredom to you, you should refrain of that stuff! ;) It only kills you faster, which is not what you want in the long run! Better phrased, it shortens your life!

If you by whatever dumb reasons cannot resist, be sure to only start with some cannabis and if you really really need to have the experience of (not-so-magic)-mushrooms, be sure to get them at some place you can rely on it´s really what you want. There are shops in the netherlands selling mushrooms, also you can order your own mushroom-farm, also from shops in the netherlands. Growing your own shrooms will take a while and might end up with shrooms that arent as powerful as the ones you can buy on the black market out there, but that could also be a good thing! ;) I have seen ppl vomitting 10 hours straight from overdozing mushrooms!
One advice: if you get hawaiian shrooms, use them on very low dosage. mexicans are okish if you take like half a gramme for your first try. You can always eat more if you dont feel anything after two hours! Concerning this: you WILL lose your feeling for time, if they start their "magic" ;) So be sure to have someone having an eye on you...that one should stay sober of shrooms! Else you´ll end up eating more and more shrooms every 5 minutes as you think the shrooms you ate the last 10 hours didnt do anything to you, while in reality only 30 minutes passed! ;) HAHA! i laugh, but this isn´t laughable! ;)
Once you know what shrooms do with you, you can safely consume them without someone watching you, i´d say...but where´s the fun in that? Where´s the fun in losing perceptions at all?!

Just dont start with that shit, you´ll get hooked like you got on the demoscene, still taking "drugs" in 20 years! And that´s not worth it, if you ask me! The Demoscene atleast is worth all your time, drugs aren´t!

Let me explain you the "effect" of magic mushrooms instead:
The connections in your brain between cerebellum and cerebrum get doped/benumbed, this way f.e. concering so called "optics" your cerebrum gets not only the newest images from your eyes, but also the last images before them, just the oldest images still being delivered from your cerebellum have some very small amount of alphablend, while the newest blend with full power. It´s the same feeling as watching some demo with very heavy settings for motionblur! Just with images from your eyes, the Reality! The difference is, in a demo you have it for some seconds in an effect-screen, on shrooms you have it for hours, and you can NOT turn it off, as opposed to a demo, where if the effect makes you dizzy you can watch away or turn the demo off!
Additionaly this effect ofcourse doesnt only apply to what images your brain receives, but also on every other sin a human is in posession of. What you hear echoes, what you smell smells forever, the worst is what you feel with your skin (hands f.e) ...it can happen you start thinking your sofa is absorbing you...and as what you think is time-dilated aswell, you keep thinking about that forever until you think it´s true! ;)

Such effects on your brain aren´t healthy! People tend to say their perception gets better with drugs, but this is untrue, its the complete other way around! ;) Only thing they want to express is that drugs help them with their perception...but as drugs aren´t controllable this isn´t always true, no matter how good-chosen the drug is for what they should help! Pharmaceutics are drugs aswell and they can help for sure if the dosage is right and the chosen pharma-drug is the correct one for the illness they should cure/help with! But Drug-Users normally aren´t studied medics! ;) Also those pharmaceutics arent helping anymore once you take them for a too long time-span aswell. Instead your whole body suffers from abusing them "drugs"!

So keep in mind drugs should only be used very seldom, and normally only when really needed!

P.S: Why should Magic use some magic, while being Magic already anyway?! ;)
P.S.2: Watch this instead if you feel not so magic:
poor try to visualize "optix"
even poorer "optix" plus "accustix"
Almost good "optix" by JCO! Drugs are SCHEISSE!
P.P.S: If this all still didnt scare you away and you really take shrooms or even LSD (much harder than shrooms!) at some point of time:
1) Mirrors can be EVIL!
2) That last thing did NOT taste purple for a moment! ;)
3) Thinking you are dying can result in your real DEATH!
So optimus, you necroed your own thread (once again) and me moron fell for it (once again!) ;)
Nevermind, all i wrote was fun to write and is nothing but the truth! Altho that last thing DID taste purple for sure! ;)
No, it's good to read. Though, I am thinking about these, I didn't go like naive, I knew it can be dangerous and be careful to not want to always do that, even if they say some of the stuff are not addictive. Being cautious is the first I had in mind, however how do you know what kind of cautious to get? You don't know what to expect. I could say to myself "don't freak out if you see something and don't jump out of the window" but I don't know how the experience will be and how I will behave then. So, when you say be cautious what do you mean? Because I say "I will be cautious. And I will also not get addicted to that thing"
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Because I say "I will be cautious. And I will also not get addicted to that thing, yeah yeah give it to me" but how do I know this?
added on the 2014-03-24 11:48:14 by Optimonk Optimonk
First thing to be cautious is ofcourse knowing the source of your shrooms.
Buying off the first-best-dealer that says he can organize them for you is absolutely not what you want, this said, reread the wall of text to get the clue again! ;)
Secondly the dosage ofcourse! As said, take small amounts, and only if you are sure you feel fine after 2-3 hours, feeling confident with what the shrooms did with you, try to take more to amplify the effects, which yields to
Thirdly my advice of having someone with you, watching over you, was no joke! This person should have some experience with that sort of stuff! ;) I know, hard to find, if not into "drugs" at all! But thats vital to you if you dont want to end up in some asylum. You may feel a bit strange once the effects kick in, being observed by someone, but if you have chosen the person well, he/she knows whats up with you! So you can forget about that and feel fine with your new perception while it gets stronger and stronger! Most likely he´ll join you on your experience once you feel fine with your new situation...experienced users can easily controll their own effects while helping others on their first one! ;)
About Addiction: If your first Experience with it turns out nice in the end you could feel the urge of wanting more, most likely you´ll try it again at some point of time. Maybe you even try it 100 times in your life or even more, but getting addicted is not sth i connect with mushrooms!
I would make my head about my healthiness, not about getting addicted! As said, use it seldom, not on a daily base or every weekend! All should be fine this way!

I do warn you again tho: mushrooms can make you think in strange ways, making you do strange things or reacting wrongly to situations. It´s really a thing of getting used to first and maybe then you can start enjoying it completely!
Every User of LSD can tell you he had lots of so called Horror-Trips, which aren´t that common with mushrooms, but possible nevertheless, especially on first experiences!!!

Better dont do it at all, only costs money and isn´t healthy! Watching Demos is so much better in the end!
Yep, I had one taking them, and a third one being sober, so we were uber good in that aspect. But still have to see if they really know about the oral moai thing (it was dmt they say and powder like). Seemed it was a trusted company though.
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I guess we did a hole in the water.
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hArDy has leading.

I'd like to expand it in a little bit more esoteric way:
unless you have an essentially crucial, "fork in the road of life"- like question about your place, role and meaning in/on this world, don't use psychoactive substances.
This would not be a question like: "do I need to buy some crackers for the evening ?" one constructs and utters with the intellect but a question that goes beyond logic and even emotion.
And if you feel able to utter such a subconsiously rooted question ( mind you, buddhist monks or yogi contemplate and meditate for ages just to be prepared to "ask" the universe a question ) do it with a proper ritual, guided by somebody who knows about the effects of the substance.

This stuff is not for recreational purposes. They are essentially poison that alter your perception. You need this "narrowed down" perception to navigate your body safely on this planet, so there's a reason Nature restricted our range of visible EM-frequencies ;)
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just be sure to log out on pouet before you take any drugs, optimus!
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just be sure to log out off pouet before you take any drugs, everyone!
added on the 2014-03-24 13:23:46 by Tomoya Tomoya
Don't trip and Pouet, hehe
added on the 2014-03-24 14:14:06 by Optimonk Optimonk
420 smoke weed everyday weedlord bonerhitler
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I like "poison", especially when my body even makes it (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Cannabinoid_receptor) .. :)
added on the 2014-03-24 20:32:18 by leGend leGend
Every User of LSD can tell you he had lots of so called Horror-Trips, which aren´t that common with mushrooms, but possible nevertheless, especially on first experiences!

No... to both, but everyone is different, set and setting are the keywords to be pondered here.
added on the 2014-03-24 20:33:59 by leGend leGend
Winners don't use drugs
added on the 2014-03-24 21:41:35 by Tigrou Tigrou
No, winners don't get caught
added on the 2014-03-24 22:07:24 by psonice psonice
^ Just say "No... comment,"
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if you want to research drugs, get your facts from the right source. This - in my humble opinion - is not the place to do that ;)
added on the 2014-03-25 00:12:15 by Paralax Paralax
^ Good point - Erowid is a good place to start.
added on the 2014-03-25 00:15:34 by ringofyre ringofyre
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Only one thing about psychedelics: "they've always worked for me"
added on the 2014-03-25 02:54:51 by visy visy
Optimus: why now?

visy: word.

hArDy.: word.
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Welcome to Candyland (with Noah Mills)

added on the 2014-03-25 05:27:27 by Forcer Forcer
stay off fabricated chemicals.

I second this, RC's are bad news for newbies, they can lead to psychosis, they are Waaayyy stronger here than pot I've smoked for the first time, try some leaf and see if you like it, you may be predisposed to a mental condition so i'd say this is a place to "start" if you really have too.
added on the 2014-03-25 06:37:18 by laz33rr laz33rr
why now?

It could be always, I always thought about it (because I am confused with myself and there is this myth it's gonna deconfuse). I just only found trusted friends who are into this.

I don't care much about visuals. But somehow I thought that visuals would be the first obvious sign that it works. Although now I am a bit skeptic about this "changing your life". What I think, it's random, what you will see or encounter is random. And maybe I already know what I know, I don't need it. I talked about metathinking and my friend was "Wow, you got into metathinking, without ever taking drugs?"

Actually what I think now is, because of some elements of me, I can be unhappy or struggle with some social things and more stuff. I can see people moving on, I can see that I am getting more sensitive than the norm, so I am more afraid about some things that other people do and succeed. I can see all that, nothing wrong with me, I just was this different self (and ok, went through stuff and bad environment had worse psychology) but that's all about it. The problem was, while I know a lot of things now and I am more clear about things, yet see things not improving (with weight, girls, etc) and you think "How can someone knows all these stuff, but yet cannot help himself? Maybe I am missing something". Because if I was clear, I would have solved it. But maybe it's not the case. Maybe I already know what I need to know, I just have to accept some things. So, I am mistaken that there is something more, so I think maybe drugs or meditation or other sources could help me find this and like magic unlock the stuff and help me in the departments I am missing.

But maybe not, maybe even if I had the drug experiences, I will come back and see there is nothing more, it's just me and the things I already know about myself and that's ok. Who knows, but I have to experience first to get over it.
added on the 2014-03-25 08:49:09 by Optimonk Optimonk