Are demomakers Neanderthals ?

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As you might have heard, scientists discovered most european people had between 1 and 7 % of neanderthal genes...

The genetic code of Neanderthal Man has revealed that Homo sapiens mated with our closest evolutionary relatives soon after migrating out of Africa, leaving traces that can still be detected in human DNA.

... It made me think a lot about the demoscene community. Are our caracters acquired or innate ?
Now we know Neanderthal did painting and music, and they had a bigger brain than sapiens too !
Demomakers are just a few people, spread over europe, just the way neanderthal was spread !
And look that map of the Neanderthal fossils discoveries:
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... it closely matches demoparty.net !
Euskal, Main, there is even revision and evoke !

And look http://www.slengpung.com/ !

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And study our behaviour in parties: would homo sapiens behave like that ?
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Keep it down, you don't want the public to know.
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Not a democoder. So lovin' ma Lucy -
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Sry. Ummm...
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Profound O_o
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Haha, THAT was mean Gargaj :D
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Sounds reasonable in this context. So it's probably the origin of all human languages?
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Haha, how would Amiga look like?
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cant you google?
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I can google and use MS Paint!!!!

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brilliant ham! :D
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Cooool, even the color scheme of the clothes is 1:1 from ZX Spectrum :D
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H2O and DoCD are neandertals for sure !
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FYI, the Neanderthal interbreeding hypothesis is still quite controversial and by no means a verified fact. There is some data which supports it and thus it's not entirely unlikely, but I just wanted to point that out as a contrast to the claim "scientists have discovered [...]".

/Captain Science
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HOMO DEMOSCENIS - overdeveloped liver, underdeveloped brain, barely erect, more into office chair position! can make fire using either assembly/pascal/watcom c
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