what's the name of this effect?

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Optimus: REAL programmers dont confuse anything here, as they exactly know how to differ between techniques :p

Don't tell me a real programmer is a god that never makes mistakes. The fact is sometimes in the bibliography the terms were intermixed somehow. Raycasting, even in volume rendering Volume ray casting, sometimes called volumetric ray casting, volumetric ray tracing, or volume ray marching. But of course we all know how these techniques work, so let's not stick to words. (Heh, I heard J.Carmack in a recent presentation on wolfenstein referring it as raytracing, of course just a misword mistake, he knows what the engine is made of).
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that would be a rotozoomer you were coding ;)
All I said was that they are confused among the programmers. I didn't say they were invented to confuse ourselves. So, what's the difference between raycaster and raytracer for you?

in raytracing you trace a ray.
in raycasting you cast a ray.
those are the differences.
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I thought it was a poem :(
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in raytracing you trace a ray.
in raycasting you cast a ray.
those are the differences.

I tried before to understand them by etymology. But it seemed not precise for me.
Cast a ray is like throw a ray like cast a spell. So you cast it but in the algorithm you continue to follow it till it hits the first object and then you stop.
Tracing sounds like following the ray to see where it goes, trace it's path. But of course now you follow it more times after it hits an object to catch reflections. Ok maybe cast is for throwing the rays once and trace for tracing their path again after it hits one object.

I am not disagreeing with the etymology, it's that there is not much content in it for the layman to grasp it.
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What is the name of that effect where there is a guy with a strawberry on his shirt, and he has one arm up and one arm down, then he swaps the arm positions over and again?
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I thought raycasting was just a specific name for 2D raymarching.
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xeron: clown dance!
xeron: Jarigmapping with motion blur.
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a demo featuring this effect : http://pouet.net/prod.php?which=59196
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Sorry, you need to rest for 8 hours before casting more rays.
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soo.. how [revious effect works?
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