liquidiced by BluFlame [web]
screenshot added by CodingCat on 2010-08-29 13:15:00
platform :
type :
release date : august 2010
release party : Evoke 2010
compo : pc 64k
ranked : 3rd
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  • 24
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popularity : 63%
  • 0.70
alltime top: #2644
added on the 2010-08-29 13:15:00 by CodingCat CodingCat

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Coder pr0n <3 !
rulez added on the 2010-08-29 13:47:57 by Anat Anat
very weird stuff... some good looking colors and shaders, but left me feeling very confused
added on the 2010-08-29 13:59:09 by Duckers Duckers
best in the compo imo
rulez added on the 2010-08-29 14:00:32 by noby noby
best in compo, but i agree with duckers - odd composition :)
Very beautiful and I really like the music, but it crawled at less than 3fps on my machine with a 9800gtx+.

I'll look forward to a final or a video.
added on the 2010-08-29 14:10:07 by Wade Wade
Crashes here, I'll wait for a video.
added on the 2010-08-29 14:11:12 by decipher decipher
some very nice stuff, especially materials but I don't really like the music, content and direction
added on the 2010-08-29 14:12:27 by fragment fragment
Like XT95 said :)
rulez added on the 2010-08-29 14:15:43 by rez rez
Very weird, and the music reminded me of Synthesizer Greatest CD's, but that's not necessarily a bad thing.

Some nice rendering, though, and um... I don't know, I hope your next production makes more sense :)
rulez added on the 2010-08-29 14:48:55 by sagacity sagacity
Bugs differently for 3 different resolutions (1024x768, 1280x1024, 800x600 window) !!

Will hold thumb until final is released...
added on the 2010-08-29 14:50:49 by Photon Photon
sagacity: to be honest the greetings part reminded me VERY much of auf wiedersehen monty :)

and i suppose what most people imagine as "weird composition" is the fact that it bookends with the C=/Atari logos which dont really seem to have a lot of connection with the rest. a nice intro still.
rulez added on the 2010-08-29 15:01:50 by Gargaj Gargaj
added on the 2010-08-29 15:16:13 by moqui moqui
Needs d3dx9_42.dll.
added on the 2010-08-29 15:22:50 by Salinga Salinga

WOW - very nice !

But why only placed 3rd ? :(

rulez added on the 2010-08-29 15:41:42 by BiTbUsTeR BiTbUsTeR
Looks nice but it's too repetitive. Specially the music.
rulez added on the 2010-08-29 16:12:39 by xernobyl xernobyl
(the music is specially boring)
added on the 2010-08-29 16:13:29 by xernobyl xernobyl
it's coo'
rulez added on the 2010-08-29 16:29:30 by glxblt glxblt
Beautiful. A bit slow here but still watchable.
I can agree with some that it felt kinda random. Not that I care much though.
rulez added on the 2010-08-29 16:42:19 by Optimus Optimus
wtf.... what kinda gfx card do i need to watch this running not like a slideshow?
added on the 2010-08-29 16:44:30 by Premium Premium
3D Studio ducks never fails....
rulez added on the 2010-08-29 16:46:36 by Zplex Zplex
Cute! =)
rulez added on the 2010-08-29 16:46:39 by Aasemoon Aasemoon
Very nice scenes but the music is kind of horrible.
added on the 2010-08-29 18:23:34 by Cj Cj
What Gargaj and xernobyl said, only for me that results in a piggie
Very cool. Some strange seemingly random (but possibly related to a specific shader) crippling slowdowns here, especially during the scroller, and when panning past the blue crystal. Ati.
rulez added on the 2010-08-29 18:24:08 by Claw Claw
OK, it runs fine at 720 in a window. If I try any fullscreen res below my desktop resolution (1920x1200) I get a black screen. I have a dual monitor setup, win7.
added on the 2010-08-29 18:32:18 by Claw Claw
Solid production. Nice visuals, so so music. But i did not like the movements of the objects or sometimes the camera. They seem to hectic, too abrupt. I guess they were synchronized to different instruments and that did not feel good.
rulez added on the 2010-08-29 18:41:41 by CONS CONS
should have won the compo. with some more direction & design this could be one of the best 64ks this year
rulez added on the 2010-08-29 18:42:57 by mop mop
The whole thing was shattered into million pieces. I was always asking this question to myself: "Well it looks nice, but why is this happening now?".

Other than that solid rendering, but I hated the music and how great-on-its-own things were assembled together to create something that's average.
Not to mention how out of place those C= & Atari logos look.

Nevertheless it's a thumb up for the rendering and the content. But please, try to get someone who can direct demos.
rulez added on the 2010-08-29 18:53:00 by decipher decipher

Good. Very good.
rulez added on the 2010-08-29 19:01:29 by mrp- mrp-
i get only a 2 part blue screen, one half light, the other half dark blue... but loved it at the stream, thumb up and waiting for the video.
rulez added on the 2010-08-29 19:48:16 by Sapphire Sapphire
Exactly what Decipher said.
rulez added on the 2010-08-29 21:11:45 by wullon wullon
I wish, this won. Unfortunately I wasnt at the party. I like the water reflections, because in most other implementations, there is a glitch between the water surface and the object at their meeting point.
Dont judge by the FPS, its easier to render AA lines or cubes with no shadow.
Next time put more time into design. The C= logo may have been the cause for some lost votes as well.
rulez added on the 2010-08-29 21:18:07 by archee archee
umts fucked my vote, should have been a thumb up
rulez added on the 2010-08-29 21:24:29 by moqui moqui
you get my thumb for the visual content.
also what gargaj said.
rulez added on the 2010-08-29 22:05:29 by gopher gopher
Everything that Decipher said. You guys can make something much better.
rulez added on the 2010-08-29 22:11:26 by glow glow
Nice visuals but strange scenes.
rulez added on the 2010-08-29 22:35:30 by BackSpace BackSpace
Deserves 1st place.
rulez added on the 2010-08-30 00:34:48 by scg_ scg_
Visuals are very great, but the direction and the music ruined this demo! A pity...
Thumb up to motivate you for the next demo with balanced visuals, direction, design and music!
rulez added on the 2010-08-30 00:51:24 by omg omg
nice one
rulez added on the 2010-08-30 00:52:56 by SiR SiR
Lacks design and coherence. Some effects were nice (refraction (?) stuff) but some weren't (water).
added on the 2010-08-30 09:02:53 by pommak pommak
Nice one! Waiting for more stuff, this time perhaps a little bit more coherent :)
rulez added on the 2010-08-30 09:21:20 by kbi kbi
Runs at a poor frame rate here - how do I selected my own resolution??
added on the 2010-08-30 15:45:53 by darkus darkus
Well done!
rulez added on the 2010-08-30 19:19:08 by Mystra Mystra
there is some serious techniques going on here. the result doesn't make much sense to me, but the code is there. these guys can make a killer intro now.
rulez added on the 2010-08-30 19:51:22 by iq iq
Nice rendering but I really do not like this music.
added on the 2010-08-30 20:35:56 by stan_1901 stan_1901
What the hell were those Commodore and Atari logos doing there? Fine intro otherwise :)
added on the 2010-08-30 20:50:57 by Alpha C Alpha C
The rendering is really impressive (even considering the frame rate problems during the compo). Next time add a hint of a story (Grimm brothers is always a good source), and win.
rulez added on the 2010-08-30 21:32:30 by pixtur pixtur
beautiful, but sometimes strange design ideas
rulez added on the 2010-08-30 23:37:37 by Bobic Bobic
Somehow all objects are transparent here, though the reflections are not; Win7 ATI 5850.

Having seen the video: While imagine was awesome due to its unrestrained happiness, this one seems to have consolidated the rendering quality but is just utterly random with regards to what's shown. The music was walking on the thin edge between "cheesy but what the hell, it's cool" and "way too cheesy", almost falling off to the wrong side.
added on the 2010-08-31 00:00:24 by stijn stijn
Great rendering going nowhere with bad music. When the Alphörner set in, in that moment you lost me...
added on the 2010-08-31 00:07:28 by raer raer
some party are strange, some are great, but I like it
rulez added on the 2010-08-31 08:24:17 by nekomono nekomono
really strange but for some reasons i like it
rulez added on the 2010-08-31 10:48:06 by tobé tobé
rulez added on the 2010-08-31 12:26:58 by fyrex fyrex
nice rendering and some bits of design are good (that first scene above the waves with the island is lovely) but.. er.. wtf is going on?
added on the 2010-08-31 13:51:59 by evilpaul evilpaul
I don't get the meaning of C= and /|\ sign, otherwise good.
rulez added on the 2010-08-31 18:33:05 by martin martin
i like it!
rulez added on the 2010-08-31 19:08:44 by Phantom Lord Phantom Lord
The horribly bad direction and cameras just piss me off and distract from what I'm sure is nice code. A pity.
added on the 2010-08-31 19:23:37 by gloom gloom
I like the look of this one! The direction is all over the place...but still a nice intro and my favourite from the compo.
rulez added on the 2010-09-01 10:48:15 by Stebo Stebo
looks good, but doesn't really work as a whole
rulez added on the 2010-09-01 21:37:03 by blala blala
I´d prefer "liquorized", but anyway a solid prod
rulez added on the 2010-09-04 01:23:23 by T$ T$
first: get a decent ascii-logo already :p
- 2-3fps on my demobox :(
- C= and Atari-signs just have nothing to do with this prod
- that music-sync stuff just looks bad
+ really ace models
+ really ace code/effects
+ LPChip
makes a pig, but i cant downthumb this ;) just improve on fps plz, else imma even downthumb you for that next time !
rulez added on the 2010-09-05 19:49:51 by ɧ4ɾɗվ. ɧ4ɾɗվ.
Should have won. Very nice gfx and modeling in 64k. Just music could be better next time ;o)
rulez added on the 2010-09-05 20:02:39 by jack-3d jack-3d
Music - sux
added on the 2010-09-05 20:11:58 by bitl bitl
Actually, I like the design. I enjoyed.
rulez added on the 2010-09-05 20:43:55 by Jakim Jakim
You obviously have a serious rendering engine here. Too bad the framerate drop on big screen. :-/
Once you'll have flow and direction, you prods will seriously rock.
rulez added on the 2010-09-15 11:56:38 by Zavie Zavie
I just didn't get this.
added on the 2010-10-05 18:32:47 by Intrinsic Intrinsic
Ein episches Meisterwerk!

Should have won.

rulez added on the 2010-11-23 17:47:47 by las las
but music is not my taste.
Atari & C-64 signs are cool ! (they are there, because both companies got liquidiced in some way - got it ? :)
rulez added on the 2010-11-23 18:01:45 by lsl lsl
Really enjoyed this one!
rulez added on the 2011-01-06 14:56:42 by joooo joooo
solid prod! I really enjoyed it!
rulez added on the 2011-01-22 10:14:30 by ok3anos ok3anos
Looks good but it makes no sense.
added on the 2011-01-22 11:02:59 by ponce ponce
The soundtrack has been released:
intro version
uncut version
added on the 2011-04-29 18:15:54 by xTr1m xTr1m
Hot. Thanks for the greetings.
rulez added on the 2011-05-21 14:19:09 by iks iks
really nice technical show!
rulez added on the 2011-07-02 12:42:16 by parcelshit parcelshit
rulez added on the 2011-07-02 13:36:37 by Bartoshe Bartoshe
wow. i can t beleive it ranked only 3rd
rulez added on the 2011-07-28 13:41:41 by nytrik nytrik
Very nice. Really didn't like the harsh sync effects though.
rulez added on the 2012-09-29 01:01:42 by raizor raizor
Nice but slow, even on a GTX 295 (was pretty highend for 2010).
rulez added on the 2012-12-31 01:24:28 by cmr cmr
Kinda ok, but didnt really do it for me, sorry. What ponce said also music didnt work for me.
added on the 2016-01-15 20:05:17 by leGend leGend
Very nice !
rulez added on the 2016-08-14 15:54:55 by golem golem
Just discovered this nice gem! Great work guys!
rulez added on the 2017-10-26 14:50:13 by Virgill Virgill

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