Ooh Crikey Wot A Scorcher by The Lost Boys
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release date : october 1991
release party : Atari Messe 1991
compo : none
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added on the 2000-12-07 21:28:27 by moondog moondog

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yeah... it was really time to add this marvellous demo here! in my eyes still one of the most impressive megademos ever done on the ST...
added on the 2000-12-07 21:31:23 by moondog moondog
this is a mythic megademo
it features some excellent pics by Spaz
and the main menu is simply AMAZING

a must see
cdc added on the 2001-05-19 17:07:10 by p01 p01
What a pleasure it was to be a part of such a great production!!!
rulez added on the 2001-06-17 01:22:38 by Tyrem Tyrem
Tyrem on pouet?!!
GOD BLESS YOU for giving the scene such a prod (and many others)
rulez added on the 2001-09-15 00:02:52 by p01 p01
wow. the last few coup de coeur's were all a little bit strange, but this one is an absolute ruler. can still remember how it was when i first saw it at the atari fair in germany. a real atari-style demo including menu and loader screen, great music, unique and brilliant effect and some more or less hidden stuff. not talking about the great pictures.

one of the few demos that made me really belief in the Atari ST.

next coup de coeur is "dark side of the spoon"? or perhaps a demo that at least some people know...
rulez added on the 2001-09-15 23:43:21 by chaos chaos
"next coup de coeur is "dark side of the spoon"? or perhaps a demo that at least some people know..."

>>what is a coup de coeur ?
a coup de coeur is a french expression a bit hard to explain in english, at least for me ^^;
in the pouët.net case, just think of it like a kickass but not well known

added on the 2001-09-19 16:21:04 by robotriot robotriot
The 'coup de coeur' is simply a demo that analogue likes. It's purely subjective so trying to find quality or fame criterias is pointless.
added on the 2001-09-21 01:55:01 by alexkidd alexkidd
rulez added on the 2001-09-21 22:55:37 by kenet kenet
a MEGAdemo
rulez added on the 2001-09-29 18:55:04 by exocet exocet
Yeah.. Tyrem on pouet! :) But god should really bless the Lost Boys, not me. I was just a little guy taking part in this project. All the guys used to live here in my flat... but I guess all you ST-Fans know that story allready. It is great to see that the demo still touches people from all over the world.

Right now I´m in close contact with Mad Max of Tex. Maybe you will see something from us in the near future. ;)
added on the 2001-10-12 22:19:45 by Tyrem Tyrem
Something new from MadMax ?
Would be cool, especially if it's ST stuff. :)
rulez added on the 2001-10-16 14:49:30 by Dma-Sc Dma-Sc
Yeah... he still has great tunes on his good old ST... which really sound incredible. Mad Max is a true mastermind. Would be a shame not to release those songs. I´ll kick his ass as soon as I see him. :)
added on the 2001-10-18 20:36:24 by Tyrem Tyrem
Oh, it's not only a demo, it's a DREAM !!!
rulez added on the 2002-02-24 20:38:02 by ptif ptif
Clearly, the Oh Crikey is one of the best demo ever made on the Atari. Instead of purely technical effects, there is a lot of research in both graphical and sound department. And remark that the musics were made specialy for the demo: no ripping !
rulez added on the 2002-07-31 18:55:16 by Dbug Dbug
really great demo, very nicely put together with spaz's intro screens for each effect.
i'm still waiting for the expansion disk though ;-)
rulez added on the 2002-12-07 17:55:04 by mrpink mrpink
Yeah! I also think that landscape simulator menu rules..
rulez added on the 2002-12-09 14:08:54 by Optimus Optimus
yeah, this brings me back...
rulez added on the 2003-01-13 08:44:38 by illum illum
great. i didn't see this till early 98. I regret so much i didn't get this demo earlier.
the fx are cool, but it's just the whole feeling. it's radical stuff!
rulez added on the 2003-01-14 14:14:56 by earx earx
I ran this demo on SainT and it stopped at the title screen w/ no music. I hit spacebar and it jumped to the end credits. Is this normal?
added on the 2003-03-09 12:48:13 by Hunsvotti Hunsvotti
I downloaded SainT just to see this... Well worth my time. I put the intro music on a music CD, though I shortened it. I especially like "Homishe Sacratten Von Der Hohle" Kickin' music! ('zat spelled right?)
rulez added on the 2003-03-25 03:31:28 by crusader crusader
rulez added on the 2003-11-28 01:19:42 by Buckethead Buckethead
Classic! Type 'manchester' at the mainmenu if you're crap at flying like me.
rulez added on the 2003-11-28 01:26:30 by Pete Pete
hehe, the menu rocks :)
rulez added on the 2003-12-16 14:28:21 by Gargaj Gargaj
Plenty of wonderful extra details inside the superb menu, fantastic graphics and effects. I like it, even though I have to use the cheat to get to the demo screens.
rulez added on the 2004-02-12 23:38:33 by resonate resonate

One of the most polished of ST demos, none of the overscan tricks that other groups were doing, but the emphasis is on showing their more system-friendly game developer chops. Catchy tunes (esp. that techno demo) and great hand-drawn graphics by Spaz. I hung out with Manikin and Digital Insanity for a couple days when they came to the US. Cool guys and even seemed to like some of the lame junk I was starting to do on the Amiga. If you like Car Bear mutilation, this ones for you.
rulez added on the 2004-03-20 21:54:59 by rabit rabit
Forgot to give it a thumb up. One of the best atari demos of course.
rulez added on the 2004-06-28 15:49:00 by keops keops
of course, just excellent!
rulez added on the 2004-08-21 14:47:33 by satari satari
I don't really like menu demos, and I particularly don't like the menu in this one. Funny, but a pain in the arse until you learn to control the ship. The cheeky comments when you crash don't make it any better.
OTOH, it's got loads and loads of Mad Max tunes, and some nice effects (particularly the starfield in the reset part), which make it a sure thumb-upper.
rulez added on the 2004-08-21 16:42:26 by DJ Fistfuck DJ Fistfuck
a classic !
rulez added on the 2004-10-29 12:44:28 by HerrV HerrV
Just a brainblaster. Tons of nice gfx, a great screen by The Respectables and much more (just look at the cool menu...)...must have!!
rulez added on the 2005-01-15 21:23:23 by Zweckform Zweckform
Great graphics and a lot of nice screens - nothing more to say.
rulez added on the 2005-03-24 18:27:56 by RA RA
Spaz is my fave ST graphician... Music were originals and code kicks ass... So a welle deserved thumb up! :)
rulez added on the 2005-07-19 22:08:22 by baah baah
Great gear.
rulez added on the 2005-10-03 19:31:05 by ALiEN^bf ALiEN^bf
ÜBER! This one set new standards!
rulez added on the 2006-01-21 11:29:31 by ltk_tscc ltk_tscc
Great entertainment! Nice main menu with an easy to find cheatmode if you read all the text in the reset demo :) But real men never cheat, flying through the landscape is much more fun! :)
rulez added on the 2006-01-21 13:52:21 by StingRay StingRay
how does one get to the hidden screen then?

You can't get the hidden-screen from the demo. You must use a loader-
program. You can find it on the stuff-disc of undercover mag issue 01.
added on the 2006-01-21 14:34:24 by ltk_tscc ltk_tscc
And since I forgot to thumb it up as i added it 5 years ago, I do it now... better late then never! ;)
rulez added on the 2006-01-21 16:35:21 by moondog moondog
note that the pilot of the ship is going to take a piss after landing a few times :)
Really great demo.
rulez added on the 2006-01-21 17:28:08 by fiveofive fiveofive
One of the best ST Demos ever.
rulez added on the 2006-04-15 16:16:38 by seppjo seppjo
Everything fits into place in this one. The loader has some of the best pixel effects I've ever seen :)

Also, the first megadedmo I ever saw. Fab
rulez added on the 2006-05-05 23:17:34 by すすれ すすれ
A definitive must see.
rulez added on the 2006-11-01 21:57:53 by micdune micdune
Took me a while to to find out the steering, but its really worth it!
rulez added on the 2006-11-03 21:37:35 by Exin Exin
rulez added on the 2007-01-21 01:26:06 by sethos_AM sethos_AM
A must see !
rulez added on the 2007-03-14 14:21:04 by Blagger Blagger
rulez added on the 2007-06-10 15:51:23 by freddek freddek
rulez added on the 2007-07-15 19:11:27 by Nty Nty
A kiler one with some really amazing screens!
rulez added on the 2007-09-27 16:21:12 by HarryPotter HarryPotter
Definetly the best demo by the Lost Boys.
rulez added on the 2007-10-03 13:36:41 by Paranoid Paranoid
One of the best megademos on ST
rulez added on the 2007-10-16 01:57:14 by Strider Strider
Very "refreshing" to re-see this prod on Nolife Tv.
rulez added on the 2007-10-24 11:49:51 by Zorro 2 Zorro 2
And yet another classic that I have forgot to thumb up. Wonderful demo!
rulez added on the 2007-10-24 12:49:11 by evil evil
hehe - I just remember ... when they released it at the atari fair we grabbed one exemplar and I whacked the whole night to rip ALL Mad Max musaxxs - exactly ONE day after official release we had a demo with all of the musaxxs in it (including the hidden screen track) ... damn ... that's 16 years ago ... anyway ... loved the time ;)

that's the story so far - nearly forgot to give my whole respect to this masterpiece of 68k asm ...

+ unbelievable great main menu
+ great technically brilliant screens
+ uber musaxxs
+ aso.

so ... here's the thumb ;)
rulez added on the 2007-11-14 21:57:19 by slippy slippy
Wunder bra!
rulez added on the 2008-01-25 17:32:40 by samurai samurai
Manikin is now technical director for Sony Santa Monica and was lead programmer on the megahit God of War games. So making limited hardware do amazing things really does pay off in the end. Eat your Wheaties kids.
added on the 2008-08-28 05:52:27 by rabit rabit
Music just rules!!!
rulez added on the 2008-08-28 06:09:27 by Emod Emod
rulez added on the 2009-09-06 03:15:59 by Queen_Luna Queen_Luna
A good way for the Lost Boys to bow out.
rulez added on the 2009-09-06 21:59:13 by CiH CiH
obvious thumb
rulez added on the 2009-11-18 11:49:57 by toxie toxie
damn it, still didnt vote for this one !
rulez added on the 2009-11-18 18:41:49 by faraday faraday
Cool demo - very good work !
rulez added on the 2009-11-18 20:51:16 by lsl lsl
.. !
rulez added on the 2009-11-18 21:08:25 by PENETRATOR PENETRATOR
big thumb for this high level TLB prod! 1991 year is good for you :)
rulez added on the 2009-11-18 21:25:35 by sINk sINk
Classic!!! But I hate driving the plane.. :(
rulez added on the 2010-01-07 11:03:51 by 8bitbubsy 8bitbubsy
rulez added on the 2010-02-19 02:47:59 by zoolum zoolum
the 'cheat' for the main menu is to type:


it then lets you select screens without flying the plane :)
added on the 2010-09-12 21:47:37 by spiny spiny
one of my favorite demos of my 1040stfm :)
rulez added on the 2011-04-20 23:47:54 by robpaine robpaine
amazing demo, graphics, music, effects, everything is perfect. extra thumb for the Respectables quest screen, pure awesomeness!
rulez added on the 2011-04-21 02:50:47 by substrate substrate
This is the one where you park the spaceship and the dude gets out and takes a piss, right? :)

The reset demo was amazing.
rulez added on the 2011-04-21 11:06:13 by jonnyram jonnyram
interesting, still after 20 years
rulez added on the 2011-08-19 23:41:43 by Frequent Frequent
so good
rulez added on the 2011-12-13 10:49:13 by Pandafox Pandafox
soundtrack rules, but I would like to see the real thing as well. Video-file anyone?
added on the 2011-12-26 15:57:04 by prowler prowler
prowler: DHS TV
added on the 2011-12-26 16:21:13 by すすれ すすれ
broken link
rulez added on the 2012-01-30 23:06:52 by Nativ Nativ
just rulez
rulez added on the 2012-04-24 16:49:02 by Blast! Blast!
rulez added on the 2012-04-24 18:12:09 by aegis aegis
A true killer production!
rulez added on the 2013-11-14 22:54:59 by Daniel Daniel
Another absolute classic, finally thumbed.
rulez added on the 2013-11-14 23:22:32 by dml dml
another that makes the Atari ST such a classic.... beautiful demo.
rulez added on the 2014-08-25 10:18:36 by applecrypt applecrypt
Lie down on the floor and keep calm. The Lost Boys are back! With a real scorcher! :)

Stunning demo. Gorgeous graphics, excellent tunes and some really great effects.

I've stuck the whole demo on YouTube for your viewing pleasure - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fqI006ffHi0
rulez added on the 2015-09-12 17:52:39 by SteveJ-UK SteveJ-UK
very cool part selector. ahead of its time i think...
rulez added on the 2016-01-26 22:10:33 by Twardy Twardy
rulez added on the 2016-11-25 16:31:17 by cxw cxw
Rock solid.
rulez added on the 2016-11-25 23:25:59 by Yoyost Yoyost
Marvelous pixel artwork. Just to name what keeps me coming back.
rulez added on the 2017-10-08 12:50:49 by Heaven/TQA Heaven/TQA
True classic
rulez added on the 2019-10-04 17:14:02 by spkr spkr
Great megademo. I guess Mindbomb was my TLB favourite but this is probably their most stylish production.
rulez added on the 2020-06-15 23:22:59 by lennart lennart

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