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  • Maali ik ga zo lekker spelen op mijn fluit
  • dex46... Orc? Ra'Gruzob is no Orc! Ra'Gruzob's a Khajiit. Meow.
  • v3nom I just calculated that I have a glöprate of 0.86glöps/day
  • yzi that's pretty bad, you should consider reducing your glöp consumption
  • redheat meowmeeeow~

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Adok offtopic ChatGPT 23 SunSpire
The Watcher general Lovebyte 2023 : 10-12 February 2023 6 The Watcher
Preacher code Random line of code thread 2145 StingRay
Defiance code DemoSystem - A simple demo framework 99 w​b​c​\​\​b​z​7
VBI general few words from vbi, ukraine 15 w​b​c​\​\​b​z​7
grip general Amiga Utility disks 3 Emod
Photon general Prod name SEO. 18 kusma
gwEm music scene music stolen 3520 redheat
psenough general fix me beautifull 29454 100bit
freeze offtopic Demo'ish objects 2548 Maali

Demoscene Report January 2023

News and highlights from the demoscene month of January 2023 on youtube
[Submitted by ps]
lobstregated at BitFellas.org on 2023-02-03

Demoscene 2022 highlights under 10 minutes

On youtube!
[Submitted by ps]
lobstregated at BitFellas.org on 2023-01-22

Lovebyte 2023: 10-12 February 2023

Join us in a celebration of the smallest with a dedicated sizecoding demoparty, held on the weekend of 10-12th February 2023 on Discord and Twitch ( https://www.twitch.tv/lovebytedemoparty )

This year we will take it to the next level with intro competitions in different size categories from 16 bytes to 1024 bytes. From our Tiny Executable Graphics and Nanogame competitions to Tiny CGA Pixel Graphics and Bytebeat Music competitions.

Or what about cool size-coded related seminars to get you started, Bytejam, Introshows, DJ Sets and the many other events we have lined up for you.

We welcome everyone from newcomers to veterans and are open to all platforms. From oldschool Atari, Commodore, Amstrad & ZX Spectrum to High-end and Fantasy Console platforms.

And for those that would like to join the fun and get creative: We have our party system ready to receive your entries at https://wuhu.lovebyte.party/.

Contact us via the lovebyte discord or socials to request your vote/registration key.

This is the one event where size does matter! Don't miss it!

Website: https://lovebyte.party/
Twitch: https://www.twitch.tv/lovebytedemoparty
Discord: https://discord.gg/pUS5kCJTzp[/link]
Mastodon: https://graphics.social/@lovebyteparty[/link]
Twitter: https://twitter.com/lovebyteparty
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/lovebyteparty
[Submitted by lovebyte]
lobstregated at BitFellas.org on 2023-01-19

#28 - An hour-long string of Outtakes and a Year-Wrap - with Shana and lug00ber

[ ZINE: The Radio Show ] #28 - An hour-long string of Outtakes and a Year-Wrap - with Shana and lug00ber

It was the end of the year, so our producers joined the hosts to wind down, have some fun and reminisce about their first year as part of the team.

We give some insights and thoughts from behind the scenes, talk about our favourite episodes, parties and anything that happened in 2022 - and give some first hints what's to come for 2023.


Hosts: Axel, Okkie and Ziphoid

Producer: Shana

Editing, Jingles and Sound Engineering: lug00ber

Artwork: Critikill

fr-08 loader music: kb

[Submitted by BitBot]
lobstregated at BitFellas.org on 2023-01-19

There is a recording of Remute's concert in the Digital Retro Park

There is a recording of Remute's concert in the Digital Retro Park in Offenbach Germany that took place on the 14th of January 2023:

[Submitted by Nafcom]
lobstregated at BitFellas.org on 2023-01-16
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