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the so famous pouët.net oneliner

  • leGend (its supposed to be horizon with a mountain and a star behind it)
  • SiR Picture with mountains, trees, house and smoke on the chimney.
  • psenough Demoscene Report February 2024 part 1: link me beautiful
  • gentleman The Gathering 2024 is cancelled?
  • Saga Musix Demoscene Report February 2024: The scene is still alive

Demoscene Report January 2024

Summary of all the news and highlights from the active demoscene of January 2024 in a single youtube video: link
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Scene World Podcast Episode #181 – Rebel Rabbit

We are back with a new episode of our podcast and this time we welcome Germán Cruz, CTO of the game studio Rebel Rabbit from Peru. We are talking about their history, their several years experience in the industry, their approach and of course about their new game ‘Wild Wild Space’. Enjoy! The interview starts at minute 37:37 into the podcast

listen to / watch: https://scene.world/rblrbt
[Submitted by Nafcom]
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Demoscene 2023 Highlights

Video with the demoscene highlights from 2023: link
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Final version of the diskmag Jurassic Pack for Amiga AGA is out!

How time flies! Sixpack's pre-issue came out in the summer of 1995 and it seems like the day before yesterday.

After 18.5 years we present the twentieth and possibly last issue of the Amiga diskmag Jurassic Pack. There should be something for everyone in terms of content. But especially oldskoolers should be satisfied.

In a few months you will be able to read the articles online if you no longer own any hardware and still have problems configuring the Amiga emulators. You can download JP#20 from here.
[Submitted by Ghandy]
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Enhanced control and other new features

[ Demoparty.net News ] Enhanced control and other new features

We’re thrilled to bring you some nice changes based on your feedback!

Taking Control: You now have the power to become an admin for your party series. Just log in, apply in the “Administration” section of your party series (like Evoke), and once approved, you’ll have complete control over your party (together with our demoparty.net admins), from adding more admins to posting new parties.

What’s New

Dark Mode: Give your eyes a break with our sleek dark mode, perfect for late-night browsing.
WebPush Notifications: Stay in the loop with event updates by enabling WebPush notifications in your settings.

So, dive in and explore these new features on demoparty.net. We’re here to make your party (organizing) experience even better, and we value your feedback.

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