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Meteoriks 2017: Category submissions closed, jurors needed


The deadline for submitting award categories is over, and we ended up with 29 candidate categories thanks to your creative and wild ideas! Check them out: https://www.meteoriks.org/categories

There are a lot of really good ideas in there, and we're happy to see that they go far beyond the usual party categories of size and platform. It's going to be an interesting awards process!


We can't have all these categories in the awards show, of course, so we'll have to whittle them down to about ten-ish.

Do you have strong opinions on which category should make the final cut? Do some of the categories resonate with your taste in productions? Apply as a juror! You don't need to be a certified demoscene expert(TM), an opinion is all you need -- and we can really use the help.

The deadline for juror applications is on Monday night, Jan 23, 23:59, so drop whatever you're doing and apply here: https://www.meteoriks.org/taking_part/juror
[Submitted by dojoe]
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ROTY voting extended until sunday

[ Remix64 ] ROTY voting extended until sunday

As you might have noticed, Remix64 was down for a day due to a server switch. The deadline for last year's ROTY voting has been extended until sunday night, so cast your votes while there is time.

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4Sceners & Bitfellas demoscene productions 2016

[ Octoate.de - The Amstrad CPC news portal ] 4Sceners & Bitfellas demoscene productions 2016
4Sceners and Bitfellas published their favourite demoscene productions for the year 2016 and it is great to see three Amstrad CPC productions in their list, too. Ranked on 3rd place in the category “Best Music Disc” you will find the CPC vs. Virgill music disc by Tristar and Red Sector (TRSI). The other two productions [...]
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lobstregated at BitFellas.org on 2017-01-17

Meteoriks 2017: Category Deadline Coming Up!

DEADLINE WARNING: Submit your Award Categories by Thursday!

Still have that ingenious award category in your head that you were surely getting around to submitting any time soon? Do you keep wondering why nobody submitted "Best use of duck.3ds" yet?

Well, you have three days left! Category submission ends this Thursday, 2017-01-19, 23:59, so hurry up and get your idea in!


[Submitted by dojoe]
lobstregated at BitFellas.org on 2017-01-17

The Demoscene

[ Demoscene Research ] The Demoscene
Added David Chmelik’s demoscene introduction from 2014. Sorry for the recent lack of updates, but I have a thesis to finish here
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