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TRSAC 2017, october, 20th - 22nd, DK

[ Demoparty.net ] TRSAC 2017, october, 20th - 22nd, DK

date: october, 20th - 22nd
country: DK

»Experience the Route 666
Acid music compo
Liquid lava drinks
The original 5k run
Evil party atmosphere
Oldskool and newskool compos
Puryx dressed up as Malebolgia
Dwarf as the imp
Guaranteed headache on Sunday
Optional food ticket
Option to dress up in red latex
Great sleeping facilities«

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lobstregated at BitFellas.org on 2017-04-28

The new scene world#27 is here,

The new scene world#27 is here, with a lot to offer! A chapter full of meeting-, party- and even concert reports! Let's Make a Game Tutorial Part 3 with exclusive game on Disk Side 3, interviews with Jon Hare who works on a new soccer game with VR support, Forrest S. Mozer who invented speech synthesis and lend his voice to Ghostbusters and many more things!
Download it or watch it online from our homepage! http://www.sceneworld.org
[Submitted by Nafcom]
lobstregated at BitFellas.org on 2017-04-27

Switch On, june, 9th - 12th, AU

[ Demoparty.net ] Switch On, june, 9th - 12th, AU

date: june, 9th - 12th
country: AU

»From the creators of Flashback we bring you Switch On this time in Queensland Australia. Party to he held from Friday evening the 9th to Monday afternoon the 12th of June 2017, in South East Queensland! (Ipswich). Like prior Flashbacks & Syntax parties, we are bringing together coders, graphic artists, digital musicians, demo/multimedia aficionados (and *anyone* at all curious about the demoscene) from all around Australia. Demo competitions, live chip-tune performances, VR demonstrations, BRC retro hardware museum, vendors and much more... Be there!«

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lobstregated at BitFellas.org on 2017-04-27

DiHalt 2017, july, 1st - 2nd, RU

[ Demoparty.net ] DiHalt 2017, july, 1st - 2nd, RU

date: july, 1st - 2nd
country: RU

»DiHalt 2017 is a festival of computer art. Being one of the biggest demoparties around in Russia and going to have its 14th happening, DiHalt offers you traditional 8bit (including ZX-Spectrum and C64) and PC/Amiga compos. Remote participation is perfectly OK.
One of our recent innovations is remote voting, open for any registered user.
Video streaming is also one of the strong points of our party.
Welcome everybody, tent sceners and sofa sceners included. «

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ArtField'2017, festival of retrocomputing, june 3rd-4th, RU

Traditional festival of retrocomputing that also have oldschool demoscene section.

when: june, 3-4.
where: Voronezh city, RU.

This time we'll have ZX, C64 and BK-0011 platforms together in graphics, music and demo/intro compos.
There will be also exhibition of retro computers.

We'd like to see you participating, remote submissions are welcome.

Rules, site, map.
[Submitted by LordVader]

[ Demoparty.net ] ArtField'2017, june, 3rd - 4th, RU

date: june, 3rd - 4th
country: RU

»Traditional party held in Voronezh city.
This year we'll have ZX, C64 and BK-0011 platforms in the compos. The compos include graphics, music and demo/intro.
There will be also traditional retro computers exhibition.
Rules link: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1YtNL8Vphv5AZTFXxcR0v-wcMIrntfGchblisrZlSvA0«

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