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the so famous pouët.net oneliner

  • ham link me beautiful
  • moqui \o/
  • StingRay Saga: I have to disagree, one song on their new album for example sounds like older Project Pitchfork stuff and they sure didn't sound like that 10 years ago. :)
  • Fell gute moquiday <3

Evoke: A wonderful weekend in over...

[ Evoke ] A wonderful weekend in over...

After 48 hours of pure fun, Evoke 2016 had to close it´s doors on last Sunday!
An all-time high of 490 visitors saw great compos with numerous and amazing releases. We celebrated demoscene with great DJs and live acts each evening and so much more that makes Evoke such a special place.

A big thank you to everyone who made this event possible!

We are happy to announce our 20th anniversary party next year from 18th till 20th of August and would like to see all of you next year!
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AmiParty 20, february, 17th - 19th, PL

[ Demoparty.net ] AmiParty 20, february, 17th - 19th, PL

date: february, 17th - 19th
country: PL

»AmiParty, held in Chełm, Poland. We may expect some of the compos - Multichannel tracked music for sure.«

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Szabo Robert's Fund

Hi Guys!

Szabó Róbert was born in 15, 06, 1975, Debrecen, he is a very friendly kind person, he sports well before his trauma. His hobby was a demo-scene in the middle of the 90's Renegade/Messer nickname as a texter and swapper, he loved the computer games and musics as well, as today.
Over 7 years ago, he got a stroke at their house, the doctors said he got 80% stroke , and his body cant move...
He cant raise his head from the bed, and moving any parts half of his body, but with a lot of works, and his helps their family his half of the body can move - his right arm, and right leg can be move, but after 7 years, his state fix, and doesn't improve. With a surgery the doctors can be moved his other hands, and he need a head surgery to remove a tumour from his right
So they need a money to a better life, surgery, they need money for everyday life, making better.

Send some money for his private bank account:

Or this site (We prefer the Bank account because its faster! directly send)


His Scene activity:


Fi-re Crew member(Amiga): 1991-1992
Submission member(Amiga) : 1992-1993
Impulse member (Amiga):1993 -

Messerschmitt (changed nickname from Renegade)
Texter, Swapper
Ram Jam member (Amiga)1994 - ,
Surprise! Productions member (Amiga) 1993-1994,
Damones member (Amiga): 1994


Unreal of Rebels/Focus Design
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SNDH archive v4.6 released

[ DHS.NU ] SNDH archive v4.6 released
Grazey writes:

345 new/updated SNDH files (437 subtunes).

We made it! SNDH v4.6 finally hits the streets.

Quick highlights :-

+ Figured out Michel Winogradoff's digi routines, so here's Disc, Turbo Cup & Bumpy
+ Finally Mad Max's "Bittner, Bit, Bit, Bittner" is included
+ Many more unknown Quartet tracks added
+ STNICCC tunes including gwEm's winning entry
+ Missing The Bits music-mon tunes added, sorry
+ Tonnes of XBios-32 added, sorry mk2
+ 505's fabulous Sabotage tracks
+ Many Jovis tri-mod and SSD tunes

* Download the archive at the SNDH site: http://sndh.atari.org/
* Grazeys SNDH blog: http://dbug.kicks-ass.net/sndh/

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BYTERAPERS 30th ANNIVERSARY PARTY, september, 1st - 4th, FI

[ Demoparty.net ] BYTERAPERS 30th ANNIVERSARY PARTY, september, 1st - 4th, FI

date: september, 1st - 4th
country: FI

»Byterapers has always known how to party. And once again, party we shall. Party like the old men we are! With weak bladders and failing memory, we're inving all our friends over to sit, chat, have a good time, drink'n'eat'n'crack'n'copy like it's 1986!

The Byterapers 30th Anniversary Celebration will be a feast for the mind, body and soul. The party will take place out there in the Finnish countryside, where we will roam free and wild. A place where the only social media will be Grendel. Expect old farts, young farts, demos and even some competitions!

We have limited space, so this event is invitation only! How to get invited? Be a Byteraper. Be a (B) friend. "Hey it's me, invite me guys" self-motivated approach might work. Bribing might also work. «

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