Lifeforce by Andromeda Software Development [web]
screenshot added by zafos on 2007-08-05 01:51:19
platform :
type :
release date : august 2007
release party : Assembly 2007
compo : combined demo
ranked : 1st
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  • 22
popularity : 93%
  • 0.89
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alltime top: #4
added on the 2007-08-05 01:51:19 by zafos zafos

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rulez added on the 2007-08-05 01:52:09 by xernobyl xernobyl
First thumb up!
rulez added on the 2007-08-05 01:52:11 by sparcus sparcus
rulez added on the 2007-08-05 01:52:14 by substrate substrate
rulez added on the 2007-08-05 01:52:23 by post malone post malone
xernobyl: damn, you beated me! :-)
added on the 2007-08-05 01:52:36 by sparcus sparcus
Sons of satan !
rulez added on the 2007-08-05 01:52:45 by hitchhikr hitchhikr
wow! thanks for the trip!
rulez added on the 2007-08-05 01:52:56 by fiveofive fiveofive
rulez added on the 2007-08-05 01:52:56 by Optimus Optimus

rocks hard! woa!
rulez added on the 2007-08-05 01:53:02 by ryg ryg
brilliant as always. new touch to everything
rulez added on the 2007-08-05 01:53:09 by thec thec
rulez added on the 2007-08-05 01:53:17 by FOSTER FOSTER
all my eyes rolling, this is damn fantastic stuff!!!
fuck ! :D
rulez added on the 2007-08-05 01:53:24 by NuKem NuKem
rulez added on the 2007-08-05 01:53:25 by booster booster
ASD does it again.. Other style same ingedients.. oh and nice that Archmage helped out.. Is it in the name ? :)
rulezcdc added on the 2007-08-05 01:53:33 by magic magic
rulez added on the 2007-08-05 01:53:41 by bonzaj bonzaj
rulez added on the 2007-08-05 01:53:42 by TrX TrX
guitars suck ... otherwise .. brilliant
rulez added on the 2007-08-05 01:53:51 by dwarf dwarf
Fuck aye.
rulez added on the 2007-08-05 01:53:52 by syphus syphus
Congratulations, you won the demoscene!
Now we can all retire in peace :)
rulezcdc added on the 2007-08-05 01:53:52 by zoom zoom
rulez added on the 2007-08-05 01:53:53 by Quarryman Quarryman
Amazing.Always improving!
rulez added on the 2007-08-05 01:53:57 by reality3D reality3D

Debris can retire now!

rulezcdc added on the 2007-08-05 01:54:05 by Stelthzje Stelthzje
rulez added on the 2007-08-05 01:54:25 by Murphy Murphy
anyone catch the wonderful irony that ARCHMAGE was involved in this demo? :D

anyway.. oh. my. god. tbl who? it would take any other group years to match this.
rulez added on the 2007-08-05 01:54:34 by phoenix phoenix
I need to say that: best demo ever seen for me.
plain amazing. Thank you.
rulez added on the 2007-08-05 01:54:40 by oxb oxb
My life is END
rulez added on the 2007-08-05 01:54:54 by aha aha
all of you are right. This is blast into ever scener's heart! no words for that. go home Debris :-)
rulez added on the 2007-08-05 01:55:07 by Bobic Bobic
rulez added on the 2007-08-05 01:55:12 by Geri Geri
rulez added on the 2007-08-05 01:55:24 by BoyC BoyC
rulez added on the 2007-08-05 01:55:35 by Premium Premium
asd !
rulez added on the 2007-08-05 01:55:36 by bLa bLa
O yea! O yea! O YEA!

I am unworthy!
rulezcdc added on the 2007-08-05 01:55:37 by Salinga Salinga
top of the month after one minute!!!
added on the 2007-08-05 01:56:09 by bonzaj bonzaj
Wow.... It really took my breath away... Beautiful in every way! It's a clear compowinner in my eyes. I have not any more words to discribe this one... Must be seen.
rulez added on the 2007-08-05 01:56:11 by Zeila Zeila
ehh...uh... aggg ... Impressive, no words.
rulez added on the 2007-08-05 01:56:16 by ShOtGaN ShOtGaN
end of the world
added on the 2007-08-05 01:56:41 by nytrik nytrik
sorry forgot THE rulez
rulez added on the 2007-08-05 01:57:11 by nytrik nytrik
holy awesomeness
rulez added on the 2007-08-05 01:57:50 by bfx bfx
rulez added on the 2007-08-05 01:58:18 by neon neon
Simply sexy! Raised the fucking bar again!
rulez added on the 2007-08-05 01:58:19 by Vampy Vampy
crazy as fuck!
rulez added on the 2007-08-05 01:59:10 by oldaccount oldaccount
Without doubt the masters of transition. Like the variation of the music and archmage images, too.
I am speechless.
rulez added on the 2007-08-05 01:59:13 by pixtur pixtur
rulez added on the 2007-08-05 01:59:34 by Clarence Clarence
ASD are not human! A-freakin-mazing! <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3
rulez added on the 2007-08-05 01:59:49 by rawhed rawhed
fuckin' awesome...winner of the compo imho...all thumbs up
rulez added on the 2007-08-05 02:00:54 by besh besh
Kinda like this one :)
rulez added on the 2007-08-05 02:01:13 by garble garble
rulez added on the 2007-08-05 02:01:48 by sHANE^cRX sHANE^cRX
Fantastic direction/story, art, music...
No need for further comments.

Prepare for some scene.org awards and the all time top10 :)
rulezcdc added on the 2007-08-05 02:01:53 by gopher gopher
how far does this bloody bar go then asd keeep raising the bloody thing xD
rulez added on the 2007-08-05 02:02:00 by xwize xwize
what those guys on fire above said :D
rulez added on the 2007-08-05 02:02:06 by EviL EviL
I'm awestruck.... The transitions, the flow, the depth and the personal touch. Amazing, and probably hard to outdo.
rulez added on the 2007-08-05 02:02:08 by Betong Betong
I can't find words.
rulez added on the 2007-08-05 02:02:20 by snoutmate snoutmate
somewhere between awesome and godlike.
rulez added on the 2007-08-05 02:04:02 by fiver fiver
Jampacked as per usual, sometimes a bit too much, but still pretty goddamn amazing. How long are you guys working on these things?
rulez added on the 2007-08-05 02:08:02 by okkie okkie
Okay, now ASD has to do this stuff in 177kb ... ;-)
added on the 2007-08-05 02:08:03 by Salinga Salinga
okkie, it says january-august in the readme :D
added on the 2007-08-05 02:08:28 by booster booster
5000 BC ASD came from outer space and taught the Egyptians how to make pyramids! In 2007 ASD returns from outer space to show the filthy demosceners how to make a real demo!!!!
rulez added on the 2007-08-05 02:08:33 by loaderror loaderror
downloaded and watched again. their mind is connected with something above. the "golden part" is just awesome.
added on the 2007-08-05 02:08:43 by oxb oxb
insane amount of highly detailed and beautiful scenes with an amazing flow between. great music, excellent gfx. so, an ordinary asd demo =)
rulez added on the 2007-08-05 02:09:13 by hollowman hollowman
bstrr: yeah, I just read that now :) and the 'golden part' had me actually saying 'wow' out loud. Good stuff lads!
added on the 2007-08-05 02:10:38 by okkie okkie
very massive, very symbolic. I have to watch this some more times before I can lay this to rest.

this is very scenish for me as it can be seen that the members involved in this production gave everything they had. I salute you!
rulez added on the 2007-08-05 02:12:58 by Paralax Paralax
After watching it properly instead of just off the stream I just has to say... Wow. Top notch work really.
rulez added on the 2007-08-05 02:13:44 by chip chip
The most impressive design and visuals I have ever seen in a demo! Depris Lifeforce dominates my life for now in every possible way.
rulez added on the 2007-08-05 02:14:31 by iNF iNF
oh wow
rulez added on the 2007-08-05 02:14:38 by provod provod
Holy Shit !
I always liked the ASD demos but this one is really amazing... the gfx,sfx,music all works perfect together ! i am deeply impressed ! the flow from one scene to another is unbeliveable !
Awesome work !
This one and Debris are the stuff that demoscene was founded for !!!

What will beat this in the future ... i am afraid :-)
rulez added on the 2007-08-05 02:14:59 by DJH of GCS! DJH of GCS!
After rewatching: Could use more polys in some places.
added on the 2007-08-05 02:17:41 by Stelthzje Stelthzje
This is what demos is all about.
rulez added on the 2007-08-05 02:18:16 by emoon emoon
rulez added on the 2007-08-05 02:19:06 by wie8 wie8
btw.. music at 2:00 seems to be slightly inspired by starstruck
added on the 2007-08-05 02:21:30 by Stelthzje Stelthzje
sorry. did not mean star struck, but kilofix:

added on the 2007-08-05 02:23:29 by Stelthzje Stelthzje
watched only the stream, but looks like an insane amount of work was put in this, and the result is amazing, respects!
rulez added on the 2007-08-05 02:24:50 by blala blala
I love you all.
rulezcdc added on the 2007-08-05 02:26:18 by Preacher Preacher
rulez added on the 2007-08-05 02:33:07 by thefox thefox
In fourty years we will tell our grandchildren about this one! Did you spot the Farbrausch shopping cart in the last scene?!
rulez added on the 2007-08-05 02:37:03 by Stebo Stebo

rulez added on the 2007-08-05 02:38:14 by eye eye
rulez added on the 2007-08-05 02:41:11 by bitl bitl
I seem to recall that I just saw this. But it couldn't have been. It must have been something I dreamt. Reality doesn't look like that.
rulez added on the 2007-08-05 02:42:53 by Blueberry Blueberry
okay, loses a lot when viewed the second time, in real, not over a blurry inet stream :)

don't misunderstand this, this is still REALLY great, but on the stream it had this aura of pixel perfect polish all over it and that just disappears when viewed up close in hires :). this is still by far the best demo in the compo and the best asd demo so far, though (which is saying rather a lot).

best demo ever? silly category. best demo in 2007 so far? certainly a very serious contender. but i'm heavily biased: debris at bp07 and the hours following it were probably the most awesome experience of my life. so forgive me if this one currently only makes #2 on my personal best of '07 :)
added on the 2007-08-05 02:44:13 by ryg ryg
Brilliant! (and guitars rule)
rulez added on the 2007-08-05 02:46:34 by slack slack
Krass! Please add a loop button ;-)
rulez added on the 2007-08-05 02:47:00 by RufUsul RufUsul
ryg, stop seeding FUD!
added on the 2007-08-05 02:47:23 by Stelthzje Stelthzje
And comparing this with Debris is retarded as well, since they're both pretty different in mindset.

So stop that people!!
added on the 2007-08-05 02:48:04 by okkie okkie
lando: there's strong, and then there's army strong!
added on the 2007-08-05 02:50:41 by ryg ryg
jesus navis... this is just...


i mean.. really.. WOW!
rulez added on the 2007-08-05 02:54:46 by gloom gloom
Couldn't agree more with okkie... we should be glad that there are so many fucking amazing demos this year. Debris, Gamma, Nouemon, you name it... and now this one!
added on the 2007-08-05 02:55:43 by Stebo Stebo
appealing visuals and the most stunning sustensions ever. music is well done as well but feels antiquated.
rulez added on the 2007-08-05 03:05:10 by keith303 keith303
checked it out three times already and still really really impressed ! i really love your smooth transition style only minus is music buuuuuut i'm kind a tekkkkno-guy so .. : ) anyway best demo of assembly 2007 cheers to ASD \o/
rulez added on the 2007-08-05 03:05:13 by gr gr
This is so amazing, I think it has already become my absolutely favourite demo. The style, the mood, the transitions, the overall visuals, no other word than 'perfect' comes to my mind when trying to describe. A must-watch for sure.

I especially loved the musical composition. It works so perfectly with the visuals that it sent several chills down my spine...

This, in my opinion, is an extraordinary example of why demos are to be seen as a form of art. And because of that, I will show this demo to every person I know :)
rulez added on the 2007-08-05 03:10:12 by Anamon Anamon
Fuck debris. This is the best demo ever made.
It actually give me a lump in my throat.
added on the 2007-08-05 03:13:06 by cerror cerror
WTF? I didn't thumb this?
rulez added on the 2007-08-05 03:14:11 by cerror cerror
very nice :) its really.....

->>> VERY -- NICE <<<-
rulez added on the 2007-08-05 03:14:41 by .. ..
cerror: fuck debris ?
I'm on fire waiting for something better from you done in just 177KB
keep the pace hund, keep the pace...
added on the 2007-08-05 03:16:18 by EviL EviL
greeeeeeeeat! the music when the rainbow appears really reminds me of cherry blossom girl by air
rulez added on the 2007-08-05 03:18:53 by parcelshit parcelshit
A good mix/blend of more hardcore 3d scenes and more "simple" cartoonish rendering style. The transitions are stunning in most places and the flow of the demo is remarkable. You ASD guys are remarkable and the additional graphics of Archmage which is stunning makes this demo a real piece of art.

I love both Andromedas :)
rulezcdc added on the 2007-08-05 03:18:55 by Zplex Zplex
found a video at http://www.siradio.fm/dump/ASD%20-%20LifeForce.avi , hope it's alright to link...
added on the 2007-08-05 03:22:29 by thec thec
I want Archmage back!
rulez added on the 2007-08-05 03:26:28 by Hyde Hyde
Hey evil: it was meant to be humorous. Offcourse debris is still awesome.
added on the 2007-08-05 03:28:43 by cerror cerror
I was into this at the first frames... I'm lacking of words but this is something I'm gonna run and run... My god, so beautifull demo.
rulez added on the 2007-08-05 03:32:53 by Buckethead Buckethead
Sometime ago when I talked with some ASD members I said that Iconoclast is the greatest demo ever made by ASD and sets the demoscene bar as high as it can get.
I take my word back...
ASD ,you manage to set the bar even higher you f#^%#^@#^ built the Universe Babylonian Tower and you've been watching us from up there all along!!!
rulez added on the 2007-08-05 03:37:19 by sybeX sybeX

rulez added on the 2007-08-05 04:13:23 by _matilda_ _matilda_
rulez added on the 2007-08-05 04:13:34 by fragment fragment
sorry håkon, although your gfx was damn nice, I _still_ don't like asd demos.. way too messy
sucks added on the 2007-08-05 04:28:45 by leijaa leijaa
tackiness just reached another level. great graphics by archmage, but the rest was a huge pile of awesomely bad crap.
sucks added on the 2007-08-05 04:32:17 by kusma kusma
Hey nina we don't really care about your personal drama!!!!

Lesson 1...A and S = AS

Lesson2... AS+D = ASD

Simple demo-grammar my dear;)
added on the 2007-08-05 04:36:20 by _matilda_ _matilda_
matilda: please make some sense before coming back to the internet.
added on the 2007-08-05 04:41:33 by kusma kusma
i can't after that demo im getting crazy.....

added on the 2007-08-05 04:44:02 by _matilda_ _matilda_
okay, loses a lot when viewed the second time, in real, not over a blurry inet stream :)

don't misunderstand this, this is still REALLY great, but on the stream it had this aura of pixel perfect polish all over it and that just disappears when viewed up close in hires :). this is still by far the best demo in the compo and the best asd demo so far, though (which is saying rather a lot).

I could not agree more, this demo is the perfect example of why one should not judge a demo from a streamed version only.

Anyway, even without this "pixel perfect aura", it's still an awesome demo, congrats.
rulez added on the 2007-08-05 05:21:52 by keops keops
navis, I hope you were just pulling our collective leg during that asm tv quip of yours, because this was just not done :)

I know incredible amounts of time went into this, or so it has been boasted. So... I'm sorry, but this was still fucking old hat and frustrating to sit through to boot.

On that note: Archmage's art shouldn't be wasted on this kind of demo.
sucks added on the 2007-08-05 05:25:55 by Shifter Shifter
rulez added on the 2007-08-05 05:28:37 by rbz rbz
I think it actually wins when watched at home. It has sensitivity which was lost in the partyhall..
added on the 2007-08-05 05:31:19 by Preacher Preacher
HQ, you guys really know how to put it all together.

Btw, please add the 1920x1200 res to the menu ;)
rulez added on the 2007-08-05 05:39:24 by isaac2^db isaac2^db
Beautiful, makes me wish I attended asm this year.

Refreshing to have a demo without trance/techno/breakbeat music :) (Even though I quite like that music!)
rulez added on the 2007-08-05 05:44:10 by Neovanglist Neovanglist
Some effects are absolutely friggilicious. The 70's lines, the golden wall sculpture, the text/line effects, so many others.... The most impressive collection of effects I've seen in a demo in a long time. The transitions too are absolutely top-notch, as are the 2d and 3d art. My only complaint might be the lack of cohesiveness, as it seems like the rambling of a madman.

Anyways, tip of the hat folks.
rulez added on the 2007-08-05 06:21:57 by Nezbie Nezbie
ASD delivers. What a great demo... I am somewhat speechless. All the past memories, all the images, all the sounds, the words, the soul... all of what ASD has been becoming in the past, everything that ASD is now... intimately presented in this demo. Thank you guys, truly and honestly, thank you for pouring your own soul into this prod...

/hat off
rulez added on the 2007-08-05 06:29:01 by suorm suorm
Oh my world... ASD.... thank you!
rulezcdc added on the 2007-08-05 07:44:08 by Aasemoon Aasemoon
seriously ... you guys .. are you working at motion graphics? coz this shit is too good. too fucking good. it could be start of any tv program .. but it was 10 minutes fucking kickass stuff
added on the 2007-08-05 08:00:55 by uns3en_ uns3en_
this is the best thing I've ever seen.
On the other hand, you have killed the scene via fucking our capabilities :)
rulezcdc added on the 2007-08-05 08:06:34 by decipher decipher
superhuman demomaking!

thumbs for making 14 cool demos look like they were made by jumalauta! :)
rulez added on the 2007-08-05 08:12:35 by mentor mentor
poetic, beautiful, artistic, awesome... one of the best demos of 2007. but, please, don't compare this with debris. all that comments are too spoiling.
rulez added on the 2007-08-05 08:22:12 by diver diver
Buh..? what the heck did I just watch?!

Freaking awesome work.

Sadly 1-2 scenes were a slide-show on my card [A GeForce 8800GTS ?!].
rulez added on the 2007-08-05 08:25:12 by micksam7 micksam7
micksam7: a driver issue most probably. (or some unforseen planetary alignment). Try running it again. It runs smoothly on a 6800 I don't see why it would have performance problems on a 8800GTS..
added on the 2007-08-05 08:32:29 by aMUSiC aMUSiC
some parts looked pretty but the music was just awful.
added on the 2007-08-05 08:39:43 by nosfe nosfe
rulez added on the 2007-08-05 09:00:23 by blackpawn blackpawn
Thumbs up for the crazy amount of work. I will probably never want to watch this at home though.
rulez added on the 2007-08-05 09:04:29 by dairos dairos
Actually made me say wow out loud 3 times. Wife likes it too. Demos I can show my family are rare - thanks.
rulez added on the 2007-08-05 09:07:54 by auld auld
Epic! But for me it just misses something that Iconoclast had. Debris and this are completely different beasts, almost uncomparable and Debris beyond the tech side didn't do much for me anyways.
Still some amazing effects like NeZbiE mentioned, and so much to see and take in.
rulez added on the 2007-08-05 09:21:27 by Intrinsic Intrinsic
A lot of time, good ideas.. technically amazing.

I liked many individual effects, but the overall content rubbed me the wrong way. I really dislike the cliched emotion-driving music style and mishmash of hammer over the head symbolism that never gets proper treatment. I'm sure I'm in the minority there though.
rulez added on the 2007-08-05 09:39:14 by bigcheese bigcheese
These guys are insane.
rulez added on the 2007-08-05 09:49:14 by scg_ scg_
rulez added on the 2007-08-05 09:52:12 by [self-ban] [self-ban]
hmm.. lets see..

Navis likes cocoon, moppi, conspiracy, FLT and FR demos.. Why you ask? well.. there are lots of scenes in this demo inspired by demos from the above groups .. can you spot them ?? :)

Lots of things are reused here as in previous ASD demos..and i guess that's the reason they do more and more massive demos over time.. They just take the best things from the older demos.. add some more stuff and ideas and voila.. another compowinner :)

Anyway.. this is a great demo .. maybe the best of the year so far and has a lot of work and ideas in it..

One last thing..

rulez added on the 2007-08-05 09:55:19 by medron medron
-> aMusic, micksam7

I too had some performance problems (8600 GTS)during the scene with the guy reaching for the heart. Maybe this is some driver issue, because the new Stravaganza demo also runs fine on 6800 and as a slideshow on Geforce 8.
The rest of the demo runsvery smooth it's just in this single scene.

I already thumbed this up but let me say it again: this is one for the ages! <3
added on the 2007-08-05 10:10:46 by Stebo Stebo
This is brilliant in all categories.
rulez added on the 2007-08-05 10:14:02 by Cj Cj
This massively rocks, except for the music which does only fit on some parts of the demo. Great works guys!
rulez added on the 2007-08-05 10:14:22 by ltk_tscc ltk_tscc
No words can describe how good this demo is!
rulez added on the 2007-08-05 10:18:43 by Cosmocat Cosmocat
Just great and even runs so smoothly with a relatively old hardware.
rulez added on the 2007-08-05 10:24:13 by Daddy Freddy Daddy Freddy
for the immense effort!!! (otherwise i think it was a tiny little bit too cheesy)
rulez added on the 2007-08-05 10:38:35 by toxie toxie
Don't get me wrong. It's an amazing demo and I'll be thinking of it since last night. But I watched this again, and:

- I somehow second Ryg about the polished effect on the stream. This is quite different when seen in hi-res afterwards. I said to myself :"gosh...too much detailed".

- The music doesn't really make it for me tho. Maybe I've been too much focused on the show and not on my ears. I think the music is really overloaded and the guitar hurt in some way. And it misses a real theme and direction. Good job anyway but could have been far better IMHO.
added on the 2007-08-05 10:47:09 by oxb oxb
give me more of these awesome transitions!
too bad this has become almost that asd-typical that you dont even expect anything different.
therefore this prod hast too many similarities to previous work but there is still an huge effort made.
rulez added on the 2007-08-05 10:48:27 by muh muh
my heart is stopped for a while... amazing work!
rulezcdc added on the 2007-08-05 10:50:38 by zeebr zeebr
Superb stuff, and overwhelming amounts of effects, graphics and 3d. The spent 7 monts and 27mb really show here.

A tad too long for my taste though, and some of the scenes didn't really fit the rest.
rulez added on the 2007-08-05 10:51:57 by kurli kurli
nice one, and cox rulez.
( but, too long, what about doing less and polish more ? Last scene was really nice. i thought transitions werent that good compared to your older prods, and i havent seen new things. the cox takes the thumb up )
rulez added on the 2007-08-05 10:55:16 by skarab skarab
Worth the full 8 minutes. My new favorite pc demo. I really enjoy the style of combining video art and excellent slick 3d art. I'm looking forward to more! Gimme more!
rulez added on the 2007-08-05 10:56:48 by visy visy
rulez added on the 2007-08-05 10:56:56 by Shockwave Shockwave
rulez added on the 2007-08-05 11:02:26 by titus^rab titus^rab
ryg: about that perfect pixels on the stream... When I watched "Debris" on stream I thought that you invented some new realtime GI technique and all next gen games just sucks :D. Anyways I can say that "Lifeforce" and "Debris" are on the same level of excitement that they gave me.
added on the 2007-08-05 11:07:25 by bonzaj bonzaj
Mixed 2d + 3d with grace, and the music fits correctly each part instead of staying the same all the time... cool guitars FTW!!!

btw, no one noticed the references to sequential/andromeda with 2d trees raising from the ground and bending to the wind?

rulez added on the 2007-08-05 11:10:42 by winden winden
rulez added on the 2007-08-05 11:13:44 by evil evil
amazing and brilliant - I lost my words.
another very high benchmark for the demoscene :-)
keep it up guys!
rulez added on the 2007-08-05 11:16:30 by ck ck
Low points after 2x rewatching:

-The baby noises at 1:30 are really creeping me out
-The scene with the male in the bathtub looks like it is from kasparov times - way too lowpoly and static for today and it looks incoherent.
- Same goes to the starfish
added on the 2007-08-05 11:19:56 by Stelthzje Stelthzje
like it, like it alot!
rulez added on the 2007-08-05 11:30:38 by Muerto Muerto
you did it again. congrats :)
rulez added on the 2007-08-05 11:43:54 by rmeht rmeht
Great work, love it :)
rulez added on the 2007-08-05 11:45:01 by eladamri eladamri
There's all sorts of awesomeness in this demo! For me personally it beats anything I've seen so far.
rulez added on the 2007-08-05 11:46:21 by ravity ravity
djesus fisting christ!! finally a demo with a proper nuclear explosion at the end blowing everybody away.

offtopic i love how certain ppl downthump this and all other prods from assembly without any skills themself to make something matching as this and that. retarded crybabies.
rulez added on the 2007-08-05 11:52:17 by alienttn alienttn
Navis...is the "golden part" image based rendering of some kind or is that polygons too?
added on the 2007-08-05 11:52:48 by auld auld
Way more than just technical excellence or great graphics. I don't see how anyone could compare Debris to this demo. You just can't do it, because Debris doesn't have any of the merits that this demo has. It's just completely dull in comparison.
rulez added on the 2007-08-05 11:55:09 by DiamonDie DiamonDie
the piano part of the soundtrack reminded me of "les parapluies de cherbourg OST" by Michel Legrand...
as for the demo: nice flow!
rulez added on the 2007-08-05 12:03:46 by hcdlt hcdlt
better than previous ASD asm demos, but still somewhat chaotic and packed with too much stuff to my taste.
rulez added on the 2007-08-05 12:04:29 by uncle-x uncle-x
@DiamonDie: you can't compare, but debris is dull by comparison? \o/
added on the 2007-08-05 12:05:11 by hcdlt hcdlt
these guys are unbelieveable. so many great ideas, such a stunning realisation...here are the new heroes!!!!
rulez added on the 2007-08-05 12:14:48 by marsulpi marsulpi
Very close to perfection! Truly amazing! Archmage: Stunning graphics!
rulezcdc added on the 2007-08-05 12:20:24 by Mystra Mystra
masterpiece. coherent, dreamy, yes, this is you're style and you're best in it.

the music was great but somewhere in the middle part it didn't fit at all (imho)...

big thumb up for all of you anyway =)
rulez added on the 2007-08-05 12:21:13 by nula nula
The flow, the fucking flow.
rulez added on the 2007-08-05 12:26:41 by jasuy jasuy
I dunno... Good coding, nice scenes, but somehow it failed to make me go wow... So piggy for now
added on the 2007-08-05 12:32:08 by Joghurt Joghurt
oh btw i hope the pretentiousness in the infofile is a joke...
added on the 2007-08-05 12:35:40 by uncle-x uncle-x
this is one of the most amazing pieces of audiovisual art i've ever seen. un-fucking-believable work, guys.
rulez added on the 2007-08-05 12:36:26 by griip griip
come on, its the same shit they do over and over again
and the 3d models are cheap
added on the 2007-08-05 12:40:05 by elkmoose elkmoose
ASD demoreel 2007. That's how I felt after seeing this one - a "best of" collection of what ASD has done during the years. The direction is so good that you don't even mind that the demo is a miasmah of all kinds of different styles and parts that normally wouldn't fit together at all. I think this lot of the magic both aMusic on the keyboard and Navis as a programmer provide constantly from a demo to another.

While improving almost every aspect from Planet Risk and Iconoclast, in the future I'd hope to see more of your innovative style such as almost every other demo releases have been in between these Assembly epochs.

Well, a worthy winner. Congrats, guys!
rulez added on the 2007-08-05 12:42:05 by melw melw
very, very impressive!
rulez added on the 2007-08-05 12:46:18 by cynic cynic
rulez added on the 2007-08-05 12:48:43 by varjohukka varjohukka
I would be a lier, a damn lier to say I am not impressed! When you have managed to established a name like ASD in the demoscene, you get this, "we expect" from the demoscene audience. ASD have made it from time to time with their well polished productions,now they do it again. The music is more like a "demoscene soundtrack!(DST)", the artwork is excellent, the storyline, lightning, textures, cameramoves, animation, directing - it just sits there so absolute! This time ASD gave some new lights into the PC Demoscene!
rulez added on the 2007-08-05 13:00:26 by Xiny6581 Xiny6581
it's just too good and impressive! there's no bad looking stuff anywhere, everything looks finished. soundtrack + gfx are also damn good! thanks for the show!
rulezcdc added on the 2007-08-05 13:18:48 by shadez shadez
provokingly good, how is it possible to this?
rulez added on the 2007-08-05 13:23:17 by quisten quisten
uff.. really really nice one....
rulez added on the 2007-08-05 13:29:04 by cycor cycor
Congrats for another amazingly flowing demo! You really rule guys.
rulez added on the 2007-08-05 13:30:32 by deepr deepr
oh my gosh
rulez added on the 2007-08-05 13:33:31 by waffle waffle
Very very good, complex and well connected graphics. Music and all other things are perfect as well.
rulez added on the 2007-08-05 13:37:19 by Manwe Manwe
nice shit ;)

anyway, had problems running this one when i had the extra-power thingy disconnected from my gfx card, but this was easy fixed. But just so you know.. im on a nvidia 6600 gt for that matter, with the latest drivers.
added on the 2007-08-05 13:46:36 by bzz bzz
and the thumb.
rulez added on the 2007-08-05 13:46:52 by bzz bzz
You are the best designer and creative group I ever seen ! Thank You very much for this amazing feeling.
rulez added on the 2007-08-05 13:47:36 by Lacoste/AcW Lacoste/AcW
tackiness just reached another level. great graphics by archmage, but the rest was a huge pile of awesomely bad crap.

Yeah man! It didn't have skateboards or swearing!
damn that was ART ... great stuff !!!
rulez added on the 2007-08-05 14:00:48 by slippy slippy
I want to retire but I get not more than 3fps here :'(:(:(
added on the 2007-08-05 14:04:30 by Marijn Marijn
This one made me actually wanna cry, it's too good <3
rulezcdc added on the 2007-08-05 14:05:06 by src src
crashes the shit out of my computer, on xp sp2, geforce go 6600 and laptop video 2 go drivers v84.25
i've never seen anything like this before: the preloader finishes without any problem, the demo starts playing, everything seems smooth, but after ~3 seconds - seemingly without reason - the monitor switches off (!) and after ~2 additional seconds the music stops, whichafter only reseting helps - no response for esc, alt-ctrl-del whatsoever.. :S
added on the 2007-08-05 14:06:24 by tsw tsw
a 70's lsd trip that will run out of fashion sooner than later. i do not feel this is the best ever. but all thumbs up for the hard work and a very, very good demo (and/but that's a lot, all, enough and no more to it).
rulez added on the 2007-08-05 14:08:58 by fishwave/scx fishwave/scx
I found the OMG BESTEST EVAR I RETIRE comments more plausible when the year was 2005 and the demo's name was iconoclast. :)

Still, this is very good. A fair amount of kitsch to swallow, yes, but I can bear it.
rulez added on the 2007-08-05 14:13:11 by tomaes tomaes
i've seen the video.. well.. everything's been said before. just pure amazement.
rulez added on the 2007-08-05 14:17:00 by tsw tsw
i'm actually dying to see some afro women with disco soundtrack from asd already.
rulez added on the 2007-08-05 14:30:03 by ton ton
Navis for president!
rulez added on the 2007-08-05 14:45:09 by Sesse Sesse
The demo is not very consistent. You've picked an approach to "impress the audience" the most. Some nice ideas here and there and creative experiments/work.
Big boom at the end - again the sign that audience must be so excited that they literally explode - isn't it because you wanted to imitiate sexual act ; ) ? To conclude: very good example of OMG/jaw dropping/wet pants/uh/oh/etc... approach.
So my last words: uh oh oh my god.. yeah yeah... bestest evar ever hip hip hurray
added on the 2007-08-05 14:45:12 by tomkh tomkh
Absolutely fabulous demo! Great flow, things come in really smoothly from previous stuff, music is good. What can I say, one of the most impressive demos I've seen.
rulez added on the 2007-08-05 14:49:28 by minomus minomus
rulez added on the 2007-08-05 15:26:05 by Marijn Marijn
some brilliant parts in it, but all in all it is extremely incoherent.
added on the 2007-08-05 15:27:29 by dipswitch dipswitch
For not thumping up this production is not taking yourself seriously..

What does a demogroup have to do for receiving ONLY thumps up at pouet ?
Why on earth does asd deserve a pig or even a thump down for this prod.

This is why pouet users make pouet not a reliable website.

Perhaps its time to adjust the ratings and sceners can give a 1 to 10 figure than there is more room for variation and more room for positiveness!!
added on the 2007-08-05 15:35:33 by magic magic
magic, lay low on the crack. and learn that tastes are different.
added on the 2007-08-05 15:42:41 by dipswitch dipswitch
Truly OUTSTANDING production and I don't even need an XBox360 and a yearly subscription to M$ Creators Club to watch it!
rulez added on the 2007-08-05 15:45:08 by button button
one word: insane. (*takes a deep bow to ASD and Archie*)
rulez added on the 2007-08-05 15:45:32 by Axel Axel
this is still REALLY great, but on the stream it had this aura of pixel perfect polish all over it and that just disappears when viewed up close in hires :).

Lifeforce runs smoothly on my (not yet too poor) r9700m :.D

somewhere between awesome and godlike.

Yes, it is.
rulez added on the 2007-08-05 15:46:48 by bdk bdk
Thumb up also for supporting old computers with shitty gfx cards, although the demo looks strange on some scenes:)
rulez added on the 2007-08-05 15:48:46 by dimouse dimouse
Dipswitch: this is not about tastes they cant be debated its about the rating system of pouet! Now go masterbate youself :)
added on the 2007-08-05 15:50:07 by magic magic
no huhhuh.
rulez added on the 2007-08-05 15:50:33 by ilmarque ilmarque
'fucknificent' is a word that i just made up in order to celebrate this one. congrats, i'm a fully converted asd-fan now. =)

excellent direction and execution. someone's aiming for a sure spot in the awards next year, eh? =)
rulez added on the 2007-08-05 15:51:11 by dalezr dalezr
ASD = best active group
rulez added on the 2007-08-05 15:59:08 by Sverker Sverker
Oh god, so good!
I almost cry in the end
rulezcdc added on the 2007-08-05 16:02:19 by Tigrou Tigrou
Too short :(
It would be desirable that such demos never came to an end
rulez added on the 2007-08-05 16:29:36 by zhiletka zhiletka
ASD = Another Super Development... It is already a classic, a true seminar of demomaking.
rulez added on the 2007-08-05 16:30:18 by Amigo Amigo
Also got a few 1-2 fps scenes here (GF7900, Core2Duo, WinXP 32bit)

But apart from that: Whoa. (More detailed analysis later ;)
rulez added on the 2007-08-05 16:31:20 by kb_ kb_
rulez added on the 2007-08-05 17:04:26 by xeron xeron
Don't know what to say. Amazing. And great job Archmage!
rulez added on the 2007-08-05 17:09:16 by Serpent Serpent
that's beautiful, thx!
rulez added on the 2007-08-05 17:37:48 by C-jeff C-jeff
Weird timing/jittering bug here; good framerate but all motions seem to be jumping back and forth on the timeline (Athlon 64 X2 3800+, Radeon X1600 Pro). The video looks nice though, one of the better demos this year even if I didn't gape in awe as I did when watching Debris. Would've liked a lot more guitar in the music, but other than that it sounded good as well. Great gfx by Archmage.
rulez added on the 2007-08-05 17:44:27 by Radiant Radiant
it seems unfair to critizise fairlight for thier lack of coherency, and then praise ASD for this demo. same goes for the accuse of "reuse".

but there are so many wonderfull parts in it and the transitions are never abrupt, so in the end its a perfect demo.

(and it's technically very clean, almost everything is smooth and well done)
(and i like the shopping cart :-)
rulez added on the 2007-08-05 17:52:49 by chaos chaos
rulez added on the 2007-08-05 17:55:08 by texel texel
rulez added on the 2007-08-05 17:58:17 by wix wix
oh boy!
rulez added on the 2007-08-05 17:59:57 by marlowe marlowe
I could only see the video atm, but it's very impressive!
rulez added on the 2007-08-05 18:04:43 by cyberpingui cyberpingui
Very impressive and so far the best ASD demo :-)
rulez added on the 2007-08-05 18:05:08 by BadSector BadSector
This is the ultimate demo of all time! We are finished, the scene is over, nothing more needs to be done. MERE MORTALS CANNOT COMPETE WITH THE ASD GODS!
rulez added on the 2007-08-05 18:18:55 by s_tec s_tec
Beautiful... perfect... instant favourite :)
rulez added on the 2007-08-05 18:53:15 by Sapphire Sapphire
I think that there are not so many effects in this demo as it seems. I think instead that there are few effects but very flexible, reused again and again.

As usual, I can guess what navis does to compose the scenes, but it is a matter of time :)

Thumbs up for a master piece!

rulez added on the 2007-08-05 18:59:12 by merlucin merlucin
rulez added on the 2007-08-05 19:02:15 by ld0d ld0d
kusma, leia and other downthumbers can go to bed early. sure, its a mess of styles and perhaps a bit pretentious, but OH MY GOD, the masters of transitions are back with a bag full of effects and beautifull graphics. awesome display of awesomeness.
rulez added on the 2007-08-05 19:18:56 by Duckers Duckers
insane, as always.
rulez added on the 2007-08-05 19:24:09 by zomb zomb
I can't judge any technical aspects since i have no hardware
this would run on (and no clue how to judge it either), but
this is so extremely well arranged it brings tears to my eyes.

I definetly agree with Merlucin.
rulez added on the 2007-08-05 19:26:58 by Paranoid Paranoid
This is so baroque and so overloaded with...stuff, and it's so pretentious and over-the-top that...oh, screw it.

You're redefining the meaning of "ruling".
rulez added on the 2007-08-05 19:34:31 by fogbank fogbank
My jaw dropped hard... once again. I love you.
added on the 2007-08-05 19:35:39 by wonder wonder
rulez added on the 2007-08-05 19:36:32 by wonder wonder
Massive, top-synching als always. A bit inconsistent, a bit of reused stuff, but hey....
rulez added on the 2007-08-05 19:37:30 by raer raer
Sweaty thumbs up, coz it's (technically) the best shit I've ever seen. WOW !
Nevertheless I was a bit bored by the 'story'... :/
I've seen some other demos with MUCH less effort, but with MUCH more poetry.
I mean the stuff, which is between 0 and 1.
Anyway taking a bow !!! :)
rulez added on the 2007-08-05 19:38:24 by Shizzle Shizzle
tremendous demo.... !!!!!!!!!!!
I don't have words, emotions only!!!
ASD - respect!!!!
rulez added on the 2007-08-05 19:40:33 by Silent Silent
rulez added on the 2007-08-05 19:49:07 by MGzzY MGzzY
Just one thing !!

Clap clap clap clap

this is what i call pure A.R.T
rulez added on the 2007-08-05 20:12:28 by _wheely_ _wheely_
Incredible amount of work. Really nice production :) Congratulations
rulez added on the 2007-08-05 20:22:07 by KILE KILE
The most artistic, beautiful, technical, and poetic piece of artwork I've ever seen! THis better be in the all-time top. I love the parallax mapping, Ambient acclusion and all the lighting and detail.

great work!!
rulez added on the 2007-08-05 20:26:43 by esepc40991 esepc40991
alko vituttaa toi hype.
sucks added on the 2007-08-05 20:45:12 by nosfe nosfe
High-Quality Flash Vid, for all interested:
added on the 2007-08-05 20:48:28 by micksam7 micksam7
It's good, it has alot of variety.
rulez added on the 2007-08-05 20:51:19 by tyfighter tyfighter
rulez added on the 2007-08-05 20:52:03 by yellowMan yellowMan
Probably the best executed demo I've ever seen. ASD is currently doing stuff that no other groups are even close to.

I'd like to have controls for AA and vsync added to the demo setup though. Especially vsync would be nice, as it's annoying to have tearing in the picture on LCD-monitors
rulez added on the 2007-08-05 21:03:49 by lug00ber lug00ber
Very very good.
There's so much of everything.
I like the good use of symbolics and ASD's legendary wow-factor control that gives this demo a killer end (so appreciable).

On the other hand, this is pretty like a very large cake that quickly gets your hunger away, even if it has the finest flavour of all the nation.
rulez added on the 2007-08-05 21:04:08 by willbe willbe
very good stuff... stylewise i like it much much more than the previous ASD releases. somehow more coherent. i also really digged how the growth/particle effects were done and the overall quality and speed of the rendering. only the bumpmap and "jumping book illustrations" screens were a bit dull. overall it's really fine stuff. keep it up =)
rulez added on the 2007-08-05 21:07:25 by earx earx
so many great things about this demo are to be said, and will be said here i think.
there was one thing that really felt strange tho, i way waiting most of the time for the growing lines to go and end SOMEWHERE but most of the time they didnt. i hope i wont get nightmares of growing lines whitout home or destination :/
rulez added on the 2007-08-05 21:10:13 by cp_ cp_
More shopping carts!
rulez added on the 2007-08-05 21:22:06 by dnes dnes
My mouth stayed open while watching this show. Your visions melted into perfectly directed visual poetry, scenario execution and fitting fresh music are outstanding and very eye/ear catchy.

true winner, I wish you to win "best demo for 2007" with this demoscene gem. Respect.
rulez added on the 2007-08-05 21:23:38 by Trauma Zero Trauma Zero
rulez added on the 2007-08-05 21:53:36 by maq maq
A-fucking-mazing! I'm buying a shader model 3 card just to run this!
rulez added on the 2007-08-05 21:58:04 by entity entity
you don't need shader 3.0 it runs smoothly on my radeon 9800pro which supports only 2.0
added on the 2007-08-05 22:12:24 by src src
A masterpiece !!!
True ASD style, nice direction, beautiful particles and lines effects.
Lovin' the end part with the piano.

Oh, i'm forgetting... you got Herbie ;-)
rulez added on the 2007-08-05 22:28:30 by BackSpace BackSpace
Oh my god, the trees, the birds, the flow, the artrock! :)

(Kind of makes me wonder if they're trying to say something, though. ASD are absolutely awesome at what they're doing, and what everyone else is also trying to do, but maybe they should try something with a narrative that doesn't just look like it's thrown together sometime. That might take this to the godlike level.)
rulez added on the 2007-08-05 22:31:58 by puterman puterman
Crashed in the scene where those fished come out of the tree...

AppName: asd-lifeforce.exe AppVer: ModName: nvoglnt.dll
ModVer: Offset: 0018aef9

GF7800 GTX.

Now updating drivers...
added on the 2007-08-05 22:38:49 by scamp scamp
rulez added on the 2007-08-05 22:45:36 by jimmi jimmi
it's so good! it's so good! it's so good!
rulez added on the 2007-08-05 22:47:35 by metellius metellius
rulez added on the 2007-08-05 22:51:28 by psenough psenough
wonderful demo
rulez added on the 2007-08-05 23:25:10 by seppjo seppjo
Positives: EVERYTHING!


Not only is it the most beautifully realised demo ever, but it's the most deep and artistic vision I've seen come out of the scene.

Not only was I left thinking "How did they do that?" but also "How do they come up with these ideas?" and that's how you impress Shane!

Oh yeah, and I actually felt like I could reach into my monitor and touch some of those sculpture scenes.
rulez added on the 2007-08-05 23:31:43 by Shanethewolf Shanethewolf
Wonderful art with great transitions! This one rocks!
rulez added on the 2007-08-05 23:38:29 by vscd vscd
extremly well executed! one of the best demos ever...
rulez added on the 2007-08-05 23:52:02 by london superhero london superhero
rulez added on the 2007-08-06 00:13:36 by dila dila
Another great production from ASD, for me it is their finest demo ever :)

This and Evolution of Vision has some of the best effects that i have seen from them !!

ASD and will definitely be remembered in the scene no ?

Amazing work guys !!!!!
rulez added on the 2007-08-06 00:19:00 by amiga4ever amiga4ever
way too artsy and incoherent
tons of work/effort/polishing save it from thumb down
added on the 2007-08-06 00:22:40 by BarZoule BarZoule
Very nice.
rulez added on the 2007-08-06 00:27:25 by Anat Anat

Fantastic mood! <3

rulez added on the 2007-08-06 00:31:55 by gentleman gentleman
It`s amaizing !! Thats happened when artistic vision is beyond technology.
rulez added on the 2007-08-06 00:36:18 by lion lion
In fact, I didn't expect it would run well on my crappy laptop with FX5600 card! (though the nfo file states that it was developed in a PC with the same card)

When I watch other demos that are far less good than this and crawl on this system, I wonder wtf?
added on the 2007-08-06 00:42:32 by Optimus Optimus
Back home ! great experience again at Asm, glad to be there and say hello to many of you. Shame I had to rush out without saying goodbyes, but that is life.

Time now to get some rest and plan the future.
Short answers:
unclex : inside joke
leija : I know, I know.. but one day we'll convert you.
Shifter: Archmage has taken notice and will work with you on a 'job is jarig' remake.

to the rest: thanks for all the support, especially my Norwegian and Spanish friends, Dope PC, Fairlight and the 'mysterious guys' from STS :-)
added on the 2007-08-06 01:01:41 by Navis Navis
Amazing how this can run so smooth on my AthlonXP3200+ and an 128Mb 9800pro at 1024*768!!! more then 60FPs thats for sure!

how did you guys done this ? Amazing Code!!!!
After a driver update it now runs without crashes (well, a few short scenes only run with 2-3 fps, but other than that it's smooth).

Fucking excellent stuff. Big tumbs up.
rulez added on the 2007-08-06 01:21:10 by scamp scamp

first of all, i respect the ambition of trying to create a life/death-themed sort of thing (if i understood it correctly).
still though, it's pretty absurd how so much love and hard work can go into creating something so incoherent and ugly...
the clichés almost makes you feel like you're watching the credits for a hollywood-movie - although the end-results are even worse.
(which is pretty expected considering it's real-time and you normally don't hire a hundred or so animators when making a demo).
so why even try to go there?
oh, and the generic-blockbuster-movie-music was just like... dude!?
sucks added on the 2007-08-06 01:30:42 by sofokles sofokles
rulez added on the 2007-08-06 01:35:03 by red red
what red and scamp said.
rulez added on the 2007-08-06 01:40:21 by iks iks
well while the music is just good(hey Amusic, you can do better :)) the rest is just pure eyecandy with some hell lof of great directing.
rulez added on the 2007-08-06 04:02:23 by blz blz
Erm.. if this is "generic-blockbuster-movie-music", then it must be a HELL of a blockbuster movie, and I would want to go watch it just for its soundtrack...

As said before, tastes are different. Some find the meaning and theme that was intended for the demo to be cheesy and cliché, I find it ambitious and that it worked out pretty well. Some find it incoherent, I find it diversified. (but you'd have to admit that the transitions give it an overall flow.)

So if this really doesn't fit somebody's taste at all, I could see them piggying this. But what are people trying to prove by downthumbing it?

If you prefer watching movie credits to this, then by all means, be my guest...
added on the 2007-08-06 04:05:43 by Anamon Anamon
Stunning. Just stunning. I agree with Anamon about the soundtrack. It's very diverse but then so are the parts of this demo. After watching this for the first time, I had to take a second to realize my surroundings again. Congrats to ASD for yet again raising the bar. The water at the end is awesome. Transitions and flow are top notch. Loved all the little tributes here and there, elements from previous demos, and it even has Herbie!

A well-deserved thumb up!
rulez added on the 2007-08-06 05:06:54 by ngtflyer ngtflyer
rulez added on the 2007-08-06 05:20:27 by Gibs0n Gibs0n
My eyes came.
rulez added on the 2007-08-06 05:21:31 by gngbng gngbng
Anamon: Maybe it's just me (and the others), but by downthumbing I normally mean "I don't like this, at all". For me a piggy means "I don't think this demo is neither good nor bad", and that's not what I personally think about this demo. Oh well, no need to argue (more) about that... (Or if you really want to continue, go rant in Magic's thread, no need to destroy this one)
added on the 2007-08-06 06:30:39 by leijaa leijaa
Some 3D-scenes don't fit in there, music is horrible and it's sooo fucking long.
rulez added on the 2007-08-06 06:42:27 by sauli sauli
Here is a question: What does a thumb down really mean?

1) "I dont like this demo at all"
2) "The quality of this demo is sub average and not much work went into this"

added on the 2007-08-06 06:56:47 by Stelthzje Stelthzje
rulez added on the 2007-08-06 07:46:20 by ultra ultra

BB Image
rulez added on the 2007-08-06 08:19:14 by am-fm am-fm
rulez added on the 2007-08-06 08:36:33 by Pegan Pegan
Best shite i've ever scene. So good that i finally had to create an account on pouet.net :). ASD == teh best!
Oh, does this thumb work also!? ;).
rulez added on the 2007-08-06 09:10:21 by HCL/BoozeDesign HCL/BoozeDesign
it's a BIG mess and I LOVE it! Insane!!
rulez added on the 2007-08-06 09:33:16 by malmix malmix
good shit
rulez added on the 2007-08-06 10:08:13 by Yarrick Yarrick
rulez added on the 2007-08-06 10:08:20 by prm prm
rulez added on the 2007-08-06 10:09:20 by dq dq
Amazing, but the music freaks me out a bit...
rulez added on the 2007-08-06 10:16:05 by Jailbird Jailbird
GREAT!!! i lke gaph part at the end! good dezign excellent PC demo
rulez added on the 2007-08-06 10:16:36 by sINk sINk
I hesitate between :
"Ok I Quit" and "let see if we could de at least as good"
added on the 2007-08-06 10:20:10 by nytrik nytrik
Hangs like hell on my NVIDIA.
Rulez anyway.
rulez added on the 2007-08-06 10:21:45 by TomS4wy3R TomS4wy3R
rulez added on the 2007-08-06 10:22:41 by Piru Piru
It´s very hard for me to judge this demo. Some parts are really great, others are totally boring... same with the music/fx sometimes it outstandingly fits to the scenes and in other parts it destroyes the atmosphere.
The demo is really long, so maybe kick some of the worser/boring parts next time and it will be a fantastic production!
added on the 2007-08-06 10:33:11 by RA RA
great demo. the best i've ever seen.
rulez added on the 2007-08-06 11:18:12 by mrroman mrroman
respect , very nice demo

... this demo in near future in 177 kbyte ? :)
(just a idea)
rulez added on the 2007-08-06 11:37:59 by quickyman quickyman
I think my eyeballs ejaculated.
rulez added on the 2007-08-06 12:00:42 by bod bod
Lots of very beautiful things in it, no doubt.

But I start feeling sick everytime these things come together
* insane amount of work
* skills to make technicly proper stuff and also good looking stuff
* no taste
* no style
* no flow
* lots of different things that do not fit together

like wtf!! a knife on top of a badly modelled hand opening veins and then rainbow colors motion graphics and then something completely different.

you could've made multiple good demos out of the material in this one, if you would've taken them a lot further and then have done something with good taste and style.

(my first pouet comment in ~5 years!)

but yes, ASD guys do have some serious skills
sucks added on the 2007-08-06 12:37:32 by droid droid
Holy smokes!
rulez added on the 2007-08-06 12:55:33 by NeARAZ NeARAZ
Droid summed my feelings up quite well. No thumb down though, because there were some truly cool parts (best 2d gfx zoomer since Contour for example, also enjoyed the fluid-type-stuff) and the amount of work they've put to this is certainly respectable. Still way, WAY too "sillisalaatti" for my taste.
added on the 2007-08-06 12:57:14 by break break
So poetic !

you got the technic, you used very well, it's beautyfull. I love your universe.

rulez added on the 2007-08-06 13:17:57 by med med
Clearly an awesome demo! This is what I call true demoART. I had nearly tears in my eyes when I was watching this masterpiece for a first time (and then I watched this three more times in a row). Amazing plot and beautiful visuals not to mention extremely fluent transitions between scenes and outstanding design (many different designs and scenes so well put together into one excellent final product).
ASD are the "Pink Floyd" and Farbrausch the "Kraftwerk" of demoscene.
So fucking true...

Lifeforce is my current "best demo ever". Really beautiful sequel to Iconoclast. And I just LOVE both demos!

ASD: Great job guys! You are truly the artists! And extra kudos for Navis for doing it all by hand (hardcoding). Amazing. I will probabbly never be as good coder as you.
rulezcdc added on the 2007-08-06 13:26:14 by masterm masterm
well, to put it short: I have to second droid.
though I have to say that it's not, that ASD have no style. it's just they mixed it too much here. just everytime I started to get in the flow with the demo, another part in a total different style started. it felt like two demos mixed in an interleaving way.
so, piggy for the overall demo and imagine a thumb up here as well for the whole technical side of it - which is simply impressive.
added on the 2007-08-06 13:33:10 by styx^hcr styx^hcr
Loved the ink part a bit in, where the 'clots' break through the crust. :) My second favorite scene was the gold statue, would have been awesome if they had fixed the normal-errors (?) in the tight spots.

Nuclear explosion was great too, but too short! Someone should make a demo entirely based on explosions - really delve into it.

Got an idea from that. Has there been a demo with a really awesome/realistic spaceship launch?

Style was very arty, bit of a mish-mash, but that suited the music, lots of mixed styles there. Loved the start though, sounded Infected <3
rulez added on the 2007-08-06 13:34:19 by Photon Photon
Come on now. You may or may not like the style and (lack of) coherence, but how anyone can claim this is not a good demo is beyond me. You must have some pretty awesome unreleased stuff lying around if you think this is bad. I get the feeling people thumb this down because they dislike the hype.

That being said, this is definitely no "scene killer" as some people claim, not any more than Debris was. It's a very worthy compo winner, but it will be surpassed. No need to put superlatives in every single sentence, that just results in piggies turned to downthumbs from those who didn't fall in love with the demo immediately.
added on the 2007-08-06 14:02:11 by Radiant Radiant
"Someone should make a demo entirely based on explosions - really delve into it."

This sounds like a job for Mfx, regarding "Aether", "Deities" and "Torpedo" :-)
added on the 2007-08-06 14:08:51 by Stebo Stebo
Definitely the best ASD so far.. The guys have mad skillz and it seems to me that they're finally learning to hold back a bit and keep things cleaner instead of just throwing everything in your face at the same time :)

Sure, some parts were a bit out of place and with some even minor color tweaking or re-ordering it might have been even better, but with this massive amount of effort you can't really complain.

I really loved the fact that the demo has distinguishable parts, some good, some killer and some more mediocre, generally composed together very well. To me those are just things that make a demo something to remember. A demo with all parts "killer" would be too much for me to take :D Often, if a demo follows a strong story or the effects are too coherent, I end up only remembering the story or the coherent theme and forget all about the possible killer effects.. Maybe that's just me though :)

And about the "two demos interleaving", I actually liked it.. Almost like a battle between good and evil, or 2D and 3D..... :D I definitely wouldn't break those up into separate demos.

It's still not perfect, but wouldn't that be boring! Definitely woke me up. Anyone complaining about this one should just shut up and start coding something better!
added on the 2007-08-06 14:40:59 by hoplite hoplite
i´ve always thought good demos should start from a solid concept and develop it, while including some level of inventiveness and "surprise".

even though this is really nice at places it seriously lacks cohesion.

coding is ok, gfx are below average, music is ok, transitions are excellent. overall design is poor.

piggie for the huge effort, otherwise it would be a thumb down.
added on the 2007-08-06 15:24:20 by Reboot Reboot
best demo eva
rulez added on the 2007-08-06 15:41:38 by itchie itchie
rulez added on the 2007-08-06 15:44:28 by wullon wullon
Lifeforce has been offically youtubed:


added on the 2007-08-06 15:51:29 by Salinga Salinga
THIS is the new Second Reality. Debris was nice but can not quite cut it imho.
rulez added on the 2007-08-06 15:57:07 by arm1n arm1n
kewl Demo,
rulez added on the 2007-08-06 16:33:06 by AND1 AND1
ohh, what a masterpiece ^.^ ... I won`t compare it with other demos.. but this one is one of my favorites :) Great team work ASD! Keep this kind of demos comming..
rulez added on the 2007-08-06 17:06:30 by highlife highlife
I want to give it another thumb up! Just have to watch this again and again and again.....
added on the 2007-08-06 17:46:37 by Cosmocat Cosmocat
The ultimate baby from ASD!
seems tons of hours of work, pain and blood behind the stage!
This is that kind of stuff, that one must need to rip-off on mpeg and study each detail almost fram by frame.
It's not just a matter of using last cutting edge newschool effects, slurp some ACM papers, smashing the lastest graphics hardware with a bunch of shaders, using a microsoft console, or putting some classical demo-topic stuff and make public laugh (and vote): NO.

In my opinion this demo, this demo is a matter of doing something welldone, detallistic, and motivates people going on, spending their time, in making such good things like this, trying to tell people, a history or showing them just a dream.

what's all about? demoscene is still alive!!!
rulezcdc added on the 2007-08-06 18:28:29 by JaK JaK
WOW! What a show.....Navis, dont you ever run out of new effects and transitions?? ;)

If I should pick on something, it would just be the cheezy synth el-guitar thing in the music, the track would have worked fine without it. But other than that the track was really nice. Real demomusic.
rulez added on the 2007-08-06 19:00:12 by tFt tFt
wow WOW W.O.W. !!!

I really don't like cheap-synth-guitar as usual from ASD, but the rest is... WOW :)
rulez added on the 2007-08-06 19:09:59 by Kassoulet Kassoulet
When I watched it I felt like I was seeing Iconoclast II. Awesome stuff anyway. It's more or less runable on a POS Intel GMA950 which makes it even more impressive.
rulez added on the 2007-08-06 19:35:33 by flynn_nrg flynn_nrg
I haven't seen that many demos yet nor do I know much about them, but the flow of ideas and the feeling in my soul when watching this is something I have yet to experience with any other demo, and very few works of art in any form.

I registered here just to say this: ASD, thank you.
rulez added on the 2007-08-06 19:53:03 by The Witch The Witch
one of the best ever
rulezcdc added on the 2007-08-06 19:53:34 by nystep nystep
When I said "I can guess", I should say "I can't guess" :D
added on the 2007-08-06 19:57:27 by merlucin merlucin
hmmm... some people claim that this demo was partly inspired by "die ewigkeit schmerzt" by neuro.. but then again, neuro wasn't mentioned in the greetings - so i guess it's nonsense ;)

great demo :)
rulez added on the 2007-08-06 20:10:05 by paniq paniq
best demo ever! (so far)
rulez added on the 2007-08-06 21:09:32 by malken malken
Yeah, nice !
rulez added on the 2007-08-06 21:19:55 by cyb0rg cyb0rg
A Masterpiece!!!! Great!!!!!
rulez added on the 2007-08-06 21:25:02 by wiseman wiseman
Awesome stuff! I don't care if some people find it incoherent - for me this is what demos are all about: Lot's of content and beautiful execution!
rulezcdc added on the 2007-08-06 21:33:31 by beavis77 beavis77
Looking forward to read the making of :)
rulez added on the 2007-08-06 21:43:37 by mrdoob mrdoob
mixup of completely different styles..still fits imho. sound was k.

overall its a pretty heavy demo..
rulez added on the 2007-08-06 21:49:42 by 4kum4 4kum4
Of course it's great, but it's not among my favourite ASD demos. And I admire ASD. When Iconoclast came out, I thought this was something refreshing new, some unique style, very artistic and emotional. But after all the intermediate ASD prods which entered other territories, I found this one to be too less of an advancement from Iconoclast. Yeah, this is snobby complaining, just relative to the high degree of quality ASD delivers anyway. :)
rulez added on the 2007-08-06 21:56:15 by sire sire
Thanks ASD for next wild milestone. I like especially 2D-like parts that seems to be the future of ASD. The overall drive is not so exciting as in Iconoclast but original visuals compensate it.
rulez added on the 2007-08-06 22:06:16 by redox redox
the ultimate demo is done at last, everyone can go home now.
rulez added on the 2007-08-06 22:11:19 by Oswald Oswald
nothing more to say than ... brilliant as always ! .. shivers ...
rulez added on the 2007-08-06 22:40:43 by Hexogen Hexogen
thumb for the code, piggy for the kitsch
rulez added on the 2007-08-06 22:48:05 by Weyland Yutani Weyland Yutani
I can't help admitting that I like it very much, despite having this feeling of watching a collage of unrelated crowdpleasing 3D scenes. After a couple of times I even started to notice some coherence.
rulez added on the 2007-08-06 23:07:31 by viznut/pwp viznut/pwp
I really appreciated the 2D-things, the 3D not so much. The credits-part is gorgeous, though. Thanks, ASD! :)
rulez added on the 2007-08-06 23:11:56 by sagacity sagacity
what kind of gfx-cards run this demo?
added on the 2007-08-06 23:36:29 by quisten quisten
The specs are in the file_id.diz

Also check this out:


This is how the 'statue' part looks in real life. We depth scanned it by using custom technology in collaboration with a company specializing in such things (eykona technologies ltd.). The rendering is based on parallax bump mapping and it is on one quad.

added on the 2007-08-06 23:53:31 by Navis Navis
i'm dreamin' away...
rulez added on the 2007-08-07 00:08:29 by pirx pirx
I love it, love the transitions :)
rulezcdc added on the 2007-08-07 00:15:39 by Dbug Dbug
added on the 2007-08-07 00:18:24 by sagacity sagacity
I love it!
The only part I didn't like at all was the VW beetle-plus-gay-colored-ribbons thing. The rest is absolutely great. Good job.
rulez added on the 2007-08-07 00:31:59 by Nuclear Nuclear
yap. liked it. though the 3d was crappy.
rulez added on the 2007-08-07 00:44:46 by piriste piriste
Besides the gorgeuos design let's not forget the fucking amazing code. This shite runs quite well on my 3 years old laptop.
added on the 2007-08-07 00:50:01 by xernobyl xernobyl
Truly amazing, but not the best ASD demo imho. It didn't feel as coherent as Iconoclast and some scenes felt a little bit unpolished/rough.
But no mater what it was an exceptional journey and I will definitely watch it again.

rulez added on the 2007-08-07 01:09:23 by Happy-H Happy-H
Scanning something you didn't make yourselves? How disappointing.
sucks added on the 2007-08-07 01:31:46 by Osmic Osmic
are you a cretin or prending to be one ? We hired a whole company and had to wait 2 months before getting a permission even to get close to that centuries old statue hidden in the bowels of an Oxford university college. It would have been less trouble to 3D 'model' it ourselves but we wanted to do something technically unique.

Oh I also blue screened and scanned myself bringing down the moon. Does that count as cheating ? :-)
added on the 2007-08-07 01:36:29 by Navis Navis
rulez added on the 2007-08-07 02:18:06 by HeLLoWorld HeLLoWorld
Polished .. what?

Ill keep myself from thumbing this.. production, down until ive managed to watch the entire prod without hitting esc ( tried 4 times now, eurhm )
added on the 2007-08-07 03:39:19 by Hatikvah Hatikvah
But you didn't make the statue youself...
added on the 2007-08-07 03:44:47 by hitchhikr hitchhikr
added on the 2007-08-07 03:44:57 by hitchhikr hitchhikr
i just wrote a really long comment,


this demo sucks for being in a demoparty competition, otherwise it might be prety decent.

now.. thumb down ! yay!
sucks added on the 2007-08-07 03:53:40 by Hatikvah Hatikvah
Sorry. This is a piggy that could have been something waaay more than that (beyond a mere thumbup) were it split up well.
added on the 2007-08-07 04:05:01 by 216 216
this demo sucks for being in a demoparty competition, otherwise it might be prety decent.
That's what ppl said about State Of The Art, and look at today's demos.
added on the 2007-08-07 04:51:03 by xernobyl xernobyl
okay, i think i have to give thumbs up just for the statue action! respect!
rulez added on the 2007-08-07 05:01:33 by dipswitch dipswitch
nuclear, you're kidding. the part with the VW and the gay ribbons was the best part of the demo including best music part in the demo also.. if the whole demo would been as lsd:ish as this, it would been the best ever!
added on the 2007-08-07 05:17:54 by thec thec
Well I respect people's opinion but YOU people that thumb down the greatest demo of ASD and one of the best demo ever made have to come up with some serious comment and not find girlie excuses. Why can't you accept that ASD brought creativity+quality+kick ass techniques back to the scene...if it really hurts you go back to your cave.
Now as far as the statement for the gay ribbons ,we want take you seriously because you always find something that bothers you in every demo , but yet again I don't see your kick ass prod? Maybe because your mind lapses often? :P
added on the 2007-08-07 05:36:18 by sybeX sybeX
added on the 2007-08-07 06:49:07 by sybeX sybeX
rulez added on the 2007-08-07 07:19:33 by buzzer_ buzzer_
The only real criticism I can see is the kitsch. But hey, have you ever looked at a greek restaurant? ;)
added on the 2007-08-07 07:59:34 by Stelthzje Stelthzje
LOL - the ones complaining about the scanned statue probably think that Google Earth sucks for the same reason too.
added on the 2007-08-07 08:01:58 by Salinga Salinga
Lando Calrissian I haven't actually because I was busy. Ask your mother all about it.
added on the 2007-08-07 08:25:00 by sybeX sybeX
"ASD brought creativity+quality+kick ass techniques back to the scene" -- Were they ever gone? I didn't notice.
added on the 2007-08-07 09:10:12 by Radiant Radiant
Stunning! Best one I've ever seen.
rulezcdc added on the 2007-08-07 09:15:49 by Vulture Vulture
WTF Lando...one minute you are being sarcastic the other you add a heart?
added on the 2007-08-07 09:33:56 by sybeX sybeX
rulez added on the 2007-08-07 09:38:52 by Japsu Japsu
come on. whether you like the style or not, there's no way the thumb can go anything but upwards for this out of sheer respect. the way everything is tuned and tweaked and flows perfectly, the sheer class and smoothness of every movement. and by the way, this is a huge leap forward from iconoclast in my book. it feels in various parts like navis has really grown artistically, and the addition of archmage's 2d gfx adds a lot.

it's good to remember that not _everything_ is perfect, mind. when you look at some of the scenes individually after the first time you watch it (where you cant see anything other than the seamless transitions), you see that some of the single elements could have been done better - the water scene, the clocks, and a lot of the 3d modelling could all have been done better, and there's not really a standout effect in it - it's a very good implementation and usage of a lot of things that have been seen before. and, yea, perhaps some parts could be called kitch (im pointing at you, water scene and nuclear explosion) - but it's kindof part of the charm that they _dont_ have one eye on staying "cool", and just go for broke.
but hey, im very glad about the small deficiencies, because it still gives us hope to try and keep going and beat them next time. :) (still wish i had pushed him off the cliff when i had the chance though ;) )

whether this really is the "best demo ever" is something we can say in a few years time (see whether it stands up to a few hundred rewatches), but if a better demo comes along this year i'll eat navis's enormous trophy.
rulez added on the 2007-08-07 10:43:41 by smash smash
youre amazing smash... you can bitch and suck cocks at the same time :)
added on the 2007-08-07 11:02:10 by xeNusion xeNusion
xenusion: i believe it's called "having a balanced opinion" :)
added on the 2007-08-07 11:04:07 by smash smash
Amazing, watched it for a dozen times!!
rulez added on the 2007-08-07 11:14:45 by aLpHa oNe aLpHa oNe
After consideration, I have decided to give this demo one of my precious CDCs. I feel that they should be spent on productions that are a bit less known, or intensely special in a personal way, and not just "popular demos". But lifeforce definitely is not just a "popular demo", or "awesome", even though it's both of those things. Instead it's a demo that once again revived child in me, looking at the world with eyes wide with amazement.

This demo broght tears into my eyes at the partyplace and has given me a sense of wonder unlike any other I have ever seen. I felt like listening to Mozart's Requiem for the first time, or the flash of the moment when I suddenly understood integral calculus and realized why the axioms of set theory are what they are. You may call it kitsch or pretentious or tacky or whatever, and you might be right about it, but the sheer amount of association, culture and sophistication of the ideas and the flow is staggering, and there are flashes of Life in it, in the metaphysical sense. It contains every emotion, every movement, everything in the human experience. Hell, it is the human experience.

I have watched it dozens of times already, and every time it moves me just as much as it did the first time.
added on the 2007-08-07 11:43:22 by Preacher Preacher
Thumb goes to the splendid transitions, the 2D artwork and the quite epic proportions of the piece.

Well, the colours... humm... I still find 'em too pale, somehow.
rulez added on the 2007-08-07 12:13:03 by d0DgE d0DgE
well, impressive demo but i don't like it sorry.
added on the 2007-08-07 13:09:36 by tobé tobé
not much that hasn't been said before. this rules.

question, however... and i know nothing about rendering a 3D scene (i only know photochopping and video encoding), but is the posterization (at the beginning, the herbie scene where the gradient fades to a different color, and the end during the last half of the underwater part) intentional? or a glitch or shortcoming due to a "lack of bits per channel" when mixing colors? or a fuckup on behalf of my vid card? (7600GS, WHQL drivers)
rulez added on the 2007-08-07 13:42:01 by plonk420 plonk420

IMO not as perfect as many others think - but the great thing about ASD is imo that even though the single effect is nothing special then the design and transition between effects sets the viewer in this super-natural dream-like state, where you need some time afterwards to remember where you are, etc. Like putting the camera into the head of a sleeping madman.
Therefore I don't think that the demo is inconsistent. Very fluent design. At the end of the 2D-zoomer - back on the polaroids in the water, I almost had tears in my eyes.
Blueberry put it very nicely: "You don't watch ASD-demos. You bathe in them."

Oh, and the "farbrausch===kraftwerk, asd===pink floyd"-comment must be the best quote I have read on pouet. So unbelievingly true.
Comparing Life Force with Debris is plain stupid (which is better, "autobahn" or "the wall"). At the debris showing at breakpoint I was standing clapping my hands like a madman, yelling "hund" as loud as I could. At the lifeforce showing I think it took me a couple of seconds after the demo ended until I was able to just clap my hands.

Finally: Please fix the vsync-problem.
rulez added on the 2007-08-07 13:59:07 by lemmus lemmus
so good! music roxxx!
rulez added on the 2007-08-07 15:16:30 by puNky puNky
It really puts your mind flow...
rulez added on the 2007-08-07 16:04:25 by raztaman raztaman
Totally stunning. My main criticism of ASD in the past has been their slightly inconsistent theme through the demo, this answer that in full, then piles on an unbelievable amount of top notch art. Everything is pretty much spot on to me - the theme, the ideas and meanings running through it, the flow, the artwork and the music, and it all fits together perfectly.

The negative points? I can't think of any.. maybe I'll see something when I've watched it a few more times.

Overall, easily the best demo so far for me. I feel sorry for anyone trying to beat it, it'll be a massive task!
rulez added on the 2007-08-07 16:24:23 by psonice psonice
Still prefer evolotion of vision.
added on the 2007-08-07 18:34:14 by mg mg
rocks all the way and it runs fine on my crappy 6.5 years old system(ok, the gf6600gt was added some months ago).
rulez added on the 2007-08-07 18:47:13 by Spinball Spinball
Ok. Once again I'll comment. It's not even inconsistent, the parts simple don't fit.

After watching the demo you feel like eating everything from the menu of some mixed indian-italian-greek restaurant.. in a very small portions.. instead of just one delicious dish composed carefully to enjoy every bite of it.

I can't believe anyone can honestly watch it over and over again and enjoy it without having a feeling that it's about time to.. vomit, sorry.

I'm sorry. This demo is not sophisticated.
It's not genius. It's just little above the average, that's all.
added on the 2007-08-07 18:47:50 by tomkh tomkh
fuuha, very good tripish demo, usual quality from ASD
rulez added on the 2007-08-07 19:23:32 by habr100 habr100
asd = heart
added on the 2007-08-07 19:27:34 by zeebr zeebr
Incredible work. Dreamchild and Planet Risk are still my favorite though.
rulez added on the 2007-08-07 19:28:50 by duffman duffman
rulez added on the 2007-08-07 20:02:51 by uns3en_ uns3en_
I'd watch it again...

.....and then I'd watch it 10 more times!
rulez added on the 2007-08-07 20:15:09 by Nutman^IRIS Nutman^IRIS
amazing !
rulez added on the 2007-08-07 21:37:06 by Sanx Sanx
In next years, dictionaries should include this demo as a definition of Beauty.
rulez added on the 2007-08-07 21:54:05 by mogu mogu
Tomkh: I'm one of those people enjoying "everything from the menu in very small portions". It doesn't get boring... and I too feel that the scenes are connected very little to each other, but that is the main reason this demo amazed me.
i like demos with a lot of diversity. and this one simply makes me watch carefully and closely every second of running time.
added on the 2007-08-07 23:00:35 by hcdlt hcdlt
what was that? where m'i? am i in heaven?
rulez added on the 2007-08-07 23:24:58 by ISL ISL
rulez added on the 2007-08-07 23:26:36 by imbusy imbusy
how can I compete with that?
added on the 2007-08-07 23:27:10 by imbusy imbusy
Good but inconsistent
rulez added on the 2007-08-07 23:29:31 by Steel Steel
Note to non-windows-users: Doesn't use directx and runs ok'ish in wine :+)
(some clicks in the sound but apart from that no problems on my setup)
added on the 2007-08-07 23:45:08 by lemmus lemmus
rulez added on the 2007-08-07 23:57:09 by pi^m pi^m
Well done scenes, magically faded... i love transitions!! and loved also some scenes of incredible beauty!!

Guys, you allways get the best of our machines with that demos!!
rulez added on the 2007-08-08 00:56:20 by xphere xphere
I don't know what to say, I can't stop staring at my screen... I know i've seen some of the ideas and effects before, I know it is a little bit too long, but this is more than the sum of it's parts... it's the Demo to end all Demos.

Oh, and amazing music work from amusic and Leviathan!
rulezcdc added on the 2007-08-08 01:33:11 by imYemeth imYemeth
I'm watching the demoscene events since 1990 or so. In my opinion, this demo is a true masterpiece, a major milestone in whole scene history.

Farbrausch has done an excellent work with their Debris, but this demo... Lifeforce reminded me of such 'scene milestones' as State of the Art and Second Reality.

Simply perfect, an ultimate demo, as already been said.
rulez added on the 2007-08-08 02:51:11 by SubV SubV
asd allways is bit different, and i like the face in all asd prods <3
rulez added on the 2007-08-08 03:06:45 by STrider STrider
One demo to rule them all!!!
added on the 2007-08-08 07:00:09 by magic magic
It even runs perfectly on my shitty old video card (are you reading this smash?!). Fix the tearing, and it'll be perfect.
added on the 2007-08-08 13:15:21 by psonice psonice
Absolutely stunning demonstration.
rulez added on the 2007-08-08 13:43:41 by n0com n0com
ok perfect.
rulez added on the 2007-08-08 15:16:01 by chenmy! chenmy!
This is probably the first ASD demo i really enjoyed throughout. Absolutely wonderful. Thanks to every one of you guys.
rulez added on the 2007-08-08 15:55:18 by apricot apricot
W O N D E R F U L ! ! ! Seriously!
rulez added on the 2007-08-08 16:15:29 by PiN PiN
rulez added on the 2007-08-08 16:59:10 by Zest Zest
I was about to comment that ASD is the "pink floyd of the demoscene, but someone has already done that. ;)
Holy shit.
rulez added on the 2007-08-08 18:15:06 by LSnK LSnK
Now i'm going to see it again, and again...
rulez added on the 2007-08-08 18:35:31 by _10b0 _10b0
Overwhelming... still need to sort my senses, but im almost 100% sure this is one of the (insert superlative here________) demos ive ever seen. Congratulations! This is outstanding!
rulez added on the 2007-08-08 18:45:51 by Nty Nty
_great_ :)
rulez added on the 2007-08-08 19:13:59 by incidence incidence
Great piece of art, you can really see the amount of work that went into this production
rulez added on the 2007-08-08 21:27:08 by Ganymed Ganymed
substance > attitude
rulez added on the 2007-08-08 21:39:56 by polartimecast polartimecast
Damn, everything has been said already, but this is just so damn cool. Best ASD demo this far, and definitely at least one of the best I've seen in years. Some scenes doesn't look that good or impressive individually, but that's not even the point. The overall result is what matters the most and that result is something I haven't felt in a long time about a demo.

Now I have to see this again. and again. and again. Respect.
rulez added on the 2007-08-08 21:55:57 by teel teel
The Gold Part, the zooming picture in picture part and "The Way o the Exploding Fist" end part are excellent ideas and very well done. As for the rest I must admid that I find it somewhat mixed-up and weired - even though a really like ASD-demo in genral. So just a piggy.
added on the 2007-08-08 22:16:51 by JAC! JAC!
Uh oh chains & stones: A major turn off. Some beautiful parts but somewhat of a Herring Salad (ask your Finnish friends...).
added on the 2007-08-08 23:09:12 by jugi jugi
( O_o) am i still alive? (o_O )
rulez added on the 2007-08-08 23:23:55 by cichy cichy
Probably the best demo I ever saw. I don't know technically, but definately the best overall design, look and feel. Make more like this please! :D
Some of it has kind of a monty python vibe. :P
rulez added on the 2007-08-08 23:29:49 by eLeit eLeit
Every single demo by ASD has been a blast so far but one important thing makes this so special for me: you really get a crisp and clean look at the transitions this time.
EOF, Iconoclast, Planet Risk, AA already had some awesome transition effects but very often there was a haze of lightning effects covering the whole screen resulting in a washed out look. In Lifeforce every transition gets the whole attention. And that ads a lot to the overall emotional impression.
Also, while Amusic usually gets a lot of heat here on Pouet for his use of guitar samples, in my opinion he (and Leviathan) did a tremendous job with this production. This might not be a demo tune in the traditonal way, but it's a real soundtrack in the sense of a movie soundtrack: adding a lot of atmosphere to the demo and delivering an emotional punch. I especially like the hymnic sequence between the swinging light bulb and the end part.
Already thumbed this up, but once again: Congrats to everyone involved!
added on the 2007-08-08 23:56:28 by Stebo Stebo
ASD for president!
rulez added on the 2007-08-09 00:12:29 by bartman bartman
.............................. .
rulez added on the 2007-08-09 02:21:25 by Momo Vampire Momo Vampire
this demo took the words i would have used to describe it. I will be pondering the deeper meaning of this for years...
rulez added on the 2007-08-09 03:57:15 by praetor_alpha praetor_alpha
Really very good.
This demo is a must see for every demoscener. It has a very good soundtrack and a lot of great ideas.
My sincere congratulations.
rulez added on the 2007-08-09 03:57:32 by ham ham
Quote:"Probably the best demo I ever saw. I don't know technically, but definitely the best overall design, look and feel!".
Thats it!
Special Kudos for the music!
rulez added on the 2007-08-09 04:00:30 by Skyrunner Skyrunner
rulez added on the 2007-08-09 06:31:39 by mrhill mrhill
Guys erm :) ... there are NO guitar samples...I play all guitars my self in my tiny room (thus the sound of em aint that pro but what can you do :) and I've been doing that since Dreamchild. Everything is hand played + recorded with microphones. Further details can be found in the text files that come with the demo :) cheers to all and thanks for the support !
rulez added on the 2007-08-09 06:58:50 by Leviathan Leviathan
--> Leviathan
Sorry for the mix up. Being a designer I don't know THAT much about producing and mixing music... but I hopefully got my point made that I really loved your track, didn't I?! :)
added on the 2007-08-09 09:38:58 by Stebo Stebo
BB Image
added on the 2007-08-09 09:56:57 by Zest Zest
rulez added on the 2007-08-09 10:04:46 by Mr.Acryl Mr.Acryl
hand made code :)
rulez added on the 2007-08-09 10:26:13 by calimero calimero
Astro <3
added on the 2007-08-09 11:51:45 by Leviathan Leviathan
This is amazing!
rulez added on the 2007-08-09 14:25:54 by linde linde
this really rocks even after many viewings so much.. has so many heart and soul - fantastic atmosphere... and with Amusic's over the top soundtrack it only gets better :)
added on the 2007-08-09 15:45:08 by Sapphire Sapphire
Looks great but it's still boring. Running along like a calm river without making me wow for at least one time. For me the design has no highlights. The effects are neat and the music is not my deal.
sucks added on the 2007-08-09 17:34:28 by necronomic0 necronomic0
Thumb down necronomic0.....?
You are added in the list with dead opinions....where did your "n" went btw?
added on the 2007-08-09 17:44:22 by sybeX sybeX
nice ideas, nice effects & at last nice music! .... but not more.... sadly some parts sux like the rainbow and the ugly car.
rulez added on the 2007-08-09 20:36:10 by Pit Pit
I've waited for something like this for a long time to appear in the scene. Or actually it already happened with iconoclast (though as far as i remember it had fewer 2d effects and was more coherent).

I've been waiting for a demo that would combine smoothly various effects without the boring assortment of scenes we've seen so many times already switching from one to another. And i've waited for the shitty 3d fly-by hype to settle down that has been going on in the scene for years. I long for good 2d effects (fractals, CA, motion blur, whatever, everything) and a good transitions between different (both 2d and 3d) scenes. I'm bored of seeing the same static garbled 3d models being rotated in some abstract room with a shiny texture with some umpah-music and numedia dezign bitmaps.

ASD did exactly what i love, recognized both the canvas and the space as tools. Lifeforce has its great parts and the embarrassing clichéed ones (please, no melodic rock and knives on arteries and nuclear explosions), but as a whole it's hell of a lot better than most demos, and the code kicks ass. fuckings to the complainig mainstream sceners!
rulez added on the 2007-08-09 22:31:07 by piksi piksi
fuckings to the complainig mainstream sceners!

I'm not even sure if you know what mainstream means, but since you probably mean people who won't drink the kool-aid... fuck you too.
added on the 2007-08-10 00:03:53 by Shifter Shifter
I have no idea what it all means, but it was awesome.
rulez added on the 2007-08-10 06:54:09 by crusader crusader
A Superb Demo.
rulez added on the 2007-08-10 09:49:28 by v3nom v3nom
I've just read that the coder has hard coded all the demo and I'm pretty impressed.
It must be a lot of damn work to do that.
Yes there's some rendering approximation and the esoterism style isn't my cup of tea but the particles and splines are really impressives.

respect to your work
rulez added on the 2007-08-10 10:29:56 by u2 u2
they know what is what
rulez added on the 2007-08-10 13:45:39 by pahamoka pahamoka
Fantabulous - really enjoyed it.

Shame the credits at the end are hard to read, but the rest more than makes up for that!
rulez added on the 2007-08-10 13:52:03 by dotwaffle dotwaffle
demoscene is dead my ass!
thanks ASD once again! <3 <3
rulez added on the 2007-08-10 14:38:12 by nolver nolver
impressive, very.
rulez added on the 2007-08-10 15:02:49 by mulambo mulambo
I finally could nejoy it at home, works perfectly on a radeon 9800 \o/

Now what to say that has not being said before? It's simply wonderful.
rulez added on the 2007-08-10 15:20:43 by iq iq
OMG they ripped the second reality explosion scene !
added on the 2007-08-10 17:45:46 by Kassoulet Kassoulet
No, no, it's quite obviously from Conspiracy's The Prophecy: Project Nemesis :-)
added on the 2007-08-10 17:50:50 by crusader crusader
OMG Conspiracy ripped it too !
added on the 2007-08-10 18:47:15 by Kassoulet Kassoulet
few parts are way too cheesy, but otherwise it's sheer brilliance
rulez added on the 2007-08-10 18:47:22 by Hopper/SquoQuo Hopper/SquoQuo
Oh god ... is there anything to say ?
rulez added on the 2007-08-10 19:52:04 by kohai kohai
Well, this is Iconolast v2.0

Very well designed and directed.
Why all ASD demos works so smoothly, even if you use gfx card like 9600 pro?

Smash, time to improve something? ;)

Back to the demo.

Overused iconolast effects, when i first heard about the new ASS07 democompo winner by ASD...oh yeah new engine by Navis. Now we can see how to code real fast stencil vectors.

But no. Same iconolast engine.

I'll go to bar now and dream of the day when Navis do the stencils. Real Time.

rulez added on the 2007-08-10 20:13:25 by moredhel moredhel

Well I respect people's opinion but YOU people that thumb down the greatest demo of ASD and one of the best demo ever made have to come up with some serious comment and not find girlie excuses. Why can't you accept that ASD brought creativity+quality+kick ass techniques back to the scene...if it really hurts you go back to your cave.
Now as far as the statement for the gay ribbons ,we want take you seriously because you always find something that bothers you in every demo , but yet again I don't see your kick ass prod? Maybe because your mind lapses often? :P

I'd like to know why this sybeX guy seems to take every thumb down so personally... After all, this is JUST pouet and shoudn't be taken too seriously.

And the "greatest demo of ASD" and "best demo ever made" is just your interpretation, my ASD favourites are something else but i won't mention names or say "i expected more" because i hate when people do that (don't take them personally though, because this is just pouet :))
added on the 2007-08-11 00:30:53 by kurli kurli
I can't. I just can't.

There's something missing what was still there in Iconoclast... Humbleness maybe.

The whole thing just feels to endlessly circle around the final goal it intends to reach and it never really gets anywhere close.
There's no tension, no excitement - and for a storytelling / narrative demo, I'd say that's rather important.

It's very nice that you use more 3D content now, but it obviously needs a lot of more work because it looked pretty lowpoly '97 with stretched textures and all... Next time better I'm sure.

And the music... sorry. It failed badly. As much as the infofile tries to impress, again, the dark parts are not nearly as dark as they should be, there's only cheap bombast, but without the eerie element this time.

For a while now, I felt that the ASD bubble of being the N+1 of the previous overdose of sense has to pop at some point. This demo might have been just it.
added on the 2007-08-11 02:00:56 by Gargaj Gargaj
rulez added on the 2007-08-11 02:05:06 by [ProToS] [ProToS]
I watched you "older" stuff again and I must say that this is the most technically advanced and visually impressive piece you've done. Still imo Iconoclast etc. feel more finished and coherent. I like it anyways :)
added on the 2007-08-11 02:14:54 by raer raer
hmmmm what can I say. Some scenes simply rules. I love the zoomer with archmage graphics! and I love the scene that the screenshots shows. however the start of the demo was not my cup of tea at all!... sooo well. perhabs not my personal fav demo. but yes it does indeed rulez.
rulez added on the 2007-08-11 03:16:36 by Proteque Proteque
Parts of it (especially the beginning, after the head is ripped off) reminded me of Lemon Jelly music videos.

I'm also curious: what was the hand holding the watch with 'Equinox' on it doing there? Special greeting?

I have to agree with Gargaj that I still don't get it; it's still a bunch of disconnected scenes...
added on the 2007-08-11 03:56:25 by crusader crusader
rulez added on the 2007-08-11 04:26:26 by Gaia Gaia
Fantastic. Goes straight to my all time favourites.
rulez added on the 2007-08-11 14:01:07 by Maissi Maissi
crusader: read the nfo for some beginning of explanation...
added on the 2007-08-11 14:32:37 by Zest Zest

I'mma stick it out 'till the end
Now that it's raining more than ever
Know that ASD kick ass forever
You can stand under my Umbrella
You can stand under my Umbrella
added on the 2007-08-11 19:42:08 by sybeX sybeX
There was no demo ever with more passion, art and creativity!
Seriously, I've never seen a higher state of perfection!
rulezcdc added on the 2007-08-11 23:30:29 by hashdash hashdash
I can't. I just can't.

poor gargaj :(
added on the 2007-08-12 00:19:03 by Stelthzje Stelthzje
Absolutelly awesome. The best demo i have ever seen.
rulez added on the 2007-08-12 03:34:10 by Franxis Franxis
Wow. Wow. WOW!!! Awesome! Very stylish! It's an animated music video!
rulez added on the 2007-08-12 05:00:28 by AntDude AntDude
very well done, somehow nice to watch, but somehow absolutely not my style. still, thumb up for the effort
rulez added on the 2007-08-12 13:05:22 by gg|rhg gg|rhg
After re-watching, I have to say this isn't a giant leap forward from Iconoclast for me. I think the drive to cram in more and more into 8 (and a bit) minutes resulted in places where the change in mood was a bit abrupt, even if the transitions themselves were flawless. There are definitely some spine-tinglingly brilliant scenes in here (the carvings and Archmage's zoomer) but it wasn't the continuous sustained jawdropper that Iconoclast was.

But, expectations aside, how can you not thumb this up? There are still masters at work here, and it shows.
rulez added on the 2007-08-12 15:03:20 by gasman gasman
rulez added on the 2007-08-12 18:04:23 by scoutski scoutski
just a couple of things:

Sybex: Can you please stop it, it is embarrasing for you.

Moredhel: Can you elaborate on what is a realtime stencil ? (did we do something in lifeforce that is non realtime ?) Ths engine is the same as the one used in our first accelerated demo back in 2001.

In general let me say that lifeforce is more of a testament in production methods than a show-off of craftmanship in computer graphics and sound. I actually don't care any more if the models we use are primitive or if some people didn't like the sound (although I do disagree with most points in Gargaj list). There is no way in this world that all of you will ever be united in liking or disliking a demo. But at least it is obvious that we did something that very few have done in the past (debris and most TBL demos spring into mind): To take it seriously, to concentrate and spend as much time and effort it takes. And this is my testament to you.

Last thing to say, about the comparisons to iconoclast. Iconoclast was a winner demo. It doesn't have a soul because we made it to win the compo. It is a steroid pumped 100m runner. There, I said it. I denounce iconoclast and I denounce every other fucking big ASD demo made so far, except Lifeforce (and that will happen one day in the future ofcourse). Because it wasn't made to win the compo. It is true, I didn't care that much this time. It was made because there was this 10kg baby wanting to get out of myself, so I had to push and push for 6-7 endless months. And then came amusic, and Leviathan and Archmage and all the other lads and pushed with me.
And by doing so we showed you that it is possible, and everyone can really do it they work really hard. There is no talent or great inspiration or technical expertise, really. Just good planning and focus.

Well, I think we need to go back to the drawing room and make a demo for the audience we let down this time (hello Nosfe). Maybe make something featuring 'realtime stencils' (chuckles) ? Watch this space...
added on the 2007-08-12 22:00:35 by Navis Navis
Navis, please dont, just have more babies.
added on the 2007-08-12 22:05:10 by auld auld
The color ribbons part is rather cheap and does not fit very well with the overall atmosphere of the demo, IMHO. Besides that, this is brilliant. Some really great scenes and a pretty cool soundtrack.
rulez added on the 2007-08-13 01:03:55 by knox knox
Navis: Whatever you do, make sure you're having fun :)
added on the 2007-08-13 01:17:16 by mrdoob mrdoob
OMG, <3 it!!!
rulez added on the 2007-08-13 02:42:04 by tripper tripper
Too dark and absurd for me. However it's really professional.
added on the 2007-08-13 09:24:48 by -SP- -SP-
What this thread provides for me is an interesting peek into the mad mind of the demoscene. With people’s comments spanning from idolatry and love via forced shrugging or just not liking it to self-preservative oppositionalism - and even having Gargaj talking about humbleness (!!!), what remains is that Lifeforce is a creative effort which can’t easily be ignored in a way that one can get away with. Which again, and I’m speaking for myself here, means mission accomplished when I do scene stuff that I really put my back into. So thanks for all comments, both nice and not so nice.
added on the 2007-08-13 11:57:53 by Archmage Archmage
This is really enjoyable. Finally great 2d art is back in demos, that is something I was really much looking forward to. Also the collaboration between Andromeda (who had the policy to state that there is only one Andromeda) and ASD is a nice gesture (though I must admit that all this AOA and ASD affair was quite entertaining and it seems I will miss it...)

Anyway, this demo has everything, a great soundtrack, variing scenes, new effects, great design and as said, remarkable 2d work by the norwegian julemanden...
rulez added on the 2007-08-13 12:11:51 by chromag chromag
One of the best i've seen!
rulez added on the 2007-08-13 12:16:58 by powerspec powerspec
the music is amazing :) i heard it more then 20 times and still...it sounds great in my ears :)

One of my top 3 demos collections !!!
i like :)
rulez added on the 2007-08-13 15:12:15 by fyylyyppoo fyylyyppoo
this rules...
rulez added on the 2007-08-13 17:03:57 by Caf Caf
Navis (or other ASD members): was this made like all your other demos, making the last part first, then working forward to the loading screen?
I'm with gargaj.. But this prod REALLY deserves a thumb even if its not so top notch like it could be.
Technically the music is very strong but I had problems with the babycry/rainbowscene..
tastes are ofcourse different.. Still a strong thumb.
rulez added on the 2007-08-13 19:45:20 by mad mad
looks like an insane amount of work !
very smooth demo
rulez added on the 2007-08-13 20:15:30 by guille^cocoon guille^cocoon
I've watched it several more times, and as with Planet Risk, it grows on me, and I can finally call myself an ASD fan. I still dislike parts of the music though, while others are tear-jerkingly beatiful.

Please do a demo for the downthumbing audience next time. The progressive metal art scene has had its fill. :-)
added on the 2007-08-13 20:27:07 by Radiant Radiant
gay crap
sucks added on the 2007-08-13 23:02:14 by EarlGrey EarlGrey
Great some scene idea and concept.
And great some stuff.
But, too long.
But, totaly great works!!
rulez added on the 2007-08-14 03:19:31 by got got
Absolutely the best demo of all time!
added on the 2007-08-14 04:33:45 by Steohawk Steohawk
Hey, it has a nuke explosion! You don't see that nearly enough in demos.
..oh, and the rest of the demo was great too. Awesome paintings for the zoomer.
rulez added on the 2007-08-14 09:28:36 by mic mic
--> radiantx

Tried "Beyond the walls of Eryx" aready? It's the exact opposite of this one - and just as good.
added on the 2007-08-14 09:35:44 by Stebo Stebo
--> radiantx

Tried "Beyond the walls of Eryx" already? It's the exact opposite of this one - and just as good.
added on the 2007-08-14 09:35:57 by Stebo Stebo
Love it
rulez added on the 2007-08-14 09:36:02 by Master S Master S
rulezcdc added on the 2007-08-14 10:50:25 by starbuck starbuck
Just plain and simple, this is some of the most amazing stuff I have seen. Everything is just brilliant!
rulezcdc added on the 2007-08-14 11:13:50 by ekoli ekoli
rulez added on the 2007-08-14 13:04:16 by Drunken_Poet Drunken_Poet
rulez added on the 2007-08-14 17:28:39 by Skate Skate
Visually stunning, aurally enlightning, a true masterpiece.
rulez added on the 2007-08-14 18:08:05 by mnemotron mnemotron
MASSIVE! Thank you guys.
rulez added on the 2007-08-14 18:14:33 by ALiEN^bf ALiEN^bf
damn! :D awesome stuff
rulez added on the 2007-08-14 21:46:44 by morten morten
Uh, this is awesome!
rulez added on the 2007-08-14 23:10:54 by Jedi Jedi
A few notes about the music. Unlike our previous "big" demos the focus of the music was primarily to match the visual parts and then stand out musically, which most probably makes the music sound weird when heard out of context. But it's just what Xiny6581 said.. a demoscene soundtrack and this is what makes it special in terms of the creation process, as in almost all previous demos the music was written with a primary focus of being easily listened to as a stand-alone track and then match the visuals.

I have to admit that I'm not really fond of the dance intermission during the rainbow musically wise, but the visuals called for something like that.

Oh =).. and it's far from being progressive metal =)
added on the 2007-08-15 00:46:16 by aMUSiC aMUSiC
Sometimes a bit strange, but the whole demo is animated/directed so nicely!... Insane amount of work.
rulez added on the 2007-08-15 14:42:27 by remageFrs remageFrs
it's prog computermusic. :D
added on the 2007-08-15 14:57:01 by seppjo seppjo
nice demo, unfair if someone thumb it down (for effort guys took making it), but in my opinion (and for my taste) slightly overstuffed. not comparable with debris, simply because debris have constant 'drive'. someone compared this with sota. i never liked sota :-). anyway, great prod, but not for top10 imo :-)
rulez added on the 2007-08-16 00:20:25 by greent greent
beauty, technique and symbolism at perfection
rulez added on the 2007-08-16 05:08:58 by jco jco
open your eyes, this demo just sucks.
added on the 2007-08-16 14:37:46 by tobé tobé
really great although also a bit messy :)
I think it's beautiful, bravo !
rulez added on the 2007-08-16 20:51:58 by TME TME
always a pleasure to watch ASD demos. They are all a bit different and has a serious feel.
rulez added on the 2007-08-17 12:33:38 by stOPHER stOPHER
great one! I like the creepy stuff. the music is awesome
rulez added on the 2007-08-20 14:17:58 by Decem Decem
demoart masterpiece!

++ Codewise! Runs almost perfect on my 'not so fashion' hardware(celeron + GF6600). Better than HQ video capture, heh...
rulez added on the 2007-08-20 22:06:07 by Frozzy Frozzy
Excellent demo!
rulez added on the 2007-08-21 06:49:12 by olspookishmagus olspookishmagus
This product has something that a few have achieved until now. From my point of view, it has a "soul".

Some people may understand what i mean, but not everyone has the same taste on things i guess. Navis was updating me with videos from the demo as it was a work in progress during these seven months, and i was afraid that this would spoil the magic of watching it on the big screen for the first time. I was catastrophically wrong. I am now certain that nothing can prevent you from enjoying this magnificent piece of art. No matter how many times you have watched this demo, it gives you the same feelings.

Yes i agree that some scenes are cheesy, like the rainbow and the nuclear explosion ones, but overall it leaves you with a sweet taste, and a big smile on your face (even tears for some). I personally adore the "bells", "suicide" and "infinite zoom" scenes.
About the music? I was afraid that this piece of music was not going to be made on time, but aMUSiC and Leviathan not only proved me wrong, but wrote one of my favourite tunes. An amazing soundtrack, worthy for such visuals. I kneel before the musicians for this one :)

I personally would be afraid to go on after this one, but Navis has proved me wrong many times. Can't wait for the next one, keep up like this one guys :)
rulez added on the 2007-08-21 15:35:54 by zafos zafos
rulez added on the 2007-08-21 19:47:55 by moqui moqui
Fantastic demo! I've watched it a number of times now, and it amazes me that despite the rather long runtime, it never gets boring thanks to the pace of scene changes plus all the little details.

This is (well, atleast in my opinion) the true essence of what a demo should be in all aspects. For example - Navis does things the way it should be done - actually CODING the demo, not coding a tool and then letting a design-guy do the entire demo. ;)
The fantastic graphics by Archmage (still can't believe that you managed to work so hard on it all the way through BFP! :D) - colorful, imaginative images, also very "demoscene".
And last but not least - the music, which really adds another dimension to the effects.

I was very sceptical of the first ASD demos, but demo by demo I have been converted (or perhaps rather the quality of the demos has kept increasing) and now I'm a total fan!
rulez added on the 2007-08-21 22:51:33 by Sdw Sdw
Well, it's ASD, so expect the usual ~8min dose of stunning music, transitions, code and sharp design.
rulez added on the 2007-08-22 02:43:59 by p01 p01
Effects are great, especially "sinking" letters and blast wave. Awesome!!! =)
Very impressive. Good atmosphere, many nice ideas, for old and new fx, good music and gfx.
What can you expect more ?
We will see.
rulez added on the 2007-08-22 06:40:25 by Zweckform Zweckform
i didn't vote, yet?!? well this is in my oppinion one of the best new demos!!! every scene melt perfectly to the other! i love the clown-face, it's now on my desktop :-)

the music is perfect, hi quality sound, with different styles. some rocking elements with the great guitar, some ambient elements :-)

i watch this stuff again and again... i love this art :-)
rulez added on the 2007-08-22 09:54:37 by anvil's earwax anvil's earwax
I want to thump up too!
rulez added on the 2007-08-22 10:19:16 by Kami68k Kami68k
having read Navis' journal in zine i want to give another thumb up
rawks. instant thumb up :)
rulez added on the 2007-08-22 17:12:25 by Saga Musix Saga Musix
Doesn't work.
sucks added on the 2007-08-22 18:11:22 by --------- ---------
Great Demo !
rulez added on the 2007-08-22 18:52:31 by s7ing_ATZ s7ing_ATZ
/me is blinded by this piece of beauty. awesome work guys. ur the masters.
rulez added on the 2007-08-22 19:17:14 by bull bull
A real surreal journey. This is, what I expect from modern demos. It's not only great in techniques, but also great in music, storyline, regie and content!

rulez added on the 2007-08-22 22:54:34 by spoke spoke
rulez added on the 2007-08-23 00:24:46 by Kauto Kauto
La ostia! ... fantastic syncro with all effects, fantastic transitions between scenes, good graphics work and music.... with debris, maybe the best of the year at the moment...
rulez added on the 2007-08-24 13:53:17 by humphr3y humphr3y
that was one hell of a ride
rulez added on the 2007-08-24 14:38:48 by johnb johnb
rulez added on the 2007-08-25 11:21:48 by spritus spritus
Amazing Demo...
rulez added on the 2007-08-25 18:20:03 by feeral feeral
added on the 2007-08-26 12:15:09 by SilkCut SilkCut
wow, just great!
rulez added on the 2007-08-26 22:30:19 by El Topo El Topo
so touching... just the style I love most
rulez added on the 2007-08-27 22:25:31 by stijn stijn
The best demo I've ever seen. Thumbs up !!!
rulez added on the 2007-08-28 08:37:38 by Chaser Chaser
rulez added on the 2007-08-29 11:27:11 by arm arm
rulez added on the 2007-08-29 13:08:31 by tantronix tantronix
I bow to the quality of this prod, but I am still far from the awe that so many people are expressing over here. If art needs to be explained (like they did in the txt included with the prod), then something has gone in the wrong direction I think, has it not?

I find this demo slightly incoherent, because the opening atmosphere does not correspond well (in my opinion of course) to the middle part of the demo, neither does the middle go well with to the finale. I like the beginning chorus accent, and if they kept to that, this demo would gain even more.

Don't get me wrong - I like this prod a lot, but I do so with a grain of salt.
rulez added on the 2007-08-29 17:44:30 by chemist chemist
@chemist: didn't get that memo, so: no.
added on the 2007-08-30 01:01:35 by lug00ber lug00ber
@chemis: the interpretation of the demo on the text file is our interpretation. As with pretty much creative and art, interpretation is left open and upon the eye of the beholder. For instance, we have seen a lot of interpretations of what Dreamchild means to the respective viewers, some of which have been really amazing full of things and feelings we never thought would be provoked by the demo.
added on the 2007-08-30 04:14:36 by aMUSiC aMUSiC
rulez added on the 2007-08-31 06:25:41 by skrip skrip
rulez added on the 2007-08-31 14:20:01 by glow glow
Hey , yesterday that I was reading there were 26 cdc's.
Bring that cdc back you bloody bastard whoever you are...!!!
added on the 2007-08-31 18:16:40 by sybeX sybeX
yep, full house excellent gfx nice sound and good storyline... per-fect !
rulez added on the 2007-09-01 17:55:01 by AMItac_TSA AMItac_TSA
Nicely done. Quite a masterpiece
added on the 2007-09-03 03:55:09 by mudlord mudlord
great demo and nice design,but the music is terrible!
sucks added on the 2007-09-03 10:50:46 by aga060 aga060
kick-ass demo with great progressive-like soundtrack!! this really rules, thanks for the great trip.
rulez added on the 2007-09-03 21:29:15 by {OdS} {OdS}
Arg... Shit.... we'll have to work harder after that...
rulez added on the 2007-09-03 21:38:18 by krabob krabob
Great in it's own weird way. Must see for the transitions, ASD always has those killer thingies. The music is much more me, than the previous releases.
rulez added on the 2007-09-03 22:03:24 by d3pth d3pth
This mess makes me think I'm dreaming. So many different scenes, styles, ideas, models etc and still one end fits to the others start so perfect that it just made my jaw drop!
I think this is mainly design lover pr0n.
I wouldn't call it the best demo ever - but I wouldn't call any demo being the best. Demos are not comparable - you love them or not. And I love it hard. Thump's up!
rulez added on the 2007-09-04 13:19:05 by scicco scicco
Watched again today. Best ASD yet. Come to Syntax Party '08 and bring a demo (please!)
rulez added on the 2007-09-05 17:00:32 by cTrix cTrix
Great demo, but music is so-so ;(
rulez added on the 2007-09-09 13:31:13 by #535 #535
All-time top, and damn, this deserves it.

rulez added on the 2007-09-11 16:05:40 by ferris ferris
Damn happy to finally see it in the top :)
added on the 2007-09-12 21:41:52 by Dbug Dbug
oh. my. god.
I've watched it in avi, just because I sold my rather powerrful gaming PC in excahange to Mac mini + Wii. I want my PC back! :)
rulez added on the 2007-09-17 05:37:33 by alfsoft alfsoft
who's the singers?
rulez added on the 2007-09-17 10:06:25 by skrebbel skrebbel
oh yes.
rulez added on the 2007-09-17 20:38:55 by dv dv
fun fact: this crashes on my laptop just when the polaroid thing starts in the beginning when I have my monitor attached.
added on the 2007-09-18 12:32:29 by okkie okkie
Simply rulez
rulez added on the 2007-09-19 14:45:25 by _H2o_ _H2o_
As ever, senseless but nice.
Please stfg!!!!
rulez added on the 2007-09-20 23:16:04 by doh doh
This is far better than Debris...why doesn't Pouet agree?
added on the 2007-09-21 21:37:26 by ferris ferris
Because Debris has a concept, a begining, a development and an ending, I guess.
added on the 2007-09-21 23:18:55 by doh doh
okkie: Had some problems too with demos when using that dualview shit on my Radeon9700 (im)mobility. Try watching it with a single-monitor configuration...
added on the 2007-09-21 23:57:32 by raer raer
all of our demos have trouble with dual monitors configured in DualView (Clone and Span although work perfectly)
added on the 2007-09-22 20:41:00 by aMUSiC aMUSiC
@aMusic: Heh, it's funny that you invoked Dreamchild, because it happens to be my most favourite production of yours. It is flawlessly directed and the visuals fit with the soundtrack perfectly. Speaking of it, "I am you" is an amazing piece of art, you have my most sincere thanks for it.
And back to LifeForce - if it is only your interpretation, then there is no problem. Still, I do not find this prod as expressive as your other demos, for example "Cadence and Cascade" or "Beyond the Wall of Eryx". The latter one I personally consider an extremely fascinating demo, and to me it is the direction that I would most enjoy seeing your art to take :)
added on the 2007-09-25 10:38:15 by chemist chemist
rulez added on the 2007-09-26 21:03:47 by trigger trigger
Its a breathtaking neraly perfectly designed joyride
rulez added on the 2007-09-27 15:44:27 by CONS CONS
rulez added on the 2007-09-27 15:56:38 by HarryPotter HarryPotter
Beautiful!!! Thrilling!
rulez added on the 2007-09-27 19:06:58 by thomas^sd thomas^sd
I am very happy that you guys keep improving with every next big release. Excellent work!
rulez added on the 2007-09-29 11:31:02 by Wodzu Wodzu
rulez added on the 2007-10-01 10:14:47 by hardi hardi
Everything about this demo has been said... Except one, the most important: it can change your life!
rulez added on the 2007-10-03 17:49:32 by wrthlss wrthlss
Simply beautiful!
rulez added on the 2007-10-07 01:54:09 by slusk slusk
What a year it has been for the demoscene. I've not been this interested since my Amiga days I guess, but I'm starting to get the itch again.

This is really incredible stuff! I can't say more than others have said already, but just add my congratulations and respects to the pile!
rulez added on the 2007-10-12 03:58:08 by Wade Wade
stunning.. the transitions in particular blows my mind. a tremendous achievement.
rulez added on the 2007-10-13 22:19:50 by seablue seablue
Also that tune is so <3, a classic yet for me
Definitely the best demo i have ever seen, just so beautiful.
rulez added on the 2007-10-14 22:47:18 by The_Grandmother The_Grandmother
I'd just like to add that this ran surprisingly well with Wine 0.9.47. It disabled FSAA and warned me I wouldn't be able to see some animations (though evidently not ALL the faces in frames were animations, because I did see one) but other than that everything worked. I don't think I had quite enough RAM for the scenes with snaking lines going everywhere, or the halftone blobs.
added on the 2007-10-17 03:40:33 by crusader crusader
wow O_O That really rulez... the best prod ever!
rulez added on the 2007-10-23 10:10:15 by Halt Halt
I like it, it's like a dream: when you watch it you don't doubt that's real, but when you wake up and think about logically, you see it couldn't be real, Beetles can't ride rainbows, etc...

But what's the point: you should not judge the single effects in this demo, like logo 8.9, golden part 8.8 -wait it was scanned, let it be 7.7-, it's nonsense.

The entire demo deserves a great thumb up, because of the consistent and polished design, and the nearly flawless execution of the idea. And from a technological point of view however it consist nothing schocking new, still a decent product. Not the best demo ever, but in the past few years I hardly remember anything like this prod.
rulez added on the 2007-10-23 13:02:49 by Alain Alain
just adding my thumb to this inspired piece of creative work.
rulez added on the 2007-10-23 13:06:46 by keito keito
Good Demo. Blur is well used. Not to much about it. Most Textures have good quality. Amazing Demo!!!
rulez added on the 2007-10-29 19:28:33 by Th3_Hunt3r Th3_Hunt3r
There´s no way to NOT thumb this up...yeah.!
Iconoclast was the better Demo in my opinion...yeah.!
some low polys,yeah,it looked better via stream back then..
...but STILL i have watched it as often as Iconoclast already.! I JUST LOVE IT...!!
Maybe that´s coz I´m a rOkker...i like techno (damn that word,but its what its called.: techno.! goa,psy,acid,happy-hardcore,whatever...) also a lot,but some guitarZ fit my earZ best for now and forever.!
...the more it is coz the ASD-Style is what every Amiga-Scener dreamed of back then in 1995...Style,Dezign,ColorZ,fitting musiX embedded in nice code...

IF you release sth the next Assembly just try to get some Heavy-Metal-PartZ into that prod ;) ...maybe that doesnt fit your ART that perfectly,but maybe you could put some of your fast-paced-Codes into that one then.! (thinking of Tunnels and such.!)

...on the other Hand i´m just drunk again atm and other groups do comparable stuff already (with technoid muzak.!!!!)

damn...if i weren´t drunk atm,i wouldnt post it,i guess...lol.!

i did NOT rate this KILLER-Demo until now,coz i haven´t found the right words to describe my feelings for that MONSTER.!! (like in Monsters,Inc...the nice MonsterZ ;) )
..but as i still can´t do so,here´s some Bulltalk from me...coming with the DESERVED Thumb.!!! ;)
rulez added on the 2007-10-30 21:33:00 by ɧ4ɾɗվ. ɧ4ɾɗվ.
that don't impress me much a ha ha aaa
sucks added on the 2007-10-31 10:09:30 by em7em7em em7em7em
of course not, after all, you do impressive stuff like this, no way ASD will ever reach that level
added on the 2007-10-31 10:33:34 by StingRay StingRay
ahahahahahah :)
added on the 2007-10-31 10:36:54 by wie8 wie8
the best one i ve ever seen!!!!
rulez added on the 2007-11-02 17:57:00 by lindewest lindewest
they do impress me :)
rulez added on the 2007-11-05 18:52:39 by faraday faraday
yes this is the best
added on the 2007-11-10 16:32:03 by lindewest lindewest
rulez added on the 2007-11-11 01:26:46 by ps-killah ps-killah
kitsch, but very good kitsch
rulez added on the 2007-11-12 02:51:23 by ltipl ltipl
Damn, still watching it over and over.
Just those changes in moods in both gfx and soundtrack. Not to speak about transitions between scenes..
added on the 2007-11-16 20:54:30 by wix wix
Really awesome
rulez added on the 2007-11-17 09:46:19 by Kitsun Kitsun
This is one of the best demos i've ever seen. It's incredible in every aspect and it's one of my favorites. It didn't feel like 8 minutes at all and the connections between the scenes make it feel like a dream.


rulez added on the 2007-11-22 01:34:40 by gr9yfox gr9yfox
rulez added on the 2007-11-22 02:08:30 by Jacksoft Jacksoft
rulez added on the 2007-12-08 15:14:48 by yandexx yandexx
Love the transitions!
rulez added on the 2007-12-08 15:25:03 by of of
top graphics, top music, top story. TOP!!
rulez added on the 2007-12-08 15:26:11 by neoneye neoneye
very inspiring ideas. i was pleasently surprised with the style, even tough i found the last third a bit overdramatic.
music stunningly composed as usual.
rulez added on the 2007-12-13 19:26:01 by baerb^kat baerb^kat
And it's beautiful as an art project even without the soundtrack.
rulez added on the 2007-12-17 20:15:48 by nelius nelius
Guys, your work goes far beyond the scene. I'm in awe... You made history with this prod.
added on the 2007-12-20 15:58:41 by TomS4wy3R TomS4wy3R
the most stunning prod ever

the only thing that could live this up is ASD's prod next year.
rulez added on the 2007-12-22 04:11:45 by renard_v renard_v
Unlike Planet Risk, it's in life.
Unlike Iconoclast, there's life in it.

I have seen so few things in life that makes you smile, shiver, question and cry at the same time, only one of which is a demo.
rulezcdc added on the 2007-12-23 14:59:45 by anesthetic anesthetic
ohh my God!
rulez added on the 2007-12-24 02:08:35 by superfml superfml
Some of the best design I've ever seen in a demoscene prod. Found the demo and soundtrack itself quite boring tho.
rulez added on the 2007-12-24 02:47:21 by shock__ shock__
i thumbed u down cause u didn't respect other
religions ...
i meant the calling sound in the beginning
you have no right to use it as "material" for ur things ...
take care.
sucks added on the 2007-12-25 13:47:29 by panic panic
there probably isn't any demo that respects ANY religion (except heaven7).
added on the 2007-12-25 13:52:14 by xernobyl xernobyl
sorry, not our fault. The spirits came to our sleep and told us to do so...
added on the 2007-12-25 14:13:58 by Navis Navis
What now? Jihad on demoscene? Are the next suicide bombers on it way?
added on the 2007-12-26 12:46:30 by Salinga Salinga

What now? Jihad on demoscene? Are the next suicide bombers on it way?

yeah they r otw to bomb ur a** .
take care ^^.
added on the 2007-12-26 14:29:16 by panic panic
Whoa.. now that's assuming a lot. Not respecting "other" religions? Ever wondered what the creator's religion is? (or for that matter, if he belongs to any religion whatsoever?). Oh.. and it's very respectful on your behalf towards that "other" religion (islamic by the way) refering to that sample as "the calling sound in the beggining".

But just to set the record straight here, the chant was recorded in a studio, and is not an actual recording from a Minare. There's no intention of disrespect towards any religion. On the contrary, a couple of friends whose religion is islamic, thought of it as a tribute rather than an act of disrespect.
added on the 2007-12-27 01:44:00 by aMUSiC aMUSiC
great water
rulez added on the 2008-01-02 11:24:03 by Majak Majak
It ain't my style, but one must agree with the graphics.
rulez added on the 2008-01-04 20:26:51 by cheesytbc cheesytbc
rulez added on the 2008-01-08 10:51:32 by dude dude
liked it a lot
rulez added on the 2008-01-09 05:11:18 by tony tony
One of my all time fav
rulez added on the 2008-01-09 19:07:22 by samurai samurai
amusic: no need to hide, we all know you are an "iconoclast".
Wonderful imagination!
rulez added on the 2008-01-23 21:15:42 by zefyros zefyros
Who's the choir?
rulez added on the 2008-01-24 10:07:27 by zoi zoi
It's not a "real" choir. It's a patch (or well several of them) for reason.
added on the 2008-01-24 18:14:40 by aMUSiC aMUSiC
Btw Amusic, is the piano part completely original ? I've shown Lifeforce to a friend a few days ago and he told me that this specific piano part was "taken out of" or "very closely related to" a famous tune (by Chopin, or Debussy, or some famous piano player). Just out of curiosity... :)
added on the 2008-01-24 18:43:02 by TomS4wy3R TomS4wy3R
fanfuckingtastic demo, best ever
rulez added on the 2008-01-26 10:05:24 by artanis artanis
TomS4wy3R, Chopin is one of my favourite classical music composers (along with Beethoven, Liszt and Rachmaninof). When I finished writting that piano part, I got a lot of Chopin vibes from it. No, there's no tune by either Chopin or Debussy that the piano part is related to. It's an original composition but the style of the progression is indeed inspired (albeit not intentionally) by Chopin.
added on the 2008-01-26 16:12:11 by aMUSiC aMUSiC
Thanks for the details. Interesting to know about your references. Keep it up, I'm fond of your specific music style. :)
added on the 2008-01-26 16:24:49 by TomS4wy3R TomS4wy3R
Mindblowing! I don't have many other words for it.. truly amazing!
rulez added on the 2008-01-31 01:47:09 by Agilo Agilo
Much RESPECT and thanks for keeping it alive with a STYLE!
added on the 2008-02-09 21:59:40 by monk monk
Thumb up
rulez added on the 2008-02-09 22:09:40 by monk monk
By seeing this i know why i run into the stores to buy a top-notch graphic accelerator once in a while!
totally takes my motivation to do something creative on my own. so fuckings to you guys! good job!
added on the 2008-02-19 23:40:31 by muh muh
rulez added on the 2008-02-24 18:15:27 by pigpenpete pigpenpete
Some scenes seems to not really fit the highest quality of the whole demo ...
Archmage/Andromeda seems to put things into it ^^

Anyway, the others scenes close to perfection
rulez added on the 2008-03-02 21:05:24 by RaHoW RaHoW
Great music and animation :)
rulez added on the 2008-03-07 09:41:56 by Queen_Luna Queen_Luna
One of the best demos ever! Well done ASD! :-)
rulez added on the 2008-03-18 23:15:12 by prodigy prodigy
Congrats to the Best Demo scene.org award !!!
rulez added on the 2008-03-22 22:22:07 by aki aki
Sorry, but I have really to do that. This one is totally overrated, normally I would never thumb it down because it is _very_ good. On the other hand, come one, 454 thumbs up, 28 cds and three scene awards is a way too much. Debris should have got three awards but not Lifeforce.
sucks added on the 2008-03-22 22:22:57 by FiZz FiZz
I would have given the award to Farbrausch but your demo is a very close second in my list. A very nice gesture from Navis towards Farbrausch für their work!

So congratulations! Lifeforce is a worthy award winner.
added on the 2008-03-22 22:26:04 by Salinga Salinga
Forgot teh thumb up. And I agree with Salinga.
rulez added on the 2008-03-23 05:00:15 by Alpha C Alpha C
BB Image
sucks added on the 2008-03-23 17:50:16 by px px
congratulations, you've just won the 2008 scene.org award for pouet trolling.
added on the 2008-03-24 11:10:16 by Navis Navis
Checked this one coz it won scene awards. It has nice visuals and very good flow but I find it extremely boring and uninspiring. About 1 minutes of the music was quite okay thought. I'm not going to vote for it because I'm don't think I have right to thumb it down.
added on the 2008-03-24 15:02:06 by CreaMD CreaMD
definitely worth watching
rulez added on the 2008-03-25 01:27:25 by KHRoN KHRoN
Navis: Thanks, I also like to 'make it right the first time'™ too, and I've been waiting ever since that tragic moment this piece of crap was presented to express just how bad it is, and the opportunity suddenly presented itself during Breakpoint.

At least you did'nt win for best direction, that would've been a worse mistake than Ewigkeit not winning anything last year.

added on the 2008-03-25 03:33:49 by px px
"piece of crap?"
What sort of a cuntish moron are you? fuckoff
added on the 2008-03-25 20:21:46 by Intrinsic Intrinsic
yes, and the opportunity appeared and you couldn't do anything but put a stupid picture on the comments list. What are you, 14 ? is that how much you respect not just our group effort (whether the demo is good or bad is irrelevant in this context) but also the community of pouet and its moderators?

Next year make your own "Px.org" awards, and give them to whoever you want.
added on the 2008-03-26 10:17:45 by Navis Navis
Best demo i've ever seen.
rulez added on the 2008-03-26 14:42:17 by FirewalkR FirewalkR
Navis .. that is quite easy .. flo would probably win every single award in the show .. but still .. i am looking forward to it
added on the 2008-03-30 21:16:45 by dwarf dwarf
rulez added on the 2008-04-03 12:06:08 by SiR SiR
effects, 3Ds,
glare textures (metallic stone),
some animations,
rulez added on the 2008-04-05 05:38:13 by BITS BITS
ambient of a far away city, before the rainbow and VW
added on the 2008-04-05 05:39:57 by BITS BITS
by favorite scene is with bicycle near the tree.
rulez added on the 2008-04-05 09:04:57 by sq sq
*my favorite scene.
huge and massive demo. i wonder i didn't thumb it up early.
added on the 2008-04-05 09:05:57 by sq sq
rulez added on the 2008-04-07 16:29:30 by mdx mdx
All is GREAT in this Demo! Only the Beetle on the rainbow don't fit for me.
added on the 2008-04-08 16:21:22 by doC doC
I was amazed with music and direction. Almost start to cry :) End is weakest part of the demo
rulez added on the 2008-04-19 11:44:39 by nknight nknight
for me, this is like a very intensive dream. but the music goes wrong in the mid of the demo
rulez added on the 2008-04-28 00:09:10 by relias abardon relias abardon
rulez added on the 2008-05-14 02:10:36 by Phloxicon Phloxicon
The best demo I've ever seen! ASD, you guys are masters of the scene! Music is more than excellent, direction is more than great..... Congratulations!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!11111111111
This thing made me think about life..... yeah) Overall I'm speechless........
rulez added on the 2008-05-24 21:56:24 by Ized Ized
How I can't vote this one?
That's another masterpiece!! It rulez!
rulez added on the 2008-05-27 01:24:49 by SoDa7 SoDa7
Impressive ! Magic !
rulez added on the 2008-05-27 16:52:48 by Pandafox Pandafox
after 10 years, this demo will still kick asses.
not because of its fx & graphic - because of its screenplay, "choreography", wit and virtuosity. hours of intense work turned into 8 minutes of realtime wonder! demo of a decade (debris included)
rulezcdc added on the 2008-06-07 06:06:50 by crs crs
very good
rulez added on the 2008-06-07 08:53:37 by 24 24
that demo is still my no1
rulez added on the 2008-06-14 02:07:00 by bons bons
how, what, why... this thing is amazing!! It really took me on trip for the duration of the demo. I am as certain as I can be this will be a lifetime classic.
rulez added on the 2008-06-14 10:40:56 by darkus darkus
Visually impressive.
The chinese shadows parts & the underwater final part :-O
rulez added on the 2008-06-14 15:37:48 by untel untel
I still wonder, how this chinese fresco was made. =)
rulez added on the 2008-06-15 21:19:24 by FenolFtalein FenolFtalein
As Pixtur said, ASD are the masters of transition and show it time after time. From Dreamchild to Lifeforce, nobody makes a demo with a flow as smooth as they do.

I'd say they do "Baroque" demos, very elaborate and detailed. The opposite of minimalist. I feel they are like poetry, not every one of the 100 places we go thru is perfectly connected and meaningful, it's meant to convey emotion.

The end result is not always as good as with Lifeforce. This time there is a clear and meaningful theme and few things would suit this style as well as life and death. The infofile is also excellent, few artists bother to expain their works like ASD has done with a few of their latest demos.
rulez added on the 2008-06-16 00:06:31 by slux slux
Holy crap.
I mean, AMAZING!!! I need new language to express the awe. :/
rulez added on the 2008-06-24 21:37:05 by Ped Ped
Really, really amazing. Certainly will be remembered as one of the best of all time!
rulez added on the 2008-07-08 04:11:04 by [HamsTeR] [HamsTeR]
rulez added on the 2008-07-08 06:04:27 by flickey flickey
Congrats for winning the Bitfilm 08 award! B-) What ya do with the 1500 EUR? ;)
added on the 2008-07-10 10:30:52 by Salinga Salinga
spiegel.de about the Bitfilm-Winner Lifeforce:
added on the 2008-07-10 12:17:01 by Salinga Salinga
truely brilliant
rulez added on the 2008-07-12 00:07:38 by efecto efecto
Now we can stop still referring to SecondReality =)
rulez added on the 2008-07-12 18:14:04 by T$ T$
love this forever
rulez added on the 2008-07-19 18:11:34 by Inorix Inorix
Awsome demo, I love it.
rulez added on the 2008-08-01 22:34:13 by sof_max sof_max
Last time I checked this was still the best demo ever. I checked five minutes ago :-).
added on the 2008-08-09 12:42:09 by Stebo Stebo
This is hands-down my favorite demo of all time. Epic music, epic visuals, gorgeous transitions and flow. Yummy! =)
rulez added on the 2008-08-11 07:14:12 by ryiinn ryiinn
Fan-fucking-tastic! A classic for the aeons to come!
rulez added on the 2008-08-11 09:03:30 by nous nous
Thumb for the overall presentation. Anyone can show off an effect, but few can assemble many such effects in context with a theme :)
rulez added on the 2008-08-18 11:35:31 by SaxxonPike SaxxonPike
was ok
added on the 2008-08-21 17:19:03 by tEiS tEiS
rulez added on the 2008-08-23 16:58:50 by PENETRATOR PENETRATOR
Ive not seen this yet, apparently it doesnt work on radeon HDxxxx series cards with the catalyst drivers 7.4+ (now on 8.8) and am not willing to downgrade my drivers just to see this.. however amazing it may or may not be
added on the 2008-08-23 20:27:03 by Wingless Wingless
Then stop whining and watch the video. :)
added on the 2008-08-23 20:46:26 by tomaes tomaes
Beautiful demo with very good soundtrack.
Really awesome !
rulez added on the 2008-09-02 18:30:45 by NH4OH NH4OH
Yeah, i just got my new machine up and running with a HD4850 and it doesn't work with several driver versions i've tried. Worked a treat on 9800XT machine though at least. A real shame, was so looking forward to seeing it on my new hardware. I'm willing todo any testing to get this working, maybe there is a debug mode in the demo to track down what the issue may be?
added on the 2008-09-03 01:46:44 by Intrinsic Intrinsic
I know what the issue is. I'll find some time to track it down on the source code and make an ATI-friendly version. I'll do that pretty soon.
added on the 2008-09-03 09:32:35 by Navis Navis
The prod that defines the word awesomeness!
rulez added on the 2008-09-03 17:52:52 by noby noby
Excellent news Navis, thank you!
added on the 2008-09-04 10:21:59 by Intrinsic Intrinsic
rulez added on the 2008-09-05 14:10:49 by tjoms tjoms
time to finally give it The Thumb-- I just ran it on my new GF 8500 GT (38 euros, passively cooled) and it was totally smooth (1280x800) ! amazing how good and inexpensive todays hardware is ;)

and yes, this is definitely one of my all time favourite demos.
rulez added on the 2008-09-06 06:12:42 by xyz xyz
Love it love it love it!

GTX280 @ 1920 x 1080 on 40" coming through my 740-A V2 and MS916i's = Heaven.
rulez added on the 2008-09-12 20:09:26 by rounddodger rounddodger
Instantly fell in love when I saw it. Very smooth progression and awesome soundtrack!
rulez added on the 2008-09-17 21:38:44 by oasiz oasiz
rulez added on the 2008-09-20 03:49:26 by panic panic
rulez added on the 2008-09-24 21:50:27 by poison_rvn poison_rvn
Lompaaaaa give ATI some love! The only bad thing about my 4850 is, well, that it's ATI...
rulez added on the 2008-09-25 20:06:02 by cybernoid cybernoid
Amazing music, great demo. Congratulations.
rulez added on the 2008-10-02 16:34:50 by Shriggar Shriggar
Nice but overrated
sucks added on the 2008-10-06 20:58:07 by Emod Emod
love the demo, music is great, cant help but feel ive heard the classical piano bit elsewhere though, or maybe thats just me :)
rulez added on the 2008-10-10 12:43:42 by m0d m0d
just ... woah !
rulez added on the 2008-10-11 21:57:50 by Orion_ Orion_
Awesome and not overrated.
rulez added on the 2008-10-16 00:37:22 by grz grz
I gotta repeat what others (including myself) said about this demo before:
In my opinion this is one of the best work ever seen in a demo competition. It's absolutely straight, well directed, moodiy and stunning. Even one and a half year after the release this demo is state of the art to me and i still tend to watch it to relax once in a while raising my mood.
added on the 2008-10-29 17:05:11 by muh muh
Wow. It still has 28 CDCs. CDCs may come and go... but not in this case.
added on the 2008-11-06 02:30:10 by xernobyl xernobyl
they'll go as soon as the next "best demo evar!!11" arrives :)
added on the 2008-11-06 02:44:18 by ryg ryg
Patience Ryg =) We're on it ehehehehe
added on the 2008-11-06 05:12:20 by aMUSiC aMUSiC
This is a great demo. From an objective point of view. But I simply dislike the style, and the demo bores me. Thumbs up for being a great demo, but I personally dislike it.
rulez added on the 2008-11-10 17:53:32 by chock chock
rulez added on the 2008-11-16 23:11:23 by bladerunner bladerunner
Great demo. All that can be said. I prefer a more cohesive theme to my demos, but this can't be argued with.
rulez added on the 2008-11-20 21:38:04 by johnl johnl
One of the best demo of all time. Seriously. Awesome.
rulezcdc added on the 2008-11-21 20:17:34 by Dano Dano
rulez added on the 2008-11-30 15:42:38 by rave rave
Neat! love it.
rulez added on the 2008-12-09 12:37:02 by ok3anos ok3anos
Fingers up!
rulez added on the 2008-12-09 12:45:59 by hedron hedron
sucks added on the 2008-12-11 12:26:51 by kyv kyv
The tune got stuck in my head. Great visuals, very moody, too.
rulez added on the 2008-12-12 00:38:00 by neglesaks neglesaks
This now works with the 8.12 ATI drivers, possibly worked on earlier versions too after 8.8 but not sure.
added on the 2008-12-26 22:28:42 by Intrinsic Intrinsic
Navis for president.
rulez added on the 2008-12-31 18:07:18 by streetwise streetwise
This is by far the best demo i've seen till now. Superb score, beautiful graphics, seemless and chilling flow. Leaves less to improve for a long time to come!
rulez added on the 2009-01-07 14:38:01 by Tyger Tyger
aMUSIC, we are waiting !
My suggestion is to first get the top spot in the top demos on pouet, and then beat yourself by releasing an ever better demo ;)
added on the 2009-01-15 20:25:17 by Dbug Dbug
We all need more force in our lives!

btw : ...hehehe, ;D

added on the 2009-01-20 23:45:56 by JaK JaK
One of the best sexual experiences in my whole life..
added on the 2009-02-18 08:45:20 by JaK JaK
Godlike !
rulez added on the 2009-02-20 11:39:36 by sunb34mm sunb34mm
It's probably already all been said but this is just full of awesomeness. I did a couple of outreach events last year where I played this as the last demo - it blew peoples minds ;)
rulez added on the 2009-03-09 19:12:32 by evilpaul evilpaul
rulez added on the 2009-03-19 15:57:38 by Sorcerer Sorcerer
rulez added on the 2009-03-27 16:57:34 by bumble-bee bumble-bee
+ graphics
+ amusing
+ music <3
rulez added on the 2009-04-03 14:55:40 by vestige vestige
I have not really been much into the demo scene for the past 10 years. I didn't know they were now using cutting edge graphics techniques and large (30MB+) filesizes. Where have I been? This demo changed everything for me. It's got my interest back big time.

Lifeforce is a masterpiece. The music, the visuals, the flow, the presentation, the mood, EVERYTHING is perfect. This demo was life changing to me. I even burnt the track to a CD-R to listen in my car while at work. Amazing.

I bow before Andromeda Software Development! It will be a loooong time before someone can top this.
rulez added on the 2009-04-05 18:40:06 by x86-64 x86-64
why didn't I vote this prod yet?

rulez added on the 2009-04-08 13:18:11 by kaoD kaoD
rulez added on the 2009-04-09 22:01:34 by emkay emkay
My god this is awesome, not sure about the scene with the monk guys in metal; but i'll let that pass!
rulez added on the 2009-04-14 11:26:12 by hitpenguin hitpenguin
rulez added on the 2009-04-16 23:15:39 by xeoner xeoner
thats great!
but it didnt impress me that much, after your previous demos
though i guess it was mindblowing on the bigscreen
rulez added on the 2009-04-29 16:57:39 by unc unc
I really love this demo, I don't know why exactly, I just do.

(Too bad that it does not work anymore on my machine after some driver update.)
rulez added on the 2009-05-01 20:41:57 by rachy rachy
Sorry but this absolutely sucks. What's the point to watch a demo that has no scenario? That is filled with blasting images of non-sense? That the music reminds of the late 70s? That has only two scenes with 3D hardware accelerated PC graphics?
I think I have better to look @ assembly 2003.
sucks added on the 2009-05-03 14:59:44 by Defiance Defiance
That the music reminds of the late 70s?

What's the problem with that?
added on the 2009-05-03 15:02:15 by Rob Rob
5 glöps.
Sorry but this absolutely sucks. What's the point to watch a demo that has no scenario? That is filled with blasting images of non-sense? That the music reminds of the late 70s? That has only two scenes with 3D hardware accelerated PC graphics?
I think I have better to look @ assembly 2003.

I request from my fellow sceners to accept my deepest apologies.

The comment displayed above was not meant to be displayed @ this demo.

I love that work and I think lifeforce is one of the best combo demos the world has ever seen.

It just rulez...!!!

Anyway I was informed just an hour ago and I am here to fix this misunderstanding.

Thank You.
added on the 2009-05-03 16:44:14 by Defiance Defiance
which demo was it ment for? :)
added on the 2009-05-03 16:46:48 by magic magic
which demo was it ment for?

unssi kertoo vitsin by jumalauta Assembly 2002
added on the 2009-05-04 14:12:20 by Defiance Defiance
Could somebody upload the widescreen video of stunner?
rulez added on the 2009-05-06 19:58:18 by mr rounce mr rounce
never mind, I found an mov (will this convert to mp4) at scene.org.
added on the 2009-05-09 13:34:13 by mr rounce mr rounce
This totally ownes pouet. Fantastic.
rulez added on the 2009-05-16 03:04:44 by soueusou soueusou
Superb 2D animations, and a great great work on transitions. Very moody, even though I'd prefer it not so gloomy. A must watch when one feels tired at 4am. :-)
rulez added on the 2009-05-25 21:38:15 by Zavie Zavie
The best demo ever made. No words to describe. Too many soul strings were touched (and still vibrating).
rulez added on the 2009-05-30 00:35:49 by Vedem Vedem
This demo grabs the moon and all bad things you could imagine. AWESOME!
rulez added on the 2009-06-03 08:20:05 by mateczko mateczko
Probably the ultimate demo ever made.
rulez added on the 2009-06-11 16:59:18 by SubV242 SubV242
Thank you!
rulez added on the 2009-06-12 08:34:37 by MuffinHop MuffinHop
Still rocks.
added on the 2009-06-25 20:20:32 by wix wix
sucks added on the 2009-07-04 01:02:12 by hugodaniel hugodaniel
Loved the music
rulez added on the 2009-07-12 08:26:58 by zaphands zaphands
Strange but nice.
rulez added on the 2009-08-07 11:48:43 by baah baah
CDC added.
added on the 2009-08-09 14:51:49 by Salinga Salinga
Love it. The production values are amazing. Not just a bunch of shapes flying around, great art, tells a story in visuals AND music.
rulez added on the 2009-08-09 18:08:35 by JDiamondA JDiamondA
Can't believe I haven't commented on this one before.. Some visual and musical styles kind of collide, but I still love it! I'm watching it on a regular basis. Powerful stuff!
rulez added on the 2009-08-10 11:19:04 by OptimizE OptimizE
Converting my sneaky CDC to a real CDC :)
rulezcdc added on the 2009-08-16 08:30:08 by Adok Adok
This is more than just a demo. Great art. My "best demo ever".
rulez added on the 2009-08-21 22:31:15 by Rumpel Rumpel
I quite like it.
rulez added on the 2009-08-23 11:11:35 by SilkCut SilkCut
nice art and music
rulez added on the 2009-08-24 00:10:52 by Fungos Bauux Fungos Bauux
rulez added on the 2009-08-31 04:16:27 by neu / metoikos neu / metoikos
I've never seen something like this.
Absolutely a piece of ART!
rulez added on the 2009-10-10 01:06:02 by Allanon Allanon
sucks added on the 2009-10-11 21:46:08 by vibrator vibrator
The most beautiful, and I insist on the word "beautiful" demo I've ever seen. A great piece of art.
rulez added on the 2009-10-12 17:05:54 by flure flure
j'aime l'image avec la main
rulez added on the 2009-10-13 23:27:04 by tempsréel tempsréel
Watching Lifeforce whilst on acid is a truly religious experience
rulez added on the 2009-10-28 13:46:34 by catflanges catflanges
yes ! watch it over and over again
rulez added on the 2009-11-07 00:57:39 by cosmicollie cosmicollie
Yes please! The level of integration on this demo is bloody stunning... Can't get it to work on windows 7 though, which sucks cause I used to watch it damn near every day. Any ideas?
rulez added on the 2009-11-12 02:49:21 by SiTj SiTj
Lots of work put into this. super dooper!
rulez added on the 2009-11-12 03:31:15 by Mel Mel
Just. Incredible.
rulez added on the 2009-11-24 23:17:17 by rhino rhino
True digital art. An absolutely amazing experience
Respect from Russia!
rulez added on the 2010-01-20 11:27:30 by Shatiaf Shatiaf
rulez added on the 2010-01-26 20:57:16 by emu emu
great!!! great!!! beatiful!!!! cool
rulez added on the 2010-03-02 21:25:57 by idfxno1 idfxno1
rulez added on the 2010-03-11 03:43:15 by BoulderSteiNisse BoulderSteiNisse
mog, forgot to comment this!! Really amazing piece of art,. I love it!
rulez added on the 2010-03-11 14:03:44 by nekomono nekomono
Really nice demo, a bit more strange than Iconoclast or Animal Attraction, less than Beyond the walls of Eryx. Good work nonetheless.
rulez added on the 2010-03-21 18:36:55 by Korguiq Korguiq
Inside approx 20y, this is just the best made demo ever.. better than 2nd reality, better than hardwired.. better than anything, really. Just damn beautiful!
rulez added on the 2010-03-22 09:40:03 by tauranus tauranus
Really good, but for me it definitely lacks the perfect cohesiveness that, say, the boys of Kewlers knew/know of. With this I definitely mean those few 3D-scenes that just don't fit in per almost any 'bigger' ASD prod. But then again, it's just a question of style and opinion. :)
rulez added on the 2010-03-24 13:20:51 by PinZa PinZa
how low can you go?
sucks added on the 2010-04-01 09:49:32 by zstab zstab
Lifeforce killed the "PC demo" category.
Hard to do better... only Stargazer or Fairlight stuffs did it!
rulez added on the 2010-04-24 12:34:20 by Hicks Hicks
rulez added on the 2010-04-30 03:24:17 by koen koen
rulez added on the 2010-06-05 06:21:06 by tirox tirox
rulez added on the 2010-07-08 16:00:09 by Gʀɪʍʍy Gʀɪʍʍy
This demo is pure art. Wonderful animation, music, and gfx. I love it.
rulez added on the 2010-07-13 23:54:03 by zerkman zerkman
Perfect piece of everything -- code, grfx, msx.
rulez added on the 2010-07-19 10:58:48 by Almagore Almagore
rulez added on the 2010-08-02 18:10:37 by preston preston

of course rulez.
rulez added on the 2010-08-04 14:15:34 by rez rez
another thumb i just never gave.
here it is, cant wait for iconoclash!
rulez added on the 2010-08-04 14:57:42 by wysiwtf wysiwtf
here is my thumb!
rulez added on the 2010-09-10 11:59:50 by martin martin
rulez added on the 2010-09-22 07:57:26 by Jakim Jakim
Brilliant! Just Brilliant!
rulez added on the 2010-10-01 05:03:12 by Mewler Mewler
simply the best
rulez added on the 2010-11-16 11:29:21 by marsel84 marsel84
Awesome. I can feel this snap. :) Software Development
rulez added on the 2010-11-30 12:19:48 by stevejonathan10 stevejonathan10
The best demo ever. It has original fantasy ideas, beautiful music, excellent 3D difused with 2D graphics. This is demo with all aspects and will take a while till some other demo beat this one.
rulez added on the 2010-11-30 12:35:57 by jack-3d jack-3d
Word-Cloud of Lifeforce pouet comments:
BB Image
added on the 2010-12-18 14:39:42 by Salinga Salinga
If I could provide a CDC, it would be here.
rulez added on the 2011-01-09 13:25:26 by harsh_noise harsh_noise
The 2d parts and the continuous flow are brilliant.
rulez added on the 2011-01-15 05:14:03 by Bock Bock
What is so fucking great about this demo are all these details. Even after watching it several times there are still new things to discover. :)
added on the 2011-01-23 04:58:43 by Salinga Salinga
Absolutely amazing.
rulez added on the 2011-01-30 11:39:33 by pacifist pacifist
Very Best Demo in 2007 !!! ASD The ultimate group :)
rulez added on the 2011-01-31 20:46:52 by Rafale06 Rafale06
I really like this one.
rulez added on the 2011-02-11 00:03:47 by Panterdjuret Panterdjuret
A well deserved slightly delayed thumb up.
rulez added on the 2011-02-23 05:01:39 by numtek numtek
great demo
rulez added on the 2011-03-06 00:00:00 by nebadon nebadon
Awesome demo. Perfect music, great effects - wow!
rulez added on the 2011-03-21 22:10:40 by Octoate Octoate
Great stuff
rulez added on the 2011-04-06 17:49:21 by Arne Arne
baby giggles for life
rulez added on the 2011-04-09 00:22:10 by jhae jhae
Excellent demo, but I love the music
added on the 2011-04-26 19:59:52 by Arne Arne
Purely awesome!
rulez added on the 2011-05-12 22:24:47 by jojo jojo
A bit too heavy on the rock'n'roll for my taste, other than that amazing!
rulez added on the 2011-06-24 02:48:49 by phobium phobium
This is good shiat. Excellent quality from start to end. Must not be missed.. :)
rulez added on the 2011-06-25 21:18:12 by aricz aricz
rulez added on the 2011-07-01 11:45:15 by LaserLars LaserLars
is realy creative...
loved the graphics..
slightly disterbing
help cure cancer and that type of stuff :)
Absolutely love this one - especially the soundtrack.

Made a Highres Youtube Rip for it:

YOUTUBE: Lifeforce by ASD (1080p)
rulez added on the 2011-07-15 12:52:55 by anni anni
This is not my favourite ASD drug, but i love to watch it from time to time. May forgive me if i ignore 813 comments for asking a question, but is the bathroom scene somehow related to the same reason, mr. tarantino uses bathroom scenes, too? Had a feeling... may be wrong. Besides that... thumb for everything in this demo...
rulez added on the 2011-07-20 21:30:04 by nty_ nty_
Absolute scene classic.
rulez added on the 2011-07-25 17:10:26 by closed closed
6:11-6:29 - reference to Viking Eggeling's Symphonie Diagonale?
added on the 2011-08-07 12:27:53 by jamrok jamrok
My favourite alltime PC demo and ASD demo. This is the perfect demo to me, it has everything : smooth, design, colors, creativity, emotions, music, all fit so perfectly together to bring tears of joy ! This is Life Force !
added on the 2011-08-09 09:18:17 by Hexogen Hexogen
Huge PC SuperProd!
It even deserves for higher position.
rulez added on the 2011-09-03 14:54:36 by zbyndek zbyndek
rulez added on the 2011-09-05 18:04:11 by moozooh moozooh
After I had the occasion to see it again using my brand new PC (finally!), I have to say that this one is one of the most meaningful demos that I've ever seen in life.
Excellent blend of musics in the contest, love especially when the piano kicks in.
added on the 2011-09-24 09:56:24 by SoDa7 SoDa7
incredible ribbons.
rulez added on the 2011-10-20 19:11:04 by Bartoshe Bartoshe
Top of the top, they haven't beaten this one yet.
rulez added on the 2011-10-31 02:46:16 by zoolum zoolum
It's an absolute. I could elaborate ad infinitum but no words are enough. Basically my feelings commeasure with what Preacher said.
rulez added on the 2011-11-01 00:55:13 by rutra80 rutra80
Awesome. Art.
rulez added on the 2011-11-15 10:59:17 by scooper22 scooper22
Don't have much to add
rulez added on the 2012-02-01 21:41:49 by Frequent Frequent
ohh I didn't thumb this yet up? here.
rulez added on the 2012-03-06 17:06:59 by las las
This shit is good. This shit is great.
I never saw this to the end.
Bring Gloom on audio we can start to watching ;)
added on the 2012-03-13 00:25:16 by xball xball
Still love it!
rulez added on the 2012-04-11 02:24:53 by Alopex Alopex
I can't even begin to understand how so much stuff was put into this while keeping the flow so perfect. Neither can I understand why this isn't the all-time top #1.
rulez added on the 2012-05-04 23:34:35 by fizzer fizzer
Very nice, one of the coolest demos I've ever seen!
rulez added on the 2012-05-20 23:31:36 by bledking bledking
I like this one. Great mix of interesting visuals and a wide variety of music.
rulez added on the 2012-07-18 11:14:23 by Laksen Laksen
what a show. i wish i could thumb this up again... <3 <3
added on the 2012-08-13 16:20:14 by scooper22 scooper22
@scooper: I do it for you!
rulez added on the 2012-08-13 16:22:00 by gaspode gaspode
Hehe - never actually gave this one a thumb :) Some very dull moments with the knife and the hand. Great story - even though I'm not quite sure what it was meant to be, I'm very well capable of creating my own. That's rare for demos, you know! :) And the music is simply fantastic. Especially the pianopart is amazingly well composed!
rulez added on the 2012-08-13 23:53:32 by Punqtured Punqtured
Very nice one! Really beautiful
rulez added on the 2012-09-01 05:31:35 by Vonpire Vonpire
One of the best demos ever. Took me some time to get into the music tho.
rulez added on the 2012-09-14 22:47:34 by SandLover SandLover
rulez added on the 2013-02-14 15:21:48 by FL1NE FL1NE
rulez added on the 2013-03-10 15:13:51 by kimi kardashian kimi kardashian
Still the best one from ASD, in my opinion. With the later demos I have always felt that the audio and visuals have been too disconnected, but here the connection exists, and the flow is good. Also, not sure whether it is Leviathan's effect, but the at least there are no horrible/stupid vocal parts in the music, which tends to be amusic's "forte" for some reason.
rulez added on the 2013-04-08 17:56:49 by ccr ccr
Best in show!
rulez added on the 2013-05-06 13:39:27 by 71M 71M
Thumbs up for every part of this demo!
rulez added on the 2013-06-09 00:07:07 by Peak Peak
what ccr said
rulez added on the 2013-07-25 09:39:41 by xTr1m xTr1m
Style and substance I'd say!
rulez added on the 2013-07-26 13:05:43 by cce cce
Not my cup of tea, though nothing is wrong with this tea. I'm just more like a coffee kind of guy.
rulez added on the 2013-07-28 18:03:46 by maytz maytz
visuals and transitions!

hail the mushroom cloud!
rulez added on the 2013-08-01 12:47:07 by sensenstahl sensenstahl
There are no words other than amazing.
rulez added on the 2013-08-15 12:56:46 by TomoAlien TomoAlien
rulez added on the 2013-08-15 12:57:23 by mudlord mudlord
rulez added on the 2013-08-24 18:06:49 by webodan webodan
rulez added on the 2013-09-08 18:57:40 by CHEF-KOCH CHEF-KOCH
Six years later, and it still is the perfect demo.
added on the 2013-10-04 01:01:44 by Salinga Salinga
Master Piece
rulez added on the 2013-10-19 15:03:09 by Harekiet Harekiet
"il faut être un clown pour crever la langue pendue."

note: "saving life makes you live longer."
added on the 2013-12-16 18:22:48 by Bartoshe Bartoshe
Some nice effects, but all in all its not my cup of tea.
added on the 2013-12-23 17:00:10 by RA RA
lots of impressive stuff. but too cheesy for my taste.
added on the 2014-04-13 05:34:17 by _nemo_ _nemo_
Yes !
rulez added on the 2014-05-05 01:12:32 by Black Dragon Black Dragon
For me this is one of the all time best demos. There is something about the way everything flows and transitions in such an organic way. Each scene on its own is not amazing but it is the combination of it all and the continuous fluid movement. It is very conceptual and "arty" which some demo purists may not like, but if you look beneath the art there is some very clever coding at work here also.
rulez added on the 2014-07-19 21:58:50 by drift drift
The demo which got me back into watching demos after a long hiatus. The demo I still show to non-sceners even though it's dated by now. The mood, the pacing, almost everything is so good!
rulez added on the 2014-08-29 09:09:38 by Kylearan Kylearan
Best demo ever.
rulezcdc added on the 2014-09-02 20:48:40 by san_im san_im
One really nice demo with great production values. Still good after all these years.
rulez added on the 2014-10-25 23:22:49 by [Nik] [Nik]
I really love the athmospher of this demo, really moody.
thanks guys.
rulez added on the 2014-12-14 17:45:09 by Thadoss Thadoss
rulez added on the 2015-01-24 16:35:50 by Triace Triace
When ASD hit the big one
rulez added on the 2015-04-10 07:33:59 by m4ntr0n1c m4ntr0n1c
How the heck did I not thumb this yet? One of my favourite demos ever.
rulez added on the 2015-08-31 12:43:54 by dojoe dojoe
it's a win-win situation. they won the compo, i won some great experience.
rulez added on the 2015-09-15 09:56:26 by nagz nagz
Seriously, this demo is so out-of-this-world that I simply don't understand how someone can dislike it. An absolute masterpiece.
rulez added on the 2015-11-14 20:43:05 by animehaus animehaus
Very cool and watchable , even now
rulez added on the 2016-05-29 02:27:09 by golem golem
This was being hyped at the time I entered the scene and I remember thinking "this is the best thing ever", but now it's... showing signs of things I really disliked even more in later ASD demos: It's just trying too hard with the symbolism and pathos and still not going anywhere. It does not progress and the many nice individual shots blended into each other stay just that, instead of complementing each other or building something. So in the end it's much less than the sum of its parts. And the ending always make me cringe for some reason.
added on the 2016-06-09 11:40:29 by cupe cupe
rulez added on the 2016-10-31 15:03:35 by Twardy Twardy
my number one so far !
rulez added on the 2016-11-20 17:38:19 by JNThe JNThe
rulez added on the 2016-12-20 23:39:59 by ___ ___
Dios, todo es posible!
rulez added on the 2017-05-07 16:46:51 by natalia natalia
rulez added on the 2017-06-11 00:43:43 by yzi yzi
rulez added on the 2017-07-25 22:18:02 by Flashira Flashira
Best Demo Ever. Best Design. Best Soundtrack. Best In Everything. <3
rulezcdc added on the 2017-08-22 02:16:20 by Volantis Volantis
Stop already and take my thumb!
rulez added on the 2018-01-06 02:28:37 by rock rock
It's about time i thumb this one. Never been really interested in the PC part of the scene but this demo got me engaged in the demoscene again for better or worse..
This particular demo though has a soul.. So whenever i feel that demoitch, this and flip-o is a good way to scratch it :)
rulez added on the 2018-09-14 22:33:40 by speechless speechless
It's still the best!
rulezcdc added on the 2019-02-07 15:25:00 by nap nap
Oh my, better late than never: rulez!
rulez added on the 2019-02-26 19:18:30 by wertstahl wertstahl
rulez added on the 2019-08-31 03:41:10 by gorgon gorgon
rulez added on the 2019-09-22 03:26:19 by adams_78 adams_78
rulez added on the 2019-10-06 11:17:20 by n4cer n4cer
rulez added on the 2020-05-31 14:22:01 by Emufr3ak Emufr3ak
celebration of life
rulez added on the 2020-07-10 12:46:23 by adkd adkd
Inner 10
rulez added on the 2020-07-18 19:02:33 by Nosferatu Nosferatu
easily one of the greatest demos ever made
rulez added on the 2020-08-15 07:31:39 by squ1d squ1d
This thing! AMAZING music! Nice visuals! Just everyting.
rulez added on the 2020-11-04 08:45:58 by vitalkanev vitalkanev
rulez added on the 2020-11-04 09:39:26 by NR4 NR4
For me: Best demo ever. This is the demo that cleared ASD above the "rest".
Hmm, 2 years is almost up... another production soon I hope.
rulez added on the 2020-12-01 06:34:23 by Jazzcat Jazzcat
14 years later the replay value is incredible/invalueable wich says a lot in my book anyway
absolutely amazing
rulez added on the 2021-02-26 10:06:38 by wrighter wrighter
This demo is a masterpiece that has a lot of content. The combination of the code, graphics and music forms an artwork that reaches a very high level of real-time art.
rulez added on the 2021-08-01 15:40:00 by lancel lancel
Is there some way to hack the resolution list, the demo is now quite old and the max resolution is 1920x1280, was wondering if there was a way to exploit some higher resolution to go with more recent hardware?
added on the 2022-07-02 09:55:22 by Dbug Dbug
@Dbug: Max out the aniso and AA (SSAA) settings in your GPU's control panel (or just make a profile for the demo.exe), then run THIS TRUE CLASSIC in windowed mode and apply an FSR upscale on the opened window with "Magpie" or "Lossless Scaling". The upscale resolution will be your desktop's resolution, and the whole thing will run in fullscreen and in a borderless window. This solution works very well with any lo-res stuff that offers window mode.
rulez added on the 2022-08-21 11:42:06 by andrewski andrewski
Content density, art direction, eye-candy visuals, unique soundtrack. Loved it back in the day immensely and still love it today no less. What could ever beat this demo?
rulezcdc added on the 2022-09-23 23:52:22 by dex46... dex46...
This is massive!
rulez added on the 2022-10-16 21:45:40 by NinjaKoala NinjaKoala
The artistic vision of this prod remains unparalleled: Scene construction, camera movement, gfx, musical accentuation of transitions... *chef's kiss* Can't believe this was released in 2007.
rulez added on the 2022-12-10 03:15:59 by kby kby
do not like it too much on stream but...
rulez added on the 2023-03-25 09:19:53 by ded^RMDA ded^RMDA
its on fiah
rulez added on the 2023-06-04 23:47:45 by MRIguy MRIguy
WOW, just wow! Amazing music, graphics, ... I love it!!
rulez added on the 2023-08-15 23:50:53 by MISTERAMD MISTERAMD
rulez added on the 2023-10-26 19:05:12 by Olympian Olympian
Most impressive!
rulez added on the 2024-02-25 03:27:32 by PvbeLLN PvbeLLN
WOW! Spectacular!!
rulez added on the 2024-03-05 03:25:24 by tom526 tom526
Still in my heart.
rulez added on the 2024-03-05 07:42:57 by tjahzi(aka Jimi) tjahzi(aka Jimi)

sneaky cdcs

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